The Microsoft Office Excel 2007 provides several helpful features that may be utilized in producing custom paper layouts. By employing custom design templates in Excel, one can save money and time when printing files. Moreover, you may use custom paper sizes to make presentation reports at a fraction of the cost. Custom designs for custom paper consist of one or more blank cells where you are able to insert any type of formatting you need for the cell content. To use these attributes, first open a spreadsheet in Excel and go to the next section:

In the ribbon tree, expand the branch named-Page Layout and click the arrow button next rowlock. Use the right arrow button to display the custom and press the right arrow to lock the design. Next, right click the Format toolbar and click on the arrow button next to custom and press the left arrow button to display the popup menus. From the Formatting Options dialog box, click on the arrow next to’Auto Fill’ and type the height and width that you want the page to match with. Now, use the right and left arrows to zoom in and out of the page’s Auto Fill region.

You might even make use of custom paper sizes by right-clicking on the Document tab and then clicking Properties. In the General tab, then select the appropriate custom made option from the drop down menu and then click ok. Similarly, you can pick AutoFit in the drop down menu at the same menu and click ok. Finally, you can change the width and height of your document by using the Filling Wizard. From the wizard, you can choose the default values and click on ok. Then, the magician will calculate and automatically adjust the sizes of your file according to the printer’s specifications.

You can also quickly create a page in your file that uses the custom paper sizes by right-clicking on the Page Control and then choosing properties. Under the General tab, select the custom paper size and click the ok button. The Properties dialog box will display the current custom paper sizes which are used by your operating system. You can pick the desired width and the height of your created page. Use the left and right arrows to zoom and move the page around as required.

Moreover, the new custom made sizes in Microsoft Word can be automatically detected from the print driver. Right click on your selected text and choose the Print Driver tab. Choose the button that displays the choice you need, such as Set Default that will automatically discover the habit sizes for the current document. As an alternative, you may pick the Manual setting, in which you can define the sizes yourself. Use the right and left arrows to move the sliders and use the mouse to define the brand new custom paper sizes.

Finally, to change the color of your created file, choose the color wheel and choose your desired colour from a palette that is currently displayed. Use the right and left arrows to scroll through the different colors and use the mouse to click the colour you want to use. Utilizing these easy features of Microsoft Word will enable you to fine tune the look of your printed documents and make them more attractive and user friendly. So, use those features to make your files unique and more appealing.

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