If you’re into gambling or sports betting, playing at online casinos can be a lot of fun. All you need is a stable internet connection and a laptop or a mobile phone, and you’re ready to go. You can play at hundreds of online casinos with thousands of casino games.

Canada is an attractive market for casino operators, and that’s why the competition in this sector is fierce. But like in any other industry, you can come across some dishonest operators who can take advantage of newbie players. Therefore, it’s essential to do some research before you make a real money deposit and start playing. In this article, we will show you some tips and safety advice that you need to follow for a problem-free online gambling experience. Let’s get started. 

Legit operators

It’s very easy to come across an online casino today that states that they offer the best services for Canadian players. Therefore, you can easily be lured into creating an account when seeing a “good” no deposit bonus, massive welcome bonus, and fast payouts. 

So finding a Legit casino is a must before starting playying for real money. So what you need to do is:

  1. The first step to checking whether an online casino is legit is to check the casino’s operating license. Today online gambling in Ontario, Canada is regulated by the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario, and for other provinces in Canada, it is best to use sites that have a licensee from Kahnawake Gaming Commission, Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) or the UK gambling commission. So, any online casino that legally operates will have the regulator’s logo on its website and the license info. When you click on the license logo, it will take you to the licensor’s website, and you can see the active license there.
  2. Suppose you can only see the logo and the license info, but the link is invalid. In that case, it is highly likely the casino is presenting a fake operating license, and they are likely a rogue casino. Our advice is to stay clear of these operators at all costs.

Offshore casinos

There’s also another angle to the operating license. Getting a permit to operate in provinces like Ontario, Canada, legally is a slow and expensive process. Therefore, only the industry’s top brands can afford one, which is why the choice of legal online casinos in Ontario is still small. But there are still many online casinos located offshore and accept Canadian players from all other Canadian provinces, as long as they have licensee from Kahnawake Gaming Commission, Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) or the UK gambling commission. They should be safe to play. 

The main reason why some don’t have an Ontario license is to keep operating costs down. Another good way to see if an offshore casino is rogue or not is to do some research across gambling forums. You can easily see what real players have to say about the casino and what their experience was there. You can play at the casino if you come across positive and genuine comments from real players. The chances are you will never have any problems. If I am still doubtful about an online casino, I usually check here to ensure it’s safe for Canadians to play.

Reasonable bonus promotions

Another way to see whether a casino is legit is to check their bonus promotions. For example, you can often come across a massive bonus for your first deposit at a casino, from 200% to 500% or even more. This may look alluring at first since you can make a small deposit and substantially increase your starting balance. This way, you can try many games and play on higher bets. But before you rush and claim this bonus, read the terms and conditions, as it is often impossible to make a profit with these huge bonuses, and therefore I always stay with bonuses with 50% to max 150% deposit bonus

Every online casino imposes terms on their bonus promos which you need to follow to the letter. Unfortunately, on some promotions, the terms can be very unfriendly, giving you little or no chance at all to clear it and make an actual money withdrawal. Below are some bonus terms you need to check before saying yes to a bonus to ensure they are fair. 

Wagering requirement

At most online casinos in Canada, the wagering requirements for bonus promos range from 25 to 50 times the bonus amount. Anything over that is considered a very high wager, and you will need a lot of luck to clear it and make a withdrawal. Even on a minor deposit with a big bonus, it becomes nearly impossible to beat the wager. For example, you make a $20 deposit and claim a 500% bonus, so you get another extra $100 in bonus money. The wager is set at 60 times the deposit and bonus amount, so that’s 60x$120=$7,200. This is the amount you need to place in bets before requesting a withdrawal, which basically makes it impossible to win. 

Maximum bet per spin

Every casino will impose a maximum bet per spin limit for playing with bonus promotions. Usually, the industry standard is $5 per spin, but at some casinos, it can be as low as $1 or even $0.50 per spin. Combined with the high wager, this term makes it impossible to clear the wager and make a profit. So basically, you’ll just be playing for fun without a real chance to make any money. 

Maximum cash out limit

At most online casinos, there is no limit to how much money you can withdraw when you play with a deposit bonus. After all, you did deposit real money, so there shouldn’t be a limit to how much you can cash out. But some dishonest casinos impose a maximum cash out limit, which can be $500, $1000 or even in correlation with your deposit amount, like ten times your deposit. So, imagine wagering $7,200 from a $20 and 500% match bonus only to be able to withdraw $200 in real money. 

Sticky Bonus

Another thing to look out for at promos is the Sticky Bonus term. Basically, this term means that the bonus money which is awarded to you is for wagering purposes only and can’t be withdrawn. So, once you clear the wager and make a withdrawal, the bonus money is nulled from your account, and you can only withdraw the rest. Using the bonus above as an example means that the $100 in bonus money is nulled, and you can only withdraw the rest. 

Overall Reputation

The best way to see if a casino is legit or not is to do some research about the brand. Today this is very easy to do. All you must do is type in the casino name in google, and you will instantly get dozens and dozens of results. Pay close attention to gambling forums and some of the top review sites, as this is the best place to find comments from real players. If the casino you are researching has an overall bad reputation and complaints from many players, there’s a big chance this is a rogue casino. If this is the case, we strongly recommend staying clear. You are bound to run into problems while playing there, and there’s a big chance you will never see any of your hard-earned winnings. 

Where to find a legit top list of Canadian casinos?

If you’re determined to start playing at online casinos for real money, we strongly recommend sticking to a list of legit Canadian casinos. The best online casinos are tested by casino experts and meet all of their high standards. You don’t need to do any tedious research, as it has already been done for you on CA review sites like onlinecasinos.net. In the end, no player wants to spend too much time researching a casino when he can use the time to play the casino games.

Good review sites spend a lot of time researching the brands they promote, ensuring they are up to industry standards. You can easily see the promos each casino has in stock, as well as the casino games they have to offer. Once you find a casino you like from our list, make sure to click on the link and create an account.

This way, you will also become eligible for exclusive promos and perks the casino might have. This also ensures that you play at legit Canadian casinos and will have no problems whatsoever. Make sure to check review sites regularly, as the good ones are always looking for new legit casinos they can recommend to players. 

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