A tummy tuck, also known as an abdominoplasty, is a cosmetic surgery procedure that removes excess fat and skin and helps tighten weakened abdominal wall muscles. The surgery has a recovery period during which it is essential to follow the surgeon’s post-op guidelines to reduce complications and enhance healing.

If you’re planning on getting a tummy tuck in Toronto, visit a reputable clinic with certified surgeons. A qualified surgeon will perform the surgery safely and help you achieve your desired results by providing you with an individualized post-op plan. Here are some helpful tummy tuck recovery tips to obtain optimal healing.

1. Avoid Sitting Around for Too Long

You may require assistance when moving around for the first few days after your procedure, and it might feel more comfortable to sit down most of the time. But it’s important not to sit around for too long and allow your muscles to move to prevent blood clot formation in the legs.

Move in a way that feels comfortable without pushing yourself too hard. Walking for a few minutes slowly every hour or two might be helpful.

2. Don’t Overexert Yourself with Physical Activity

Although walking around during your recovery period is necessary, it is equally important to take it easy until your wounds have healed. Overexerting yourself with physical activity can increase complications, such as swelling or pain, and hinder your results.

Speak to your surgeon before resuming your regular physical activity routine. They may provide you with a guideline on how you can gradually start incorporating physical activity in your life again.

3. Follow Instructions for Incision Care

The surgeon will cover your wound with a surgical bandage or dressing to keep it safe and reduce the risk of infections. Keep the wound clean and remain gentle to avoid injury or bleeding.

Taking care of the incision site is critical because neglecting it can cause complications and affect your recovery timeline. If you notice any unusual discharge, swelling, or discomfort, immediately report it to your surgeon or get emergency medical help.

4. Wear Compression Garments

You may need to avoid wearing regular clothing for a few days or weeks after surgery. Look for compression garments to wear after surgery to promote healing and reduce swelling.

Suitable garments can support the abdomen and speed up your recovery. The duration you need to wear the compression garments depends on your progress and the surgeon’s instructions.

5. Maintain a Healthy Diet

Following a healthy diet will ensure that your body receives the vitamins it needs to recover from the surgery and allow the wounds to heal. Vitamins fight infections, so consuming foods with Vitamins A and C can be beneficial.

You may also experience difficulties with bowel movements due to pain medications. Overexerting yourself in the bathroom may cause abdominal straining, so it is essential to eat the right foods to normalize your bowel movements.

Healing from a tummy tuck can seem challenging if you don’t know what to expect post-treatment. Apply the tips above for a speedy recovery.



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