While meal delivery services like Uber Eats and Skip The Dishes continue to grow, so does the meal kit delivery service industry! Often offering first time users an amazing discounted price on their first order, meal kit delivery brands are continuing to see growth even after the pandemic. In Toronto, you can access an abundance of these meal kit delivery brands, however Chef’s Plate is one of the more popular options in the city. Take a deeper look into Chef’s Plate by checking out this review.

Chef’s Plate is a Canadian company, founded in Toronto in 2014 by Patrick Meyer and Jamie Shea. The two were inspired by the up and coming meal kit delivery service brands that were available in the United States, and so Chef’s Plate was born.

This organization focuses on a flexible subscription model, where you can customize the number of meals or servings you would like, or opt to skip a week of food delivery if needed. Unlike some other subscription services, there is no minimum term or spend you need to watch out for, which is great for those looking to dip their toes into ordering from Chef’s Plate for the first time.

A big reason consumers enjoy using Chef’s Plate is that their ordering process is very easy to use. Whether you are selecting your meals for the week and sorting through the variety of offerings, or tracking your next delivery, Chef’s Plate has a simple online platform that makes the process engaging for consumers. On their website, you can browse through a large variety of professionally photographed meals, and dive down further to see what the nutrition benefits are so you can select meals that best fit your lifestyle. To help further simplify your browsing experience, Chef’s Plate also lists the prep time needed to create each of their meals, as well as popular tags like “Monthly Favs” so you can get an idea of what meals other subscribers are loving at the moment. You can also select whether you are looking for vegetarian meals, meat and vegetables or family friendly meals to further narrow down the menu. An added bonus of ordering from Chef’s Plate is that there is no limit to how many times you can change your selections, as long as you do so before each weekly deadline.

Upon finishing your order online, all you have to do is wait for your ingredients to be shipped to your door. Based on the meals you’ve chosen,  as well as the number of people and servings, your box will arrive with all the ingredients needed to put together a meal. Ingredients will be pre-portioned, and are delivered in secure packaging, including ice bags or coolers for the items that need to be refrigerated in case you are out during time of delivery. Each meal also comes with an instructions card that walks you through step by step when creating one of the meals selected online.

Especially through the pandemic when restaurants were closed and grocery stores were packed, many consumers turned to meal kit delivery for their way of getting food each week. Many have found savings in having all the ingredients needed to cook a meal delivered directly to their home, rather than ordering last minute takeout. Chef’s Plate meals range from only $8.99 to $12.95 per serving, which is often much more cost effective than several takeout options in the city.

Chef’s Plate continues to be a favoured brand in the meal kit delivery service industry in Canada. It now lives under the parent organization, HelloFresh, and continues to be a very popular option for Canadians. Chef’s Plate’s flexible subscription model is easy to use for all types of lifestyles. This, paired with their easy to use online ordering system makes their services easy to incorporate to your weekly meal prep schedule. Save money from last minute takeout, and get time back rather than running to the grocery store after work when you order Chef’s Plate and have everything you need, pre-portioned and delivered directly to your door. Chef’s Plate makes cooking quick and easy, you should try ordering your first box today.



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