As many charity galas are coming back, so is the 34th annual Dragon Ball in support of the Yee Hong Foundation with an estimated 1,000 guests in attendance at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. The event was on Saturday Jan 21, 2023, just in time for Lunar New Year. As expected, dignitiaries including Toronto Mayor John Tory and Markham Mayor Frank Scarpitti were noup for the Dragon Ball. (At previous Dragon Ball galas, notable appearances came from PM Justin Trudeau, Mississauga Mayor Hazel McCallion and the late former Toronto Mayor Rob Ford.)

One of our favourite fundraising galas is fast approaching in support of Yee Hong Foundation.

The Northern Lights Toronto immersive outdoor holiday experience at Exhibition’s Place Grand Bizarre is a must-see event for anyone in the Toronto area during the holiday season.

Hattendo, a long-standing bakery chain starting in 1933, famously known for their Japanese-styled cream-filled pastries, recently launched their Christmas Basque Cheesecake set, heavily inspired by the winter season.

NeNe Chicken, where “Ne” meaning “yes” in Korean, is South Korea’s largest fried chicken chain, which first opened in 1999. With over 1200 locations, stretching from Australia to the United Arab Emirates, they will be opening their newest location in Toronto!

Bay Street Bull celebrated their annual Women of the Year 2022 event last week. Taking place at the Meta headquarters in the Mars building, the evening featured a panel by Track & Field Olympian Alysha Newman, Mejuri CEO and co-founder Noura Sakkijha, and Mini Tipi co-founder Trisha Pitura.

Such a great time for a weekend full of yoga, sound baths, good food and nourishing the soul at the beautiful Muskoka Bay Resort. Organized by Carmelinda DiManno who also DJs including recently at Electric Island event.

With the colder weather dawning over us, Kinton Ramen swoops in with the perfect timing by introducing their newest menu item – beef ramen!

Dwayne Johnson

On Oct 13, 2022 Dwayne Johnson aka “The Rock” was the star of the show for a fan event at The Rec Room downtown. The event celebrated the kickoff of The Rock’s DC superhero premiere as Black Adam in the movie in theatres Oct 21st. Fans lined up, dressed in Black Adam costumes and others with wrestling championship belts paying homage to his WWE past.

Fans lined up to meet the stars of the movie Shazam Fury of the Gods. Zachary Levi and Lucy Liu arrived for the premiere at Scotiabank Theatre here in Toronto on March 8, 2023.

As the capital of Canada, Toronto is a hot spot for some of the best hotel brands in the world. Even though it is a significant region, you will find hotels within different price ranges. There are high-end hotels, mid-range hotels, and affordable ones. Toronto also has several short-term accommodation options that you can find on cozycozy. Top 3 Hotels to Stay in Toronto Below is a description of the top three hotels to stay at in Toronto. Best in Luxury – Delta Hotels by Marriott  If you want a high-end hotel that isn’t too expensive but provides all the amenities of luxurious hotels, go for Delta Hotels by Marriott. It is a five-star hotel with an indoor pool, an outdoor pool, a wellness center, and a high-class restaurant. If you want to enjoy the Turkish bath, you can do it in the hammam. The average room in this hotel costs about $400. Best Brand Hotel – Intercontinental Toronto Centre, An IHG Hotel An IHG Hotel is a globally recognized chain with branches across the globe. In Canada alone, there are over 100 properties under the IHG brand. The hotel in Toronto offers standard amenities and impressive customer service. It is a pet-friendly hotel with hyper-speed internet access, a beauty salon, a pool, and other great amenities. The average room costs between $300 and $400. Get More Details Before You Travel  These are some of the best hotels in Toronto. However, there are hundreds of other hotels you can choose from when you are ready to go. You can get access to the best toronto hotels with An option allows you to set the search parameters based on your needs. It is the best way to streamline your search.    

Gaming has never been more popular. According to Juniper Research, there are now more than three billion video gamers worldwide. The sheer number of interested players has helped catapult the industry to a worth of over $197 billion this year—which could shoot up to $268 billion by 2025.  With so many more people interested in gaming than ever before—and willing to spend money on their favorite titles—there’s no surprise that there’s a game that meets just about every interest. The range of silly and competitive titles grows every day, from apps that let you explore the latest fashion trends to eSport-MOBAs like League of Legends.  Players are on the lookout for games that have high refresh rates, unforgettable characters on adventures, and a little Hollywood-style production. Another feature many are looking for is a multiplayer mode, which lets them play with their friends or at least place on a leaderboard. But which multiplayer games are worth trying out with friends? And which single-player games are worth keeping on your radar? Let’s dive into some of the best options for each, which you may not have heard of before. Best Single-Player: Slots In the last few years, Canadian provinces have started to rehash their approach to online gaming. For residents of areas like Toronto and Hamilton, they can now access the world’s most popular casino game straight from a remote device, and that’s online slots. When it comes to casino games, brainbusters like blackjack and poker are the focus of many gaming publications—but slots are the fan favourite. That’s because each slot offers a totally new adventure, including unique bonus rounds and features that trigger special sequences. Each title offers a new twist on the excitement of spinning reels, and with dozens of themes available, you’ll have enough titles to keep you entertained for hours. Best Multiplayer: Death Stranding The world’s top video games are multiplayer titles, including Apex Legends, Fortnite, and Rocket League—to name a few. But, just like poker and blackjack usurp the attention on casino gaming, plenty of multiplayer titles slide under the radar. One of the most unique projects, hailed by PC Mag as ‘fascinating and unconventional’, is Death Stranding from Japanese creator Hideo Kojima. It’s a foray into various unknown wastelands, where your partners will trail after you down a desolate path—and you can leave them resources along the way as they forge into the same madness as you. Dubbed a ‘strand game’ for its unconventional social features, Death Stranding has helped create a totally new genre. Best Single-Player: Psychonauts 2 As outlined with slots and Death Stranding, what makes a video game worth trying is its unique premise. Slots promise short-form excitement and variation in theme, while Death Stranding introduces players to a totally new setup. Psychonauts 2 does a bit of both.  It offers excitement because the game is full of intrigue. Players must navigate an espionage-filled world where they’ll develop their psychic skills to protect others. Given its unique premise, it’s been a cult hit since the original was released back in 2005. If you have even a passing interest in mystery and weirdness, look no further for a winning single-player game. Best Multiplayer: Forza Horizon 5 Not all video games need to bend the mind or present a totally new premise. For some multiplayer games, success might mean creating a title that you want to play over and over again. Forza Horizon 5 offers this as its setup is simple: players navigate a breathtaking Sonoran countryside in an off-roading car—which might be a particularly appealing setting for Canadians stuck indoors in January.  So, what makes this such a good option as a multiplayer game? First, it has an open-world environment that players can explore endlessly—and at their own pace. Second, it lets players soup up their cars—and who doesn’t like to show off a new body kit? Best of all, it’s got a battle royale game mode that lets players race their hearts out.    

If you can afford it, Toronto is one of the most versatile cities around, with neighbourhoods that feature a wide variety of esthetic styles and lifestyle options. But one thing they all have in common is that no matter where you are in Toronto, the amenities are top-notch. In fact, the 6ix ranked as the 8th most livable city in the world in 2022 by Global Citizen. Scores were based on stability, health care, education, culture, climate, and infrastructure. On a side note, Canada had three cities in the top ten, with Calgary and Vancouver ranking ahead of Toronto as the 4th and 5th most livable cities, respectively. So, whether you’re just trying to get your foot in the door or you’re a real estate market vet, you need all the help you can get in a market as fast and competitive as Toronto’s. Relying on a team of experienced professionals like a real estate agent, home inspector and real estate lawyer in Toronto who live and breathe its market and know the neighbourhoods like the back of their hands can help you invest in the right home in the right neighbourhood. This is doubly true if your wish is to live in one of the cooler sections of Toronto, three of which are described below. The Beaches If you already live in the GTA or have ever visited Toronto in the summertime, chances are you’ve spent time at the four beaches just east of the downtown core on Lake Shore Blvd. E. The thought may also have crossed your mind that it would be a pretty cool place to live, and it is. The Beaches, with its waterfront, parks, bike paths, and summer sports leagues, is ideal for active types who also like having immediate access to the hustle of the big city. There is also an abundance of cafes, bars and restaurants within walking distance for those low-key nights. The Annex Like other west-end neighbourhoods, the Annex is popular with young professionals and artists. It’s a great mix of modern and historic, as it’s one of the oldest neighbourhoods in Toronto.  The Annex’s architecture will transport you back in time, and its home to the University of Toronto’s St. George campus and Casa Loma – two of the city’s most fabled landmarks. At the same time, it’s a lively Toronto destination with pubs, eateries, bookstores and the iconic Lee’s Palace concert hall. You also have Christie Pits Park in the Annex, and can get wherever you need to go in Toronto via one of the three major TTC hubs in the neighbourhood – St. George, Spadina and Bathurst subway stations. Cabbagetown Situated almost smack-dab in the middle of Toronto’s city limits sits a neighbourhood with a decidedly small-town, family-friendly feel and fierce community spirit.  Cabbagetown hosts Riverdale Park and Riverdale Farm, a free, 19th-century Victorian farm with plenty of farm animals; it has the largest collection of restored Victorian homes and a shopping district that features a wide variety of retailers and restaurants doing business in buildings that look straight out of the 1950s.  It also has plenty of public transportation options along some of the city’s most-serviced TTC lines and is a short drive to the DVP.    

Many people are concerned with home security, and there seems to be a security system or doorbell to address those concerns and give people peace of mind. But many people overlook a different kind of home security threat entirely: Uninvited wild animals. Canadian winters bring cold weather. And just as your home looks like a dry beacon of warmth to you after a day out in the cold and snow, it also looks that way to furry critters. These critters aren’t as polite as most Canadians and will not wait for an invitation to be formally extended. In fact, they will take any opening they can find as a sign that they are allowed to enter your house. Once wild animals have set up shop in your home, it can be extraordinarily difficult to get rid of them for their safety and your own. And, as it’s not safe to have them in your house, the best bet is to prevent them from entering in the first place. Read on to learn how to ensure your home is well-defended against animal critters trying to find entry inside this winter. Check the Attic While you might not want to spend a lot of time hanging out in your attic, animals and pests will see it as a warm, dark reprieve from the cold. Inspect your attic for any apparent holes and plug any that you find.  You should also have your roof checked for any holes that animals can use to find an entrance to your home. Getting a Toronto roofing company to inspect your roof in the fall is a wise idea, as this will ensure your roof is in good shape before winter, and the roofers can also identify any problem areas that animals and rodents might take advantage of. Check Your Vents Common animals and rodents to enter your home are raccoons, squirrels, birds, bats, mice and rats. Of all of these, it might be raccoons that give Toronto homeowners the most trouble.  A common way they enter your home is thorough air vents, which allow air to escape. These are found in the kitchen near the stove, close to the dryer, and on your roof. They serve an essential purpose and shouldn’t be blocked off, but unfortunately, animals may see these wide-open spaces as a door. A way around this is with animal-proof vents, which have wire mesh covers on the vents and keep animals outside while allowing air to escape. It’s advisable to get these covers specially fitted to your vents to ensure animals can’t find their way around them. Having animals removed from your home can be costly, not to mention the damage they can do once they set up shop. There also may be rules regarding when you can disturb them. Prevent unwanted animal visitors from becoming an issue by animal-proofing your home.     

Although Canadians are recognized for their affinity for the great outdoors, this does not imply that they do not also take pleasure in engaging in activities that take place inside   7 Online Hobbies That Canadians Just Can’t Seem To Get Enough Of: Video Games For many Canadians, playing online video games is a well-liked pastime. Many Canadians spend many hours every day playing their favourite games, which contributes significantly to the Canadian economy. There is a game for every type of gamer, from home consoles to mobile games.  Role-playing, sports, and first-person shooter games are a few of the most well-liked games among Canadians. Many Canadians also take pleasure in live-streaming their gaming sessions on websites like Twitch, which allows them to interact with other players and create communities. Online Gambling Canadian gamers can feel secure knowing that they are covered by some of the world’s strictest consumer protection rules, making playing at online casinos one of the favourite modern-day pastimes of the nation. These laws guarantee that gamers are treated fairly and that their private information is kept private. Numerous trustworthy Canadian online casinos provide a wide range of games and betting opportunities. Modern security mechanisms and big bonus offers at Casino Ontario ensure a secure and safe gaming environment. Various games, such as slots, blackjack, roulette, and poker, are available for players to enjoy. Additionally, Canadians can benefit from Live Dealer games, which enable them to communicate via video chat with actual dealers. This makes playing the game more realistic and lets players get to know the dealers. Streaming TV and movies Many Canadians like engaging in this popular internet pastime. Canadians can stream a variety of TV series and movies from the privacy of their own homes due to the accessibility of streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Disney+.  They can watch their favourite programs and films whenever and wherever they choose by selecting from a number of genres, such as drama, comedy, action, and more. Additionally, a lot of Canadians take pleasure in watching unique original material on these channels. Social Media  Many Canadians like engaging in social media activities online. Many Canadians spend hours daily browsing through their social media feeds and interacting with friends and family. They are ardent social media users.  Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are three of the most widely used social networking sites in Canada, where users may post updates, photographs, and thoughts for their followers to see. Social media also enables Canadians to interact with people who share their interests and remain informed about the most recent news, trends, and events. Online Shopping Many Canadians enjoy shopping online because it is so convenient and allows them to do so from the comfort of their homes while purchasing a diverse range of products. Online shopping in Canada offers a wide variety of things, from food and household goods to clothing, Fashion Art, and technology.  Many Canadians like the wide range of choices they have access to online, in addition to the freedom to shop around and compare products and prices. Canadians can obtain things that might not be offered in their neighbourhood by shopping online from merchants around the globe. Online Fitness Programs For many Canadians, taking virtual fitness classes online is a favourite pastime. Many Canadians are using online workouts to stay active. Yoga, Pilates, HIIT, and dance classes are just a few of the workouts that Canadians can take advantage of from the convenience of their homes with these sessions. Since many online fitness programs are live, participants can communicate with the teacher and other students in the class in real-time.  Others are pre-recorded, enabling users to finish the workout at their own convenience. Even when conventional workout choices aren’t available, Canadians can maintain their health and fitness with the help of virtual fitness courses. Discovering New Interests Yes, it’s true that searching for novel hobbies to learn new skills, which can range from easy handcrafting hobbies to the most difficult languages and computer programming is undoubtedly one of the most significant pastimes Canadians do online. One of the primary drivers for learning a new hobby is the rise of the commercialized pastime.  Everything from manufacturing candles to learning how to program can now be done online, with one of the primary drivers being the potential for financial benefit from these pastimes. Conclusion In conclusion, Canadians engage in a variety of online pastimes, which offer them a chance to amuse themselves, stay socially engaged, and stay active while relaxing in their own homes. There is an online hobby out there that can meet their requirements and interests, whether they are searching for amusement, social interaction, or physical activity.    

Casa Loma Holiday Lights

Fun for the whole family, bring your loved ones out for a hot chocolate and enjoy the cheerful lights to get everyone in the mood for the holiday season.

Check out photos from the launch of Greg May Hair Architect’s newest location in Yorkville celebrating with friends, family and long time customers.

Finding the right place to retire is important. You want to live in a location that’s quiet, safe, pleasant, modern, and offers plenty of interesting activities. When looking for places to retire in Canada. You should consider Ontario for the following excellent reasons:  Reason #1 Top Retirement Communities It’s easy to downsize and move to a retirement community when there are so many excellent choices. For instance, the best retirement residences in Ontario are family-owned and family-operated and are renowned for offering the following features: Warm and caring atmosphere. Lovely one-bedroom and two-bedroom apartments. Modern amenities. Safety features.  Attentive and qualified support staff. Pet-friendliness. In addition to these features, the best retirement homes in Ontario are typically located close to eateries, banks, parks, hairdressers, spas, and other attractions. This encourages residents to adopt active lifestyles and stay independent. Ontario retirement homes are also a great place to socialize with older adults from similar backgrounds and age groups. It’s not unusual for older adults to expand their social circles significantly after moving to a community for retirees.  Reason #2 Nice Parks Every city in Ontario features nice parks, where older adults can safely walk, jog, or enjoy meals. Here, they can also meet some local wildlife such as ducks, owls, woodpeckers. The air quality in Ontario is also quite good for a busy province. When walking in an Ontario Park or parkette, you can soak in the sunshine and take in the fresh air.  Reason #3 Good Public Transportation The major cities in Ontario generally feature excellent public transportation facilities. For instance, Expat Arrivals says the public transport in Ottawa is: “safe, efficient, and extensive.” Reason #4 Multiculturalism  Cities in Ontario are host to people from all over the world. Older adults can enjoy international cuisines, festivals, and much more. Older adults who are newcomers can also connect with their communities in major cities across the province.  Reason #5 World-class Education Some older adults choose to take a course or complete a degree after retirement. Ontario certainly gives them plenty of fantastic opportunities. There are many highly rated educational institutions across the province that offer special discounts, programs, and amenities for mature students. Older adults living in retirement communities can also take courses online. Reason #6 Safety and Security Older adults interested in walking, banking, or other activities can generally do so safely in most Ontario cities. Ontario cities such as Ottawa, Kanata, Kingston, Stratford, London, Whitby, and others are relatively safe despite being busy places. In fact, according to University Magazine, six of the ten safest cities in Canada are in Ontario! Reason #7 Discounts for Older Adults Businesses across Ontario know that retirees lack income streams. That’s why many of them offer discounted products and services. For instance, public transportation services across the province offer concessions to older adults. Similarly, cinemas, museums, art galleries, restaurants, shops, and other businesses encourage older adults to visit through discounts.  These are just some of the great reasons why you should consider retiring in Ontario. Take advantage of the excellent retirement homes, amenities, atmosphere, culture, and more and make the right city in the province your home.

St-Remy invited us to the Toronto leg of their nationwide kickoff to preview the St Remy Signature Cocktail Week taking across Canada. Its a week to celebrate the best St-Rémy Signature cocktails, bars and bartenders across Canada.

It was a long journey trying to get here. The real estate market in the Greater Toronto Area is a tough one, and finally getting onto the property ladder is a huge accomplishment. But once the celebration is done, there’s more work to do. Before you move in, there’s a long To Do list that you’ll have to tackle to make sure everything is ready on the day you make yourself at home. #1 Find a Home Inspector One of the first things you’ll need to do is make sure your home is thoroughly inspected. Often insurance companies will demand an inspection and even ask for significant repairs before they’re willing to insure a property, especially if it’s an older home with outdated systems like wiring and plumbing. Hire a home inspector that you trust and who will make sure you can get all the work done that you will need to satisfy potential insurers.  #2 Save Money with Used Furniture If you’re a first-time homeowner or moving in from a condo, you’re probably looking forward to having a lot more space. It’s one of the best things about owning your own home, and you have the opportunity now to get creative and do all the things you never could as a renter or in a condo. But if you’re like a lot of first-time homeowners, money is probably tight at the moment. To help make your big ambitions match a more modest budget, try looking for used furniture in Toronto to complete your home interior. Buying furniture used can help you save hundreds of dollars compared to buying from the store. You should be able to find everything from almost new brand-name pieces to vintage and eclectic furniture that will fit your sense of style and needs. #3 Find the Nuts and Bolts Familiarize yourself with the “working parts” of your home so that you know exactly where they are should something go wrong. That means locating the circuit breaker, shut-off valves for water, all the parts of your HVAC system, each and every smoke detector, the carbon monoxide detector, and any other important features. #4 Deep Clean Before moving in, you’ll want to make sure the house has been deep-cleaned from top to bottom. Knowing that you’ve scrubbed the place thoroughly will give you peace of mind and a sense of a fresh start. The last thing you want is to discover someone else’s mess in a forgotten corner months after moving in. Get into those hard-to-reach crevices in the bathrooms and kitchen to make sure you get absolutely everything. #5 Change the Locks There’s no way of making sure that the previous homeowners handed over all of their house keys. They may have even given copies to friends, family, house or pet sitters, and contractors that they completely forgot about. For your own safety and peace of mind, it doesn’t hurt to change the locks once you take possession of the home, preferably before you move in. It’s a simple task that you can probably even do on your own, and worth the sense of security it will provide. This checklist should help you get everything ready for the day you move in. Homeownership doesn’t have to be overwhelming or break the bank. Get your home inspected, save money by buying used furniture online, make sure you know where everything is, deep clean your home, and make sure only you have the keys to your new home.

Apps are a given for most companies now. Reaching out to your customers through their phones and putting your brand into their pockets should be high on your business priority list. Designing an app that is useful to them can be a tricky task to take on. The app has to be effective, well designed and able to keep your customers engaged with your brand while gathering critical information for you to analyze. The best way to achieve this has to be with an easy-to-navigate front-end and a secure back-end. The better designed the app is, and the better the user experience, the more likely your customers are going to come back for more, consistently. We’ve compiled a list of the most successful business app features from a Toronto app development company and why you should consider them. Tutorial No matter how simple an app is, some users will be unable to figure out how it works. Not all users are technically literate; some may need a little help when using the app. Tech-savvy people may overlook a function until it’s pointed out to them. Engage your audience early in the process by showing them around your app. Use an automatic tutorial telling them what each button does and the best of the functionality. Give them a chance to conduct those functions with dummy data to help it stick in their memory. At the end of the instructions, show them how to reaccess the tutorial. Search Options Providing the app for your customer base is only half of the battle. They must be able to use it, and it must be effective in its function. However simple the app is, your customers may not be as tech-savvy as your testing team. A search function will make navigating and finding what they’re looking for easier, ensuring your app keeps their attention. Optimized UI/UX A strong User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) are crucial indicators of whether an app will succeed.  An intuitive interface with a clear brand identity woven into it will ensure your customers associate the high quality with your company. This clear branding also makes it essential to have a high-quality user experience, therefore, high-quality coding and good security practices.  It can also be good to leave reminders of the protection you’re giving your customers’ data in privacy policy reminders and notifications.  A bad customer experience and interface will not bring customers back to your app and could tarnish an otherwise excellent brand reputation.  Security By Design Along with UX and UI, security is an absolute necessity when considering app development for your business. Traditional app development looks at designing the app, then securing it in the aftermath. This style can cause compatibility problems, coding oversights, and a less secure app overall. Using a Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) and considering security at each stage of the process, your application can be secure and fully functional for your customers. This development method can also ensure no obsolete code is hanging around, removing unnecessary loads and improving user experience. While considering the SDLC is crucial to secure app development, it’s also essential to consider the user-accessed data and how that is secured. If the app requires a login, Developers could consider implementing Multifactor Authentication to protect the login or even integration with a Single-Sign-On service, such as Azure or JumpCloud, to ensure the user data has additional protection. Scalability A word with two meanings in this context.  Firstly, your business application needs to be able to scale to the user’s needs. The ability to deploy additional resources and increase the user load quickly and as required is critical to the app’s usability and consistency. Using clean and effective code that has been optimized to work efficiently with the operating system and an effective change control process will get you on your way to a scalable app design. Secondly, you need an app that can scale to a device’s size and accessibility requirements. Providing your users with the flexibility to adjust the app from a small phone to a tablet or increase the text size if needed will mean they enjoy the experience a little more (and links back to an earlier point on UX). Use the device settings to alter the experience of your application and blend it with the user-defined adjustments. The device’s default language, light/dark mode and text size are all set from here. You can include options within the app for further changes, but default device settings will not be far from users’ requirements. Privacy Data collection is a large part of app development. Feedback from devices, bug reports and even how the app handles data can give your developers insight into making the app experience even better. However, collecting information on other sites visited, advertising cookies stored, and additional personal data can feel like an invasion of privacy.  Give your customers the option to opt out of data collection. With Apple recently allowing users to request an app that doesn’t track them, it’s time to take the initiative and ask your customers within your app if they mind. Not only does it make them feel happier that it’s their choice, but it establishes trust with your brand and can lead to a better relationship with your customer base. Feedback Finally, with all these points, the customer experience comes down to feedback.  Your customers are using your application more frequently than you or your developers and may encounter issues that your testers missed. This issue doesn’t need to be a problem if they have a place to provide feedback and let you fix it.  Conversely, good feedback is also as important as bad feedback. Knowing what works can keep you on track with the needs of your user base, and, if possible, you can give them more of that. Provide your users with a clear place to provide feedback, report bugs, and make suggestions for new features. Ensure someone is monitoring this area and that each comment is acknowledged. 

There’s much to love about the fastest-growing city in Canada, offering financial opportunities, world-class educational institutions, a sound transit system, and rich cultures from different corners of the world. Of course, like any major city, Toronto faces its share of challenges. Many of these challenges can be tackled by technology like mobile apps. And here lies the opportunity. Nowadays, you don’t need top skills in programming languages to create a mobile app. The process has been democratized. With a great idea and proper investment, you can work with one of the best app development companies in Toronto to craft a successful piece of software. Although this blog can’t help you with investment, it can generate some ideas that may push you in the right direction: #1 Food Delivery App Oh no, you say, not another food app! With apps like Uber Eats, Skip the Dishes, and Doordash already popular in Toronto, you might wonder if we need another food app. The fact is that Torontonians love to conveniently order delicious food. So, there’s always demand for a food app. There is also an opportunity in that many restaurants and food delivery drivers are unhappy with the current food delivery app companies. Some Toronto restaurants complain that food delivery apps charge a large cut or give buyers an easy opportunity to cheat them for a refund. Meanwhile, food delivery drivers are protesting that their already thin margins are shrinking. If you can develop an app that cracks this formula, keeping eateries and delivery people happy, you may have a successful food delivery app.   #2 Ethnic Food App Toronto is home to thousands of newcomers every year. Many of these newcomers prefer to consume low-cost homemade food that’s highly authentic, unlike the watered-down fare sold at popular restaurants. Cooks connect with customers on unofficial marketplaces like social media groups to offer authentic food at prices affordable to newcomers. However, this isn’t an efficient way. A food app that connects such buyers and sellers in Toronto could have the potential for success.   #3 Housing App  Let’s be honest; the local real estate apps in Toronto are mediocre despite skyrocketing demand for properties. A cutting-edge localized real estate app that features high-end pictures, virtual reality tours, smart contracts, and verified ratings for renters, landlords, agents, and sellers, could be a powerful disruptive force. #4 Toronto-Based Game Despite being a vibrant and popular city, Toronto doesn’t boast many localized video games. A platformer game that offers an immersive and intimate look at the city would hold local and international interest. The game could also feature real-time traffic and weather changes following the city’s actual situation to give players an extra dose of authenticity. #5 Events App There are sometimes so many events in Toronto that it can be challenging to keep up. An events app that offers the latest updates can certainly fill a market need. It can go the extra mile by offering essential real-time updates through crowdsourcing. With users actively reporting on live events, people can get helpful updates. For example, they may learn that the CNE (Canadian National Exhibition) is too crowded to visit on a Sunday or that The Weeknd lost his voice and canceled the concert. Toronto has the potential for many things, including unique apps. Work with a top local developer to develop your killer idea into a killer app.    

With an abundance of new technologies taking over what we thought would always stick to tradition, it’s natural that some people have doubts. After all, we’ve learned over the past few years that internet safety is important, albeit not so easily achieved. After all, 4 in 10 Canadians have experienced at least one type of cybersecurity incident since 2020.  Online casinos are yet another industry for which this statement holds. Not many Canadians trust them, although sites like can help in that aspect with thorough reviews. This information comes in spite of the fact that online casinos are legal in Canada with the proper license and regulations. It’s safe for Canadians to gamble in offshore casinos that aren’t operating from within Canada. To ease the minds of Canadians everywhere, we’ll uncover just how safe the casinos operating in Canada are. What are their protection measures? Of course, these measures don’t make up for your own lack of safety protocols. Make sure to always stay safe on the internet, especially while gambling! Licensing All good casinos protect themselves and their users by obtaining a license. Whether this is because of users misusing the website or unlicensed casinos collecting your personal data, this is a measure to prevent it. Licensing also means that the casino will hold the responsibility if your data gets stolen. Most casino licenses require online casino companies to have proper cyber security on their website. Without it, the casino cannot obtain a license.  It also allows them to buy from reputable software companies that make safe online casino games. These games later go on their website. If a casino does not have a proper gambling license, the software on its website can turn out to be all kinds of malware. Payment methods If a casino offers payment methods such as PayPal or a direct bank transfer, you can already consider it safer than those who use third-party payment services. PayPal is a good option for a payment method as it offers buyer protection. This means that your transactions are secure and the online casino gets no access to your bank account details.  Similarly, your bank can help in the event of getting scammed. Most banks should reimburse you for the money you’ve transferred to a scammer. Additionally, through the use of AI and algorithms, most banks can identify unusual transactions or spending behavior and act accordingly. SSL Encryption Anyone who knows a bit about cybersecurity knows that SSL encryption is the most important and safest form of cybersecurity. If you don’t, now is the time to learn.  Don’t trust a website that doesn’t have SSL encryption, especially one that requires you to enter sensitive information. This safety tip also includes online casinos that don’t have SSL encryption. All of your payments are protected by SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption, which is part of the software used by online casinos. SSL encryption prevents hackers from obtaining your sensitive information. In the world of online casinos, this means that they can’t get to your bank details. If the website’s URL starts with “https”, that means it’s secure and has SSL encryption. You can also look for a small padlock right next to the URL that should tell you the same thing, as well as show you the certificate. If the details under the padlock say the certificate isn’t valid, avoid using that website. Website Application Firewalls Website application firewalls exist to stop suspicious activity from accessing the site’s content and damaging it. The firewall operates on a set of rules, usually determined by your hosting provider. If it finds traffic to an online casino’s website that breaks these rules, it blocks the traffic from ever accessing the site. This can help protect the casino from DDoS attacks, SQL injection, cross-site scripting, and more malicious activities that attempt to steal sensitive information from customers. Only certain tools can detect if a site has WAF.    

Even the most gorgeous house on the block isn’t immune from critters. Ants and fruit flies can be bad, but cockroaches or bed bugs are a disaster of another magnitude.  As the weather gets colder and darker sooner, you’ll probably spend more time indoors again. Here are a few vital services exterminators perform to keep your home critter-free. Effective Sprays You Can’t Get at Stores Leading services like GreenLeaf pest control in Toronto use custom sprays that aren’t available at your local hardware store. When experts use their expertise to create effective remedies you can’t buy on your own, you’ll get much better results. Take advantage of the expert knowledge in your community rather than waste money on products that don’t address the heart of the problem. Safe for the Pets The last thing you want in your home is a spray that will be as toxic for pets as it is for the critters. The good news is that extermination experts know how to create sprays that are tough on unwelcome guests and safe for your four-legged friends. Let the experts find that tricky sweet spot between a chemical that is strong and soft where you want it to be. You shouldn’t need to choose between pampering your pet and eliminating pests. Friendly, Professional Technicians People should always be courteous when they enter someone’s home, whether they’re old friends or service technicians doing a job. From taking off their shoes upon entry to showing up on time, respect is important to show. The best exterminators in the city tend to come from local businesses, where the owners and technicians know each other closely. Such companies don’t dispatch someone to a private home unless they can personally vouch for their character. You won’t find such friendly, respectful professionals at larger companies. Holistic Expertise and Home Protection Plans The best exterminators don’t just spray a chemical and leave. Instead, they’ll assess your home for potential pest breeding grounds and use their expertise to solve the problems holistically. Some even offer a home protection plan that keeps your home critter-free 12 months a year. The expert will visit and inspect your home and eliminate any pest breeding grounds they happen to find.  Then, they’ll do a follow-up exterior inspection and preventative treatment during specified months. This should absolutely take care of everything, but in the event it doesn’t, they’ll provide special additional traps for pests at no extra charge. If you want to know for certain that your home is pest-free throughout the year, and surely everybody does, this is the simplest way.  When it’s time to plan Halloween costumes and drink pumpkin spice lattes, it’s a cozy time of year. You won’t feel very cozy at home if you see pests. Nothing spoils the feeling of intimacy and security that home provides faster, so keep the above tips in mind and call an exterminator who can deliver on all the above points.    

While fall and winter are not the most popular times of year to sell a home, there are some advantages to selling during the low season. Off-season buyers tend to be more serious, and there’s less competition to deal with. However, one downside of selling at this time of year is that many holidays are squeezed into a few short months. That means the chances of listing your home over a holiday are greater, and if you’re a big holiday decorator, this can put a damper on things. If you are selling your home over the holidays, it’s important to keep decorations to a minimum. Even though you may not be able to decorate to the degree you usually do, it’s still possible to get into the holiday spirit. By keeping your trimmings stylish and subtle, you’ll help potential buyers imagine their own life in your home and make it the place where they want to celebrate the holidays. Follow these tips to avoid making any missteps when selling your home over the holidays. Work with a Quality Real Estate Agent Your real estate agent should be more than someone who handles the paperwork or advertises your home. When you work with a quality realtor in Ajax, you have a great resource. If you’re unsure of how you should decorate your Ajax house, ask your real estate agent for suggestions or guidance.  Keep Decorations Small While some holiday decor can be used to help enhance desirable features of your home, it’s important to refrain from going overboard. No matter what time of year you sell your home, you should try to declutter as much as possible to make your home feel bigger and more spacious. It’s counterproductive to fill up that space you’ve emptied with holiday decorations.  Large and excessive decorations can also distract buyers as they look through your home, or worse, cover up important selling features, like a fireplace. Light on the Outdoor Lights Similar to indoor decorations, when outdoor decorations are used, they should be small, tasteful and toned down. This means skipping the inflatable reindeer or candy canes and anything that makes noise. Many buyers will be turned off by them, plus they can cover up the features of your home that you should be promoting.  One way to get into the festive spirit is with lights. Some simple string lights around your home can bring a warm glow during the cooler months, and outdoor lighting is a common curb appeal strategy. Prioritize Neutrality  Holiday decorations can often be religious. Even non-religious families may have a nativity scene. But if you’re selling your home, keeping these religious holiday decorations and any religious items packed away is essential.  Home staging is always about putting the house in the best light and setting the scene for buyers to imagine themselves living in the space. Even if buyers aren’t offended or turned off by religious decorations, they can make it more difficult to picture what they would do if they buy your home. Follow these tips to enjoy the holiday season while making your home appealing to any buyers looking at it. Soon enough, you’ll be celebrating the holidays the way you want in your future home.    

Do you have a set of silver flatware or a silver tea set taking up valuable space in your kitchen cabinets? Do you own old silver jewellery you haven’t worn in years, if not ever, that spends most of its time getting tangled up and in the way? Decluttering silver jewellery, flatware, and other heirlooms is not only a great way to clear up space in your home, but it can also give you a significant amount of money to play around with. Now may be the perfect time to sell silver in Toronto for those looking to get the best possible price. Let’s take a look at the reasons why. #1 Prices Could Be Headed Downward Silver prices are remarkably volatile, and it can be difficult to predict them. However, silver prices have had a tough year in 2022, as several factors appear to have brought prices down: Rising interest rates have put downward pressure on silver, as interest-generating assets have taken the edge over commodities. The U.S. dollar has risen over the course of the year, which often competes with the price of bullion. Slowing growth has already impacted silver prices. That said, prices could always turn around, especially as demand for electronics and photovoltaics keeps up, as silver is a key component. Reading the market is always a challenge, and it may be better to sell when the time is right for you. #2 Recessions and Silver: Why It’s Not the Same as Gold Gold is often touted as a recession-proof asset that has a good deal of resiliency compared to stocks. It’s true that there is little correlation between gold and equities, and during past recessions, gold has seen remarkable price growth. Gold outperformed stocks by far during the long drawn-out recovery that followed 2008’s Great Recession. However, silver price growth is much more tied-up with manufacturing than gold, with over half of global silver demand going to industrial uses. A recession and slowdown in energy, electronics, and other consumer goods could hit silver prices hard. #3 Delays to Green Transitioning Silver is a key element in the transition to a green economy, as it’s used in everything from solar panels to EVs. But that transition has been slowed by economic uncertainty and has faced social opposition. There are also signs that China and India have both increased cheap oil and gas imports from Russia to fill the void left by the West’s embargoes, delaying their own shift to green energy and suppressing silver demand. Now Is the Time to Sell Silver in Toronto These broad market factors all have an impact on the price you get when you sell silver jewellery and heirlooms to silver buyers in Toronto. They base their prices first and foremost on market rates for bullion which can change day by day as markets evolve. If you’ve got silver jewellery, flatware, tea sets, coins, or heirlooms that you no longer want, make the most of it now. You can use that money to donate to a charitable cause, add to your savings, or treat yourself. Get more from your silver jewellery by taking advantage of relatively high silver prices when you have the opportunity. The silver market can be a highly unpredictable one.      

The online gambling sector has morphed into a prominent segment of the entire gambling industry. This explosive growth has been attributed to the revised gambling laws in the West. Canada is one such country where the gambling industry and online casinos have exploded in acceptance. The numerous mobile casinos in Canada offer a wide variety of games, including poker, baccarat, and online slots. How smartphones revolutionized the gaming scene More than half of the global population use mobile phones for different processes. When mobile phones were first introduced, we used them for messages and calls. Today, people use them to set schedules, browse the internet, facilitate video calls, etc. The online casino sector is one of many industries that have been touched by technological advancements. The 1990s heralded the introduction of online casino gaming, and no one could have predicted that phones would be used to facilitate gaming. In the past, casino gaming in Canada meant taking trips to a casino resort, buying casino chips, and heading to slot machines or dealers’ tables. Today, casino gaming translates to using a smartphone app to access thousands of games. Here are some ways smartphones have affected the online gaming: Increased accessibility Before smartphones, if you wanted to play games at a casino, you’d need to visit a land-based casino. Nowadays, however, you can play games at any time of the day from any location. Casinos in Canada are more accessible since you can even be in an Uber and enjoy your favourite games. Enhanced safety Many people at casinos exchange cash for chips. This required them to carry cash around, which is not safe. Sometimes, this led to highway robberies targeting casino gamblers. Today, payments can be made on your smartphone through e-wallets and cryptocurrency. The great part of these payment options is that they’re almost as instantaneous as using cash. Improved communication The best online casinos in Canada today use multiple channels to facilitate customer support. The best part is that some customer helpdesks are available 24/7. You can also use certain smartphone casino app to get quick information when you get stuck on a specific process. Apart from established chatbots and call lines to help you with issues, you can receive promotional offers through email. Better interaction Although it’s normal for one to think that online casinos don’t offer real-life experiences, it isn’t so. Online casinos on smartphones have been enhanced with high-quality graphics to make the games look realistic. There are chat rooms where casino gamers can discuss games and even interact with the dealer. Live dealer games are also being offered for gamers who want some element of land-based casinos. Cons of casino smartphone apps Casino smartphone apps come with increased security issues. That’s why you need to select a platform with high cybersecurity. There’s also the problem of the app loading slowly because they typically take up memory. This could slow down several processes on your device. Casino games are also very interesting but could lead to addiction. Since you’d find your favourite casino games easier to launch on a smartphone, you might become addicted to casino gaming.   The online casino industry has progressively grown in recent years. Smartphones have improved online casino gaming in Canada by enhancing accessibility, better interactions, and improved safety.    

TIFF was finally back September 2022 in full force after the Covid hiatus. Everybody’s experience at TIFF is different so here is mine with just a few red carpets with Harry Styles, Oprah, Kit Harington, Anna Kendrick and more.

All employees in Ontario are entitled to vacation pay they can use to help them avoid an interruption in pay when they take that much-needed time off to clear their minds and recharge their bodies. In this post, you’ll learn about some of the general requirements regarding vacation pay for Ontario workers who don’t work in a federally-regulated industry like transportation or banking and who are not part of a union. When it comes to your employment rights and entitlements, however, always speak to a Toronto employment lawyer regarding major workplace issues and decisions to keep yourself protected. Keep in mind that an employer may offer more than these legal minimums, so review your employment contract to know your exact entitlements.  How Does Vacation Pay Work in Ontario? There are two parts to vacation entitlements in Ontario – vacation time and vacation pay. You must work with an employer for at least a year before you are entitled to any vacation days. Vacation pay, however, starts to accrue as soon as you begin working. If you leave your job before you’ve been there for a year, your employer must pay out the vacation pay earned up until your last day. How Much Vacation Am I Entitled To? Under the Employment Standards Act, employees who have between 1 and 5 years of service are provided with a minimum of 2 weeks of vacation in a 12-month period and 4% of their total gross income from the previous 12-month period as vacation pay.  If you’ve been with your employer for 5 years or more, you are legally entitled to a minimum of 3 weeks of vacation in a 12-month period and 6% of your total gross income for vacation pay. The increases that come after 5 years of service only apply to time worked after December 31, 2017, as this was when the law was amended to include these increased entitlements.  When Do I Get Vacation Pay? Unless there is an agreement in writing to provide vacation pay at another time, an employer is required to pay out the vacation pay an employee earned in the previous 12-month period in one lump sum before the employee takes their vacation.  Many employers, however, provide vacation pay in other ways, including: Adding vacation pay earned in a pay period on every paycheque. Allowing employees to “bank” vacation pay and not take it when going on vacation. Providing vacation pay based on the current full year to employees when they use vacation days. An employee will also get any unused vacation pay they have earned if they quit or are terminated. However, if the employment contract ends and an employee has received more vacation pay than they earned at the time of termination, they may have it deducted from their last paycheque. Can I Carry Over My Vacation Days? Unless your employment contract provides for an extension, you must use the vacation time earned in a 12-month period no later than 10 months after it ended. If not, you risk the right to take that time off.       

In April 2022, the Canadian province of Ontario passed Bill C-218, which legalizes iGaming activities and single-sports betting. This has led to a boom in the iGaming industry in Toronto, which is now being hailed as the rising iGaming capital of Canada. With a wide variety of iGaming operators and platforms now available, Toronto is quickly becoming a hotspot for iGaming enthusiasts from all over the world. In this article, we will take a look at the history of iGaming within the great city of Toronto, while also looking at the impact of the C-218 bill and how it can have a positive effect on the iGaming industry within this bustling city. Additionally, we will look at the positives that it can have, and why so many are starting to enjoy wagering experiences! The History of iGaming in Toronto iGaming has a long and storied history in Toronto. It all started back in the early 2000s when the first online casinos began to appear. These early pioneers of the industry were quickly followed by a host of other operators, both big and small. In the years since, the industry has grown exponentially, with new operators and platforms launching on a regular basis. The legalization of iGaming in Ontario has been a game-changer for the industry. Prior to Bill C-218, iGaming was only legal in three Canadian provinces (British Columbia, Quebec, and Manitoba). This left a lot of Canadians outside of these provinces unable to enjoy iGaming activities. However, with the passing of Bill C-218, this is no longer the case. Now, anyone in Ontario can enjoy iGaming activities without fear of breaking the law. The Impact of Bill C-218 on the iGaming Industry Since the passing of Bill C-218, there has been a veritable explosion in the number of iGaming operators and platforms available in Toronto. Previously, there were only a handful of major players in the industry. However, this has changed dramatically in recent months, with dozens of new operators and platforms now available. This increase in competition has been great news for consumers, as it has led to improved service levels and lower prices. Additionally, the passing of Bill C-218 has had a positive impact on the economy of Toronto. The iGaming industry is now one of the fastest-growing industries in the city, and it is estimated that it will contribute over $1 billion to the economy by 2025. This growth is expected to create thousands of new jobs in the city, which is great news for those who are looking for employment. Why Are So Many People Starting to Enjoy iGaming Experiences? There are a number of reasons why so many people are starting to enjoy iGaming experiences. Firstly, the industry is now much more accessible than it was in the past. With the passing of Bill C-218, anyone in Ontario can now access iGaming platforms and operators. Additionally, the industry is now much more competitive, which has led to improved service levels and lower prices. Naturally, as a result of this, online gambling in Canada has increased to a new level as more and more people have started to become interested in what iGaming can potentially provide them within Ontario, especially as they now are able to participate in the activity legally. Another reason why so many people are starting to enjoy iGaming experiences is that it is a great way to socialize. In the past, iGaming was often seen as a solitary activity. However, with the advent of live dealer games and social media integration, iGaming has become much more social. Now, players can interact with each other while they play, which has made the experience much more enjoyable. Finally, iGaming is a great way to potentially win money. With the recent passing of Bill C-218, Toronto residents can now access a wide variety of iGaming platforms and operators. This increased competition has led to improved odds and higher payouts. As such, players now have a much greater chance of winning big when they play iGaming games. The Future of iGaming in Toronto There will be many that will find it difficult to argue against the idea that the future of iGaming in Toronto looks very bright. With the passing of Bill C-218, the industry is now legal in Ontario. This has led to a boom in the number of operators and platforms available, which is great news for consumers as it means they are now afforded a great number of lifestyle choices when it comes down to trying to find the best iGaming products and services to utilize. Additionally, as we mentioned, the industry is expected to contribute over $1 billion to the economy by 2025 and create thousands of new jobs. Moreover, with technology continuing to develop further, it would not be a surprise if we were to see this figure increase further in the future as more gamers become interested as they will be able to get some of the best gaming experiences possible; something they continue to demand and crave with each title played! Clearly, with all of this positive momentum, there is no doubt that iGaming will continue to grow in popularity in Toronto for years to come. Final Thoughts The passing of Bill C-218 has had a hugely positive impact on the iGaming industry in Toronto. With more operators and platforms now available than ever before, Toronto is quickly becoming a hotspot for iGaming enthusiasts from all over the world, thus making it the iGaming capital of Canada. However, with so much still possible to achieve and potentially accomplish within the industry given the developments that can take place regarding the options already available, it would not be a surprise if Toronto were able to become one of the iGaming capitals of the world, especially as there is a population of approximately 6.3 million people; one of the most populous cities in the world and one that continues to increase at pace as many move to the area.    

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