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I’ve long been a fan of Islay single-malt whiskeys for their complexity, which is often characterized by the distinct smoky aroma and lingering peaty notes unique to whiskies produced in this region of Scotland. So when Moet Hennessey and Ardbeg invited us to an exclusive 3 day #ARDVENTURE, it was clearly an offer that we could simply not refuse. Named after the small village located at the southern coast of Islay (pronounced “Eye-Lah”) where it has been distilled since the…


2015 marks the 200th anniversary of Laphroaig Islay Single Malt Scotch, and to celebrate, we attended a private whisky tasting at Byblos in Toronto’s entertainment district on June 11th. The honoured guest of the night was John Campbell, Laphroaig distillery manager, and the first native of Islay to be appointed as distillery manager.


When you get a chance to have an elegant dinner at Toronto’s historic Casa Loma, you immediately carpe diem that opportunity. Take, for example, this Johnnie Walker whisky pairing dinner on the eve of Robbie Burns Day, on Saturday evening, January 24th.


The annual Boys Night Out event is like being in the manliest of man-caves. They have pretty much everything the youngest and oldest men could want including poker tournaments, golf, motorcycles, sports cars, cigars, fine spirits, tons of great food from local restauranteurs and tons of varieties of fine wine to discover from the Lifford Wine & Spirits portfolio. One unique experience was by the GotStyle section, where owner Melissa Austria would size you up and give you a pocket…

Simon Hooper, Kevin Brauch

In this issue: Event Recaps Spirited Dinner Spirits Confidential Disaronno Mixing Star Dinner Upcoming Events Boys Night Out Crave TO It was back-to-back days for me with Beam Global starting with a Spirited Dinner with Jim Beam’s Great Grandson, Fred Noe III followed by the next afternoon with fine spirit sampling at Spirits Confidential. But even after 2 days, it’s incredible how varied the amount of spirits there are to sample with the large Jim Beam collection of brands ranging…


We had such a great time at Evergreen Brick Works with Lifford Wine Agency celebrating everything that men enjoy including fine scotch, cognac, great bbq (ribs, pulled pork), Callaway had a driving range.  Audi showed their top cars including an R8 and TT-S. There was some flare for fashion with the help of Harry Rosen with an array of suits and Sharp Magazine. For our first Lifford Boys Night Out, it was surprising to us that there was a lack…

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