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The annual Hush Hush Party, a one of a kind and memorable event took place at the Bloor / Gladstone Public Library, was exceptionally spooky and fun this year as it took place for the very first time on Halloween night.

Hush Hush party by New Collection for the TPL Foundation

If you’re like me, the notion of “partying in a library” may conjure up images of bi-spectacled literary inclined bookworms and their cohorts gathered around in a tight circle to discuss Chaucer while snacking on Cheetos. Well, that perception was forever shattered when we attended the inaugural Hush Hush Party, which was one of the best events we attended last year.

Hush Hush party by New Collection for the TPL Foundation

It was definitely a Saturday night to remember with DJs and open bar at the intimately-sized after-hours party at the incredible and spacious Bloor/Gladstone branch. And it was not just a great party for the sake of a great party: it was all in support of the Toronto Public Library Foundation. I really enjoyed all the careful attention to details of this well put-together event thrown by New Collection, The Toronto Public Library Foundation’s young patrons group. Even though it…