There are lots of variations on edible marijuana products that you can buy today. They range from gummies to brownies to even items like beef jerky to really mix things up. So, what’s the best option for you? Read our guide to the best weed edibles to see what you should buy.


The most common means of edibles isn’t the brownie or the cookie but the gummy. Gummies are what you’re going to find in every store selling marijuana-infused products, and there are a few different reasons for that.

The first is they are delicious. They come in a range of flavours so that if you don’t fancy grape right now, you can go for orange. Gummies have been around a lot longer than any marijuana product, so we don’t need to emphasise their taste appeal. You can buy edibles online here in every flavour from tropical to peach. But the biggest benefit of gummies is that they are easy to dose. Portion control is a big part of dosing your cannabis, and that is a lot easier to determine with gummies. Gummies allow you to easily keep track of how much dosage you are taking with simple counting, rather than relying on splitting and sharing other forms of marijuana usage. Gummies are already separated out for you to take as much or as little as you need to feel the effects. If you want one dose of cannabis, you check the dosage on the gummy bag and have one gummy. If that isn’t doing much, you take another, and you stop perfectly when you start to feel the effects of the gummies.

Plus, unlike brownies and cookies, they can last a while. If you forget about a brownie for a few days, you’ll go back to find it as solid as a rock, so there is some urgency to getting it used up. Meanwhile, gummies are likely to last a while without decreasing in quality.

Hard candies

Along the same lines, hard candies can last forever. If you’re not a big enjoyer of marijuana products, just prefer them once in a while, you can buy a bag of hard candies to dip into whenever the mood takes you. You’ve surely learned from Grandma just how long these can last.

And, like gummies, you’ve got a range of flavours to choose from. From tropical to bubblegum flavour with apple and peach in between. Plus, hard candies are usually better for your stomach.

The benefit as it pertains to cannabis use is that hard candies will melt into an oil under the tongue quickly, making for a faster transfer of the product into the bloodstream. Other edibles, like chocolate, have to go through the digestive tract before you can feel the effects, whereas the hard candy is the middle ground between oils and edibles: tasty, without the work of holding your tongue in place for an oil to be absorbed.


But there are some of us who simply can’t turn down a bar of chocolate. In terms of flavour, it means we’re not limited to the many fruity flavours of gummies, but open the spectrum to cookies and crème flavours, mint flavours, salted caramel flavours and all that good stuff.

Plus, chocolate might be a better choice for you when it comes to your health. We’re not going so far as to say that chocolate is healthy, but they are, rather, healthier than some options. Chocolate, especially dark chocolate, has less sugar and, therefore, fewer calories. The cacao in chocolate has a lot of its own benefits that will be added to the perceived benefits of marijuana, such as a good dose of magnesium, iron, copper, and potassium, which offers benefits like protecting against cardiovascular diseases, stimulating the nervous system, and easing anxiety and depression.

Drink Mix

But maybe you’re looking to make a night of it. Maybe you’re in the mood for a cocktail to feel fancy but don’t want to deal with the effects of alcohol. This is where a fun drinks mix can enter the equation. Simply add to a hot or a cold beverage to turn your average tea into a marijuana-infused drink. They often come with their own flavours so you can add them to a glass of Coca Cola or lemonade like you would a liquor to upgrade a soft drink into something fun. Like drinking a beer or a cocktail, it turns the simple ingesting of a product into a shared experience.



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