Oftentimes, we don’t have time for vacuuming or mopping, but clean floors are essential for health and general well-being (and being able to entertain guests any time you want). That’s where automated cleaners come into play, and robotic cleaners are your best bet. They have become indispensable in our busy lives, and we will try to point you towards the best robot vacuum options with a variety of features. 

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1) Best robotic vacuum by all parameters:  iRobot Roomba j7

This robotic cleaner is perfect in everything except for the price. Yes, it costs quite a lot (reaching beyond one thousand dollars), but its performance stands up to its pricing. It is a powerful multifunctional ‘smart’ tool for removing all kinds of dirt from various flooring types that does not require much of your attention. You can create the virtual house map for it to operate on and forget it, so to say. The cleaner will distinguish between slight and heavy mess on the floor, clean properly, return to the base, empty its bag and be ready for the next round. Roomba can deal with pet hair, cat litter, different heights of carpeting, avoid obstacles, and clean under low furniture. 

The only drawback along with the pricing is the noise, which is quite loud. Yet, with such an alarm, you won’t trip over it when it sneaks behind you. 

2) Best ‘price vs. efficiency’ robot vacuum: Eufy 11S

If you want to save some money and need only basic functions from your robotic helper, pick Eufy. It is a quiet and powerful cleaner that can deal with the majority of dirt sources in the house. It features good suction, several working regimes from Standard to Max, and is very slim, which makes it indispensable in the narrow spaces under beds or console tables. It does not have a mapping function and its movements can make you feel dizzy if you observe long enough, but the quality of cleaning does not suffer from this funny routing. Definitely, you have to pick smaller items from the floor and empty their bin manually, but in all other aspects, it’s just perfect for its modest money. 

3) Best anti-pet-hair robot vacuum: iLife V3S Pro

This is a device for proud pet owners. iLife V3S Pro may not be the most powerful in terms of suction, but it is cheap and removes hair and cat litter from hard flooring and low-pile carpets perfectly due to a set of special brushes. In absence of the mapping function, the cleaner moves in a seemingly erratic mode but does not leave uncleaned spots. Like Eufy 11S, it will recharge itself if it ran out of power during cleaning and then will resume the job. You will have to empty the bin and remove big obstacles from the vacuum’s path, but in general, it will make your life easier and pet-hair-free (at least after the cleaning). 

4) Best affordable self-emptying robotic cleaner: Shark IQ XL

If you don’t want to empty the vacuum bin every time but also don’t like the price of Roomba, look to Shark. It is definitely cheaper by a couple of hundred dollars, but it is stuffed with useful options and control functions that make it a smart solution. You can preset the frequency of the bin evacuation (if the vacuum cleans loads of pet hair, for example), map its route, schedule the cleaning, and even do voice control. Shark IQ XL is a very maneuvering device that cleans around furniture and removes all typical kinds of dirt. It can be noisy, but only in certain regimes. All in all, this robot cleaner is a good combination of pricing and smartness. 

5) Best vacuum/mop crossover: Ecovacs Deebot X1 Omni

Definitely, this tool is not the cheapest of all toys, but it is worth its money. This powerful cleaner works with all kinds of flooring and carpeting, hosts a bunch of useful features, and supports voice commands without a glitch. Its mop is self-washing, -drying, and –refilling, so you are spared the pleasure of getting your hands wet and dirty. The vacuum sports a self-emptying bin, strong suction, and smart control. Besides, it can double as a moving security camera, so you can monitor your home from your phone remotely while Ecovacs glides through the house. 

6) Best for cleaning different types of floors: Roborock S7+

If your house is blessed (or cursed) with a variety of flooring, including carpeting, hardwood, and whatnot, this device is made for you. It can vacuum and mop, and when reaching the edge of carpeting it lifts its mops and starts vacuuming the pile. When reaching the hard floors again, the vacuum proceeds with mopping. Along with this useful feature, the device supports different scrubbing levels, empties its own bin, has smart control and mapping features, and avoids obstacles excellently. The downside is its price (it’s quite high), and loud noise during carpet cleaning. 

7) Best heavy-duty suction vacuum: Roborock S7MaxV Ultra

The ace up its sleeve is its nominal suction capacity set at 5,100 Pascals of suction power. It is a bit higher than that of X1 Omni, plus Roborock has all the premium features of its close rival. Self-washing mop, self-emptying dustbin, excellent mopping, carpet detection, smart routing, and avoiding obstacles – these are key (but not all) functions this gadget has in store. Its price may seem a bit too high, but the manufacturers do not charge money for nothing, and the cleaner delivers on what it promises.


Hope we gave you the food for thought and pushed you to further exploration. Pick the cleaner that meets your needs and let your floors and carpets shine brightly.


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