Canada’s Wonderland is a haven for thrill-seekers, boasting a wide array of heart-pounding roller coasters and attractions. Among the park’s impressive lineup, three standout rides consistently leave visitors breathless: Leviathan, Yukon Striker, and Behemoth. Additionally, the park has recently added the exciting Tundra Twister to its roster of attractions. Let’s dive into the exhilarating experiences at Canada’s Wonderland. Yukon Striker: At a 90 degree drop, prepare to be plunged into an abyss of excitement. This dive coaster is the first of its kind in Canada and features a vertical drop of 245 feet into an underwater tunnel. The anticipation as you hang over the edge before the drop is nerve-wracking in the best possible way. You’ll experience a series of inversions and elements that will keep you on the edge of your seat throughout the entire ride. Yukon Striker is not for the faint of heart, but it’s an experience you won’t soon forget. Leviathan: Leviathan is a towering behemoth (no pun intended) that dominates the park’s skyline. This coaster is a true masterpiece, offering riders a jaw-dropping experience. With a staggering height of 306 feet and a top speed of 92 miles per hour, it’s one of the tallest and fastest roller coasters in North America. The exhilarating journey begins with a heart-pounding drop, followed by thrilling airtime hills, sweeping turns, and a breathtaking view of the park. Leviathan is a must-ride for adrenaline junkies. Behemoth: For those seeking a smoother yet equally thrilling coaster without the . This  hyper coaster offers a different kind of excitement, focusing on airtime and graceful speed. With its 230-foot drop and speeds of up to 77 miles per hour, Behemoth delivers a unique coaster experience. The open-air seating allows you to feel the wind rush past as you float over hills and through turns, creating an exhilarating sensation of weightlessness. Tundra Twister is the park’s newest attraction. This thrilling spinning coaster is designed to provide a wild, unpredictable ride experience. Tundra Twister is by Splash Works, and is a pendulum-like ride, where you’re swung up to 47 metres in the air. Canada’s Wonderland is a roller coaster enthusiast’s dream, and these top three rides, Leviathan, Yukon Striker, and Behemoth, are must-try experiences that will leave you exhilarated. Don’t forget to also check out the park’s newest addition, Tundra Twister, for a unique and thrilling adventure. Whether you’re a seasoned coaster fanatic or just looking for an adrenaline rush, Canada’s Wonderland has something for everyone. Enjoy the ride! View this post on Instagram A post shared by Toronto Food-tographer (@foodrealm) Canada’s Wonderland, Vaughan ON Instagram: @canadaswonderland Facebook: /canadaswonderland  

As mid-August rolls around, Canadians from all corners of the country eagerly anticipate one of the most iconic events of the season – the Canadian National Exhibition (CNE). The same traditions – entertainment, food, exhibits, and attractions – return with a few new added features to look forward to this year: SuperWheel: North America’s tallest travelling ferris wheel – at over 150 feet- is new to the CNE. Each air-conditioned pod seats four to six people. There’s even a VIP black pod that also has a glass floor. Drag Extravaganza: Drag Queen icons, Tynomi Banks, Mo Heart, Jan Sport, and Ivory Towers will take the stage with a fabulous performance at Bandshell Park on August 29th Sparkling Symphony: Vegas-styled choreographed fountain show will be showcased daily at 1:30, 3:30, 5:30, and 8pm at Lake Ontario. Be sure to check out the show at night as well, where bedazzling lights and lasers will be sure to complement the soaring splashes of water. Echoes of Entertainment, A Concert History of the CNE – a photographic tour of musical artists’ past performances at the CNE. The Pink Floyd Exhibition: A pristine museum of artifacts and memorabilia from the band through 1976 to the 2000’s. Monster Compound Experience: Skateboard performances and a barbershop will be sure to send the crowd roaring at Bandshell Park. Ice Skating and Acrobatic Show called “Time Flies”:  Elvis Stojko, three-time World Champion will be returning to the Coca-Cola Coliseum for the ice-skating show daily at 2pm and 5pm for a show highlighting the last decade. Pristine Seas: National Geographic exhibit on marine wildlife conservation. Cirque-tacular Spectacular: Aerial acrobatics, trampoline and gymnastics show Selfie Hallway: An over-sized CNE foods, an  ft shimmer wall, a giant floral aquarium to take selfies in. Other amazing feats returning this year include the Drone Show presented by VinFast (nightly at 10:15pm), Celebrity Kitchen Stage, SuperDogs, and Gaming Garage sponsored by Intel,  There are also the Snowbirds to look forward to, as they will close out the event at the Canadian International Air Show during Labour Day Weekend. As we know it,  CNE puts the “ex” in EXtra as this year’s round up of extravagant foods. From classic deep-fried goodness, to oversized foods, and barbie-pink coloured desserts, something is bound to tickle your fancy. Check out the photos below for the rest of our food highlights this year. Established in 1879, this annual fair has become a cherished tradition that brings together people of all ages to celebrate the diversity, culture, and innovation that make Canada unique. The CNE 2023 promises to be an unforgettable experience, offering an eclectic mix of fun that showcase the best of Canadian creativity and spirit. CNE opens Friday August 18th, and will run until Monday September 4th! Photos by Janey Tso 210 Princes’ Blvd Instagram: @letsgototheex Twitter: @letsgototheex Facebook: /TheEx

We were lucky to be invited to get a taste of the new Ultra Supper Club to indulge in Pan-Asian flavours by Executive Chef Kihyun Kim. Knowing that it’s from INK events and Charles Khabouth, you can expect quality and attention to detail will be delivered. And what a special sensory experience it was!

Mediterranean flavours and inspiration are abound at the colourful 4th floor of the private members club, Clio on King West.

NeNe Chicken, where “Ne” meaning “yes” in Korean, is South Korea’s largest fried chicken chain, which first opened in 1999. With over 1200 locations, stretching from Australia to the United Arab Emirates, they will be opening their newest location in Toronto!

Bay Street Bull celebrated their annual Women of the Year 2022 event last week. Taking place at the Meta headquarters in the Mars building, the evening featured a panel by Track & Field Olympian Alysha Newman, Mejuri CEO and co-founder Noura Sakkijha, and Mini Tipi co-founder Trisha Pitura.

Such a great time for a weekend full of yoga, sound baths, good food and nourishing the soul at the beautiful Muskoka Bay Resort. Organized by Carmelinda DiManno who also DJs including recently at Electric Island event.

With the colder weather dawning over us, Kinton Ramen swoops in with the perfect timing by introducing their newest menu item – beef ramen!

Dwayne Johnson

On Oct 13, 2022 Dwayne Johnson aka “The Rock” was the star of the show for a fan event at The Rec Room downtown. The event celebrated the kickoff of The Rock’s DC superhero premiere as Black Adam in the movie in theatres Oct 21st. Fans lined up, dressed in Black Adam costumes and others with wrestling championship belts paying homage to his WWE past.

From the buzz of a Winnipeg poker room to the vibrant slots in Vancouver, Canada has a notable passion for gambling. However, in the contemporary world of high-speed Internet connectivity and smartphones, physical casino spaces are evolving. The land of iced hockey is now engrossed in the exciting and lucrative world of online casinos, with many declaring it the future of gambling. This article delves into the rise of online casinos in Canada, their impact, and ultimately why Canadians are so drawn to them. Humble Beginnings Online casinos had very modest beginnings. Initiated in the mid-1990s, the online gambling industry has since grown exponentially. Initially, online gambling was met with skepticism and legal uncertainties globally, including in Canada. However, over the last decade, it has been accepted and regulated by various provinces, providing gamblers with legal opportunities to enjoy online casinos. Why the Increase in Popularity? During the recent years, the world has witnessed a rapid shift from physical to online activities. This transformation extends to the gambling industry, where classic casinos are now facing competition from their online counterparts. But why have online casinos steadily become one of the best online casinos in Canada? One crucial factor driving this shift is convenience. Online casinos allow gamblers to play their favorite games right from the comforts of their home or anywhere they choose. No more traveling long distances or adjusting to the operating hours of physical casinos. Players now largely prefer the round-the-clock availability and easy access provided by these online platforms. Perks and Bonuses Online casinos use promotional offers and welcome bonuses to attract both new and experienced players. The chance of getting exclusive bonuses, coupled with a broad range of games and slots, is a considerable draw for online gamblers. Game Variety Additionally, online platforms offer a wider variety of games than traditional casinos. From typical card games like poker and blackjack to spin-the-wheel, slots, or interesting variants of classic casino games, there’s a game for all kinds of gambler personalities. The Technological Leap Technology plays an indispensable role in the rise of online casinos. The improvement in smartphone technology, computer graphics, and Internet connectivity has made online gaming platforms more robust, efficient, and visually pleasing, adding to the overall experience of the users.

bookshelf ideas

A bookshelf is not just a functional piece of furniture; it can also be a statement of style and a reflection of your love for literature. Whether you have a dedicated reading nook, a cozy study, or a living room space, designing your bookshelf with creativity and purpose can transform it into a captivating focal point. In this article, we will explore great bookshelf design tips that will elevate your home decor while showcasing your passion for books. Get ready to reimagine your bookshelf and create a visually stunning haven for your cherished collection. Consider the Overall Style: Before delving into the details, it’s important to consider the overall style and theme of your home. Your bookshelf should harmonize with the existing decor, complementing the ambiance of your living space. Whether your home exudes a modern, minimalist vibe or embraces a vintage, eclectic charm, choose a bookshelf design that aligns with your style preferences. Utilize Different Shelf Heights: To add visual interest and accommodate books of various sizes, incorporate shelves with different heights. Mix taller shelves for larger art books or hardcovers with shorter shelves for paperbacks or decorative items. This arrangement not only provides a sense of balance but also allows for flexibility in organizing your collection. Play with Colour and Texture: Injecting colour and texture into your bookshelf design can make it truly stand out. Consider painting the back panel of the bookshelf with a vibrant hue or adding wallpaper to create a striking backdrop. Introduce woven baskets, decorative boxes, or ceramic vases to add texture and dimension to the display. These touches can transform a simple bookshelf into a visually captivating piece. Embrace Creative Arrangements: Move beyond traditional horizontal book stacking and experiment with creative arrangements. Try grouping books by colour for an eye-catching effect or arrange them in a zigzag pattern to create a sense of movement. Incorporate decorative bookends to showcase your favourite reads or intersperse vertical stacks with decorative objects to break up the visual flow. Balance Books and Decorative Items: Striking the right balance between books and decorative items is crucial in achieving an aesthetically pleasing bookshelf design. Avoid overcrowding the shelves with too many items, as it can make the display feel cluttered. Instead, intersperse your books with carefully chosen decor pieces such as sculptures, framed photographs, or small plants. This balance creates a visually pleasing composition while still allowing your book collection to take centre stage. Showcase Collections and Treasures: Your bookshelf can also serve as a platform to showcase your unique collections and literary treasures. Whether it’s a collection of vintage typewriters, antique globes, or signed editions, dedicate a section of the bookshelf to display these cherished items. By doing so, you infuse your bookshelf with personal meaning and create a conversation starter for guests. To find some of these items, be sure to check out the best bookstores in Toronto or the best bookstores in Vancouver. These shops have a great selection of books and accessories for your home or office. Conclusion: Designing a bookshelf is an opportunity to blend functionality with aesthetics, creating a visually stunning piece that enhances your home decor. By considering the overall style, utilizing different shelf heights, playing with colour and texture, embracing creative arrangements, and striking a balance between books and decor, you can design a bookshelf that showcases your love for literature while harmonizing with your home’s style. Let your bookshelf become a reflection of your personality and a visual celebration of the written word. Remember, a well-designed bookshelf not only adds charm to your space but also invites you to embark on countless literary adventures. So, reimagine your bookshelf today and let it become a cherished focal point in your home.    

Connecting Fans, Creators, and Icons at FanExpo 2023 Canada Pop culture has something for just about everyone, whether in the media of manga/comics, film, anime, comic books, books, TV, or gaming. Conventions are once more drawing in crowds of fans (now that the pandemic is becoming a fading memory) where passion for pop culture meets the people who make it happen. From comic book artists to video game voice actors and stars of film and TV, with extra attractions including trivia contests and cosplay events, FanExpo Canada is the country’s biggest pop culture gathering. It has something to appeal to every pop culture fan. FanExpo Canada Held in mid-August, FanExpo Canada is the third biggest pop culture event on the North American calendar and the largest comics, sci-fi, horror, anime, and gaming event in Canada. From humble beginnings as a comic book convention, FanExpo Canada now features attractions across the city of Toronto, spread across multiple days (2024’s event is scheduled to run from 22 to 25 August). Major guests have numbered Enterprise captains, Star Wars and Lord of the Rings icons, and even real-world astronaut Buzz Aldrin. For fans who want to hunt autographs or have their pictures taken with stars of the biggest pop culture franchises, FanExpo Canada offers a fantastic opportunity in Canada’s biggest city. Sketch Duels are a particular highlight, featuring professional artists going head-to-head. And any visitor can buy themselves a souvenir, or pick up a gift for kith and kin back home. The Fun of No Deposit Casino Bonuses Casino games have caught the public imagination like never before, thanks to easy accessibility, and the excitement of poker, blackjack, and other games highlighted in films like Casino Royale only serve to make them more appealing. Many different strategies can be employed to cut down the house edge and help a player achieve profits, but one of the simplest is also one of the smartest: no deposit bonuses. Top10Casinos is an all-inclusive guide to taking advantage of the best Canadian no deposit codes to have a chance at winning real cash without risking any. While this sounds too good to be true, no deposit promos were created in the hyper-competitive battle between online casinos (and, it should be mentioned, there is usually an upper limit to any winnings). Nevertheless, the chance of winning cash with zero risk, thanks to free spins or cash, is a great way to have fun with casino games while leaving any worries at the door. Gaming Features Gaming has never been bigger, with the best Canadian no deposit casinos getting more players and PC/console gaming being considerably larger than Hollywood for years. Voice actors bring games to life, as well as occasionally starting world-class roleplaying livestream channels, and meeting them for a chat, autograph, and photo is a highlight of FanExpo Canada. All interested in how the event actually looks, here’s ‘a gallery of the biggest 2013 Canada Fan Expo’ event. There are also specific cosplay meetups for those dressed as video game characters (see below for more cosplay details). The gaming panels allow fans to listen or participate in discussions and debates about video games, including how-to guides. Exploring the World of Comics and Art Whether drawn to comics for their excellent artwork or captivating writing, fans can meet both writers and artists at the event. Individual heavyweight creators also get their own spotlight panels where they can be asked about their creative process. For those who prefer doing to talking, workshops and seminars hosted by industry professionals are a great way to improve one’s skill set, while sketching duels show what the pros can do when they face off against one another. Attendees with cash can purchase original art, plus lithographs and limited edition prints; some artists are even open to commissions. Cosplay Adventures and Cultural Delights at Fan Expo Canada For men and women alike, cosplaying in fantastic superhero outfits is a popular way to attend a convention, and that includes FanExpo Canada. As might be expected, costumes are not permitted to effectively be nude (skintight catsuits that leave nothing to the imagination are banned). Similarly, costumes can be prohibited at any time by the organizers, so if in doubt, contact them ahead of time to avoid needlessly butting heads with staff. Accessories, props, wigs, and so forth are sold at the event, whether to improve on an existing outfit or for those inspired by the costumes others have on. Naturally, no actual weapons can be included, and those with imitations are advised to keep them in a bag when traveling to and from the event. Cosplayers have their red carpet at FanExpo Canada, can meet famous cosplayers, attend panels and workshops, and there may be a costume competition too. Whether a cosplay enthusiast, a lover of all things pop culture, or a superfan of one particular franchise, the many diversions and famous names of FanExpo Canada make it a must-visit event.    

Ever thought about spicing up your days with the excitement of poker? It’s not just any card game; it’s a heart-pounding, strategy-filled adventure that brings people together for a ton of fun. Whether you’re a newcomer to Toronto or someone who’s seen the city evolve over time, poker is a game that can be enjoyed in various ways – either by stepping into dedicated poker rooms or by diving into the virtual world online. Let’s explore these incredible options and uncover the finest Toronto poker room near you! Picture this: laughter in the air, cards being dealt, and the anticipation of a winning hand. That’s the magic of poker. It’s not just about the game; it’s about forging connections with new friends and making lasting memories. And guess what? You don’t even need to venture beyond your front door. Online poker is now a big thing, allowing you to experience the thrill of the game right from the comfort of your own home. This trend has taken Canada by storm, and Toronto is no exception. For those who love vivid impressions, we have a lot of interesting things. Check out 21Bets review, checked by Head of Content Dmitry Rogalchuk from Casinocanada to find what you want. The 21Bets website allows you to play poker slots and other games without leaving your home, which is an undeniable advantage. The truth is: online and land-based fun are somewhat tied up these days, and we can say that both are complementary. With that said, we invite you to have a look at our list of the seven best poker rooms in Toronto in 2023. We know how hard it is to find a high-end place these days to lay down your cards and have a joyful poker session. That’s why we’ve done all the hard work to bring you the absolute top-notch poker room near me if you’re a poker enthusiast in Toronto. Ready for it? So, without any further ado, let’s get things going! The 7 Best Poker Rooms Around Toronto Wondering where to play poker in Toronto? We’re here to help! Here’s a rundown of the top places to play: Casino Woodbine If you’re on the lookout for a pokerplace nearby, consider Casino Woodbine. While they’ve taken a break from electronic tables, there’s buzz about an exciting new poker room opening in 2023. Stay tuned for this promising development! Player’s Inc Social Club For a friendly game in a welcoming casino in Toronto downtown atmosphere, head to Player’s Inc Social Club. Also commonly referred to as “the poker place in Scarborough” for locals, we can say that this place is not just about poker; it’s about forming connections and having a genuinely good time. Casino Niagara If you’re seeking poker tournaments in Canada and more, Casino Niagara is your place. With an array of game options and a location that offers additional attractions nearby, it’s an all-around winning choice. This is perhaps one of the best casinos in North America, and besides poker, you can also try your hand at the following games: Roulette Slots Other card games Bingo And many other great attractions available for both residents and tourists. Absolutely worth a check whenever you’re moving around downtown or even GTA. Casino Rama Feel the warmth and togetherness of a poker game at Casino Rama. It’s got a welcoming vibe that hits the spot. Although the minimum bet on poker here may be a little higher than usual, the friendly feel makes it totally worth it. Mallard Club Looking for something a bit fancier? The Mallard Club is where it’s at. You’ll get comfy and classy vibes all in one place. They treat you like a VIP, making it a memory you won’t forget. Toronto Poker Game Say hello to the Toronto Poker Game – a chill spot where poker lovers from all over gather for a good time. Imagine the stories you’ll have after a fun poker match! Great Blue Heron Casino & Hotel If you’re dreaming of a poker adventure by the peaceful water, head to the Great Blue Heron Casino & Hotel. It’s right by the lake and offers not just card games, but also a seriously beautiful view that’s one of a kind. Is Poker Legal in Toronto? Absolutely, poker is legal in Toronto and throughout Canada. Poker is quite a big thing in Canada, so don’t worry about it if you don’t get the hang of it on your first try. You can find poker rooms in various casinos, providing a safe and regulated environment for players. As for home poker games, the legality depends on a few factors. Generally, private games among friends where nobody profits beyond their winnings are usually allowed. However, it’s essential to know the specific regulations in your area. So, if you’re wondering, “Are home poker games legal in Canada?” the answer is usually yes, as long as they’re not operated for profit. In conclusion Toronto offers an exhilarating and diverse poker scene, making it the ultimate destination for enthusiasts. The city provides a platform for both amateur and professional players to showcase their skills and compete against the best of the best. So, whether you’re a seasoned player or new to the game, grab your chips and get ready to embark on an unforgettable gambling journey in Toronto.    

In the vibrant and diverse city of Toronto, where cultures converge and innovation thrives, the coffee scene has taken a modern approach in the form of automated coffee service. Amidst the bustling streets and hidden corners, coffee enthusiasts, especially those that commute by transit or travel by foot can quickly stop at the RC Coffee kiosk for a pick-me-up beverage that takes approximately two minutes to prepare by a singular robot barista arm, which you can watch through the window. The menu specializes in a variety of hot and cold drinks, such as locally sourced coffee, espresso-based drinks (i.e., cappuccino, americano, latte, flat white, mocha), as well as matcha lattes, and hot chocolate. With a touch of a button, the drink can be customized without caffeine – decaf – or with alternative milk options – oat milk. Price points are on the affordable side, where drinks cost about $2-$4. Orders can be made on the touch screen at the kiosk or on the app, and payment by tap. Operating 24/7, the coffee shops currently found in 10 locations around Toronto, including Toronto General Hospital, Kensington Market, Little Italy, St. Lawrence Market. Lyndhurst Centre, Dundas Station, Yonge Street, College Street, St. Joseph’s Hospital, Bickle Centre, and York University. Each location has its own unique artistic display. For example, the St Lawrence Market location is their most popular location, with a minimalistic line-art mural resembling a picturesque boutique café. With its variety of options and strategically located outlets, RC Coffee has become a beloved destination for locals and visitors alike, offering an experience that goes beyond a simple cup of coffee. Photos by Janey Tso Various locations in Toronto Instagram:@rccoffeebarista Facebook: /RCCoffeeBarista Twitter: /rccoffeebarista

The Canadian Triple Crown of thoroughbred racing based in Canada is a series of three prestigious horse races for three-year-old Thoroughbred horses born in the country. The Canadian Triple Crown of Thoroughbred Racing is an illustrious title, coveted by horse racing enthusiasts and professionals alike. Like its more famous counterpart in the United States, Canada’s Triple Crown signifies excellence and dominance in the world of thoroughbred racing. Here’s a look at the history and significance of this prestigious title. It is one of North America’s most existing horse racing events. You may ask, how it began, what are its origins? How it all started The original idea of a Triple Crown in horse racing was first executed back in England where later was adopted in the U.S. and Canada. However, the Canadian Triple Crown is the oldest continuously run race in North America. In England, where the original Triple Crown consists of the 2000 Guineas Stakes, the Epsom Derby, and the St. Leger Stakes. The idea eventually crossed the Atlantic to North America, where the U.S. established its version, consisting of the Kentucky Derby, the Preakness Stakes, and the Belmont Stakes. This was followed by Canada Inspired by these established series, Canada introduced its own Triple Crown in 1959. Canadian Triple Crown of Thoroughbred Racing Canada’s Triple Crown consists of three major races, each held in the province of Ontario. The Queen’s Plate The Queen’s Plate is the oldest of the three races. The first race was held back in 1860. Not only that, but It is also the oldest continuously run race in North America. The race is staged at Woodbine Racetrack in Toronto, and it covers 1 1/4 miles and is open to three-year-old thoroughbreds foaled in Canada. Over the years, the Queen’s Plate has seen many of the nation’s finest horses compete, establishing it as a focal event in Canadian sports. The Prince of Wales Stakes Held at Fort Erie Race Track, this race was first run in 1929, though it didn’t become a part of the Triple Crown series until 1959. Covering 1 3/16 miles, the Prince of Wales Stakes offers a different challenge for horses, especially with its unique track configuration and tighter turns. The Breeders’ Stakes This race is unique because it’s contested on turf, covering a distance of 1 1/2 miles at the Woodbine Racetrack. It began in 1889 and, like the Prince of Wales Stakes, was included in the Triple Crown series in 1959. Being the only turf race in the series, the Breeders’ Stakes often brings a different set of contenders and strategies to the fore. Notable Moments Since its inception in 1959, only seven horses have managed to secure the Canadian Triple Crown. Those happened in 1959, 1963, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1993 and the last one was in 2003. The first was New Providence in 1959, making an immediate mark on the newly established series. The most recent was Wando in 2003. One notable period was the 1990s, which witnessed two Triple Crown winners. This decade saw success with Peteski in 1993 and Dance Smartly in 1991. The 91’ was a special year, because Dance Smartly was the first ever filly to win the Canadian Triple Crown. The last event was held in 2022, where the three winners were Moira, Duke of Love and Sir for Sure. The closest one of triple victories was in 2019, where even the most prestigious horsing gambling sites gave Tone Broke the biggest chances, but it failed in the 1st race, while claiming the other two. Conclusion The Canadian Triple Crown of Thoroughbred Racing is not only a testament to the rich equestrian heritage of the nation, but a heritage. It is a tradition, where the Canadian public can not only witness the prowess and skill of the horses but also the dedication and passion of the whole training team. Without a doubt, winning three diverse races in just a couple of days is monumental, making the Triple Crown a hallmark of excellence in Canadian thoroughbred racing.  

Many laws have been put into place throughout Canada’s history, ensuring that citizens behave in a moral manner that’s beneficial to the entire country. However, some of these laws were implemented for particular reasons and never removed, no longer making sense in the modern era. Others were weirdly specific from the moment of implementation. Whether you’re travelling to Canada and what to know what not to do, or if you’re just interested in some quirky trivia about the world’s second-largest country, here are some whacky but fascinating laws in Canada! No painting your garage door purple in Kanata In the Ottowa suburb of Kanata (which used to be part of Ontario before it merged with the capital), the council wanted to maintain a certain aesthetic on the streets. And apparently, they had a vendetta against the colour purple – as they prohibited any residents from painting their garage door in this hue. Any other colour was fine! It was illegal to whistle in an Ontario town In the Ontario town of Petrolia, which is around 280km from Toronto, it was illegal to whistle or sing. This was put into effect in 1990, when a law stating “Yelling, shouting, hooting, whistling or singing is prohibited at all times,” was written. Apparently, before then, the town was too noisy and it was an attempt at calming it down! The rule was enforced initially, but it was actually repealed in 2009. Nowadays, you can whistle to your heart’s content! Scaring the monarch is a big no-no The British King remains the head of state in Canada (and in 14 other territories around the world); the intrinsic ties between Canada and Britain mean that they have some similar laws. One of these is that it’s illegal to scare the King, which is seen as an act of treason (which is still very much a criminal offence in Commonwealth countries and others around the world!). In fact, this rule was made official in Britain’s Treason Act of 1842 in response to when a man drew a gun on Queen Victoria and applies to all Commonwealth nations. It’s unlikely that many people, in Canada, Britain or anywhere else in the world, will speak to the monarch in their lifetime – but just so you know, if you do, don’t give them a scare! You can’t buy crime comics Crime comics were made illegal in Canada in the 1940s. This basically refers to any comic that depicts criminal activity in any form – and yes, that means that most of Superman, Batman and Wonderwoman’s adventures are technically illegal! Much like the regulation of video games all over the world, this was put into place due to children reading them and authorities thinking they were more likely to make them commit crimes. Many have argued that this law is outdated, as while crime comics used to be quite gory, nowadays they’re based more on fantasy. The card game “three card monte” is illegal The gambling regulations in Canada are – in a word – complicated. They’re different throughout the country, with government-run online gambling platforms in some provinces, and an iGaming market in Ontario. But one gambling-related rule the whole country seems to have in common is the legality of three-card monte. You’ll have seen variations of three-card monte in TV shows and films. The player is encouraged to leave a sum of money and then are shown three cards, one of which is the “money card”. The cards are then laid, face down, on a table and moved around, and the player guesses which one the “money card” is. With sleight of hand and other manipulation tricks, it’s basically always made impossible for the player to pick the “money card”. Many look at this like a gambling game, but in fact, it’s a scam – and the entire of Canada has banned it. Playing it on the street can result in up to two years of jail time! Duelling is prohibited You can’t challenge anyone to a duel in Canada! Back in the day, duelling was a common way to resolve disputes. Whoever won would win the dispute; but obviously, it could end badly for the losing party. It was very rare for someone to turn down a duel that they had been challenged to, for fear of losing honour. Duelling was criminalised in 1844 for men in the army and the Queen’s servicemen, but it was implemented into civilian law shortly after. Nowadays, it still remains illegal; although even if it wasn’t, surely times have changed enough that most people would nowadays say no to a duel if challenged! Conclusion Like many countries around the world, Canada’s home to some quirky laws that never got changed, and others that are very niched on particular aspects of life and culture. Some of these are forgotten about by the authorities, whereas others still impact Canadian society, but do remember them if you visit the country or for your next pub quiz!      

Canada, widely celebrated for its rich culture and welcoming people, is also a haven for sports fans. From hockey and football to baseball and basketball, the diverse sports scene offers something to satisfy all types of enthusiasts. Beyond hosting various sporting events, the country boasts many sports-themed destinations and experiences that truly immerse visitors in the nation’s athletic spirit. Join us as we explore Canada’s top destinations for sports fans – fascinating venues and cities that breathe life into the nation’s vibrant sports culture. The Thrill of Hockey in Toronto Toronto should be on your list if you’re a sports enthusiast seeking a thrilling hockey experience. Home to the National Hockey League’s (NHL) Toronto Maple Leafs, one of the most popular teams in Canada, the city lives and breathes hockey. The team’s games at the iconic Scotiabank Arena offer an electric atmosphere that’s second to none. For the ultimate immersion into Canada’s hockey culture, don’t miss the Hockey Hall of Fame. This shrine to hockey hosts an incredible collection of memorabilia, interactive exhibits, and the legendary Stanley Cup. You can also lace up your skates at Nathan Phillips Square, where a winter skating rink offers a unique urban hockey experience right in the city’s heart. These elements combined make Toronto a veritable paradise for hockey enthusiasts. Baseball Excitement in Vancouver When it comes to baseball excitement, Vancouver steps up to the plate. The charmingly nostalgic home of the Vancouver Canadians, Nat Bailey Stadium is a must-visit. This Minor League team is an MLB’s Toronto Blue Jays affiliate, allowing fans to witness future stars. Games here are a family-friendly event, complete with delightful between-innings entertainment. Furthermore, the city hosts the Vancouver International Baseball Tournament, attracting teams worldwide. For an off-field baseball experience, drop by The Sportsbar LIVE! at Rogers Arena to catch live broadcasts in a high-energy environment. For a unique piece of baseball history, visit the BC Sports Hall of Fame, which houses artifacts from Vancouver’s sporting past, including a signed jersey from Canadian baseball legend Larry Walker. Without a doubt, Vancouver offers an array of experiences for baseball fans. Soccer Passion in Montreal Montreal, Quebec, imbued with European charm and a strong soccer culture, offers a unique sports experience in Canada. The city is home to Club de Foot Montréal, an MLS team that ignites the city’s passion for the beautiful game. Witnessing a match at the Saputo Stadium is an electrifying experience, with dedicated fans creating an atmosphere that rivals some of the best European soccer clubs. Montreal also hosts the ‘Goal Montreal’ charity tournament, a celebration of soccer that brings people together for a good cause. Soccer fanatics can explore the Montréal Soccer Expo, showcasing the latest in soccer gear and offering meet-and-greet opportunities with professional players. Witnessing Lacrosse in Saskatoon Lacrosse, Canada’s national summer sport, finds a fervent following in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Saskatoon is home to the Saskatchewan Rush, a professional box lacrosse team in the National Lacrosse League (NLL). Games at the SaskTel Centre are energetic and fast-paced, offering a thrilling sports experience. The city also hosts the Bridge City Boogie lacrosse tournament, which brings together youth teams across Western Canada. If you’re interested in the sport’s history, the Saskatchewan Sports Hall of Fame in nearby Regina houses a collection of lacrosse artifacts and pays homage to the sport’s indigenous roots. Between the live lacrosse action and the sport’s historical context, Saskatoon offers sports fans an enriching and entertaining lacrosse experience. Basketball Vibes in Edmonton Edmonton, Alberta’s capital, has warmly welcomed the increasing popularity of basketball. The city is proud to be home to the Edmonton Stingers who compete in the Canadian Elite Basketball League (CEBL). They have accrued a loyal fan base over time. Their games at Edmonton Expo Centre are energetic and filled with high-spirited excitement for all basketball enthusiasts. In addition to its professional scene, Edmonton is the proud host of the annual Basketball 3×3 Tournament. It’s a dynamic event that attracts teams from all ages and walks of life. Visitors also have access to Red Deer’s Alberta Sports Hall of Fame, where an exhibit island dedicated solely to showcasing locally significant basketball history awaits exploration. Lastly, catching an Edmonton Oilers hockey game might even give you a glimpse of basketball superstar Shaquille O’Neal, an avid Oilers fan. With its growing love for the sport, Edmonton presents a compelling destination for basketball enthusiasts. Conclusion In conclusion, Canada offers a smorgasbord of sports-centric experiences for fans of all types. Whether you’re enthralled by the high-stakes drama of hockey in Toronto, the nostalgic charm of baseball in Vancouver, the European-flavored soccer passion in Montreal, the intense energy of lacrosse in Saskatoon, or the rising basketball vibes in Edmonton, there’s a uniquely Canadian experience waiting for you. So pack your sports gear, and immerse yourself in the sports scene of the Great White North!    

Hong Shing’s new Baiju cocktail bar is a trendy and exciting addition to the longstanding Chinese restaurant.

Welcome to your comprehensive guide on MGA Licensed Casino Sites Canada: Trustworthy and Regulated Gambling Platforms. Navigating the world of online gambling can be a daunting task, particularly with the plethora of options available. This guide simplifies that task by providing a detailed review of MGA licensed casino sites in Canada, an emblem of trust, security, and fair gaming. It becomes indispensable to understand what MGA licensed casino sites Canada offers to ensure you’re playing in a safe environment that respects your rights as a player and offers an enjoyable, secure gaming experience. The Role of MGA in Licensing and Regulation The Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) plays a pivotal role in licensing and regulating casino sites, including those operating in Canada. As a respected regulatory body within the global online gambling industry, MGA ensures that its licensed casinos uphold the highest standards of fairness, transparency, and player protection. MGA licensed casino sites in Canada are not just mere gaming platforms but are regulated entities committed to providing a secure gambling environment. MGA’s stringent licensing process requires these casinos to demonstrate financial stability, game fairness, and strong measures against fraudulent activities. Consequently, Canadian players at MGA licensed casino sites can enjoy their gaming experience knowing they are on a platform that prioritizes their safety, security, and overall gaming satisfaction. Legal Framework for Online Gambling in Canada Online gambling in Canada operates within a complex legal framework that is crucial to understand for both operators and players. Canada’s gambling laws are a shared responsibility between federal, provincial, and territorial jurisdictions. While the Criminal Code of Canada does not explicitly make online gambling illegal, it does not state it’s legal either. This ambiguity allows provinces and territories to regulate online gambling within their borders, leading to a varied landscape across the country. However, Canadian players can legally access and bet on MGA licensed casino sites, as these sites are typically based offshore and fall outside of Canadian jurisdiction. These international regulatory bodies, like MGA, help ensure that Canadians have access to secure and trustworthy online gambling platforms, despite the complexities of domestic laws. Advantages of Playing on MGA Licensed Casino Sites Choosing to play on MGA licensed casino sites comes with numerous advantages that contribute to a superior and safer online gambling experience. Firstly, these sites are subject to strict regulatory standards that ensure game fairness and the security of player data. Regular audits by the MGA ensure that these standards are consistently upheld, providing players with a dependable gaming environment. Secondly, MGA licensed sites often offer a broad selection of games from top-tier software providers, ensuring that players have access to high-quality, varied gameplay. Additionally, these sites often provide excellent customer service and prompt dispute resolution, thanks to MGA’s player-focused approach. Finally, the licensing by MGA facilitates the use of various secure payment methods, simplifying deposits and withdrawals for players. These combined benefits make MGA licensed casino sites in Canada a go-to choice for many players seeking a reliable and enjoyable online gambling experience. How to Identify MGA Licensed Casino Sites Identifying MGA licensed casino sites is a straightforward process, but it’s a crucial step in ensuring you’re engaging with a trustworthy platform. Firstly, legitimate MGA licensed sites will typically display the MGA logo on their webpage, often in the footer. Clicking this logo should lead you directly to the MGA official website where the casino’s licensing information is listed. Besides, these casinos are obligated to display their license number and the name of their parent company. It’s a good practice to cross-verify this information on the MGA’s official website, which maintains a public register of all its licensed operators. Furthermore, reliable MGA licensed casino sites generally have robust customer service options and clear terms and conditions, further signaling their legitimacy. Remember, ensuring the site’s licensing status is an essential first step in safe online gambling. Popular MGA Licensed Casino Sites in Canada Bingo Bonga Casino Bingo Bonga Casino stands out as one of the popular MGA licensed casino sites in Canada, offering a unique blend of gaming diversity and top-notch security. With a strong emphasis on bingo games, this platform also provides a wide selection of slots, table games, and live dealer options from esteemed software providers. Bingo Bonga Casino has garnered a reputation for its fair gaming practices, confirmed by its MGA license visible on the website. The casino also offers robust customer service, ensuring that player queries are promptly addressed. Add to this a variety of secure payment options and attractive bonuses for new and regular players, and it’s clear why Bingo Bonga Casino has become a favourite among Canadian players. Remember to gamble responsibly and enjoy the thrill of playing on a trustworthy platform like Bingo Bonga Casino. Spinnalot Casino Spinnalot Casino is another shining example of MGA licensed casino sites in Canada, earning its fame through a vast selection of high-quality slot games. The site, regulated by the Malta Gaming Authority, offers an immersive gaming experience backed by an impressive lineup of software providers. Spinnalot Casino stands out not only for its game variety but also for its user-friendly interface and a seamless mobile gaming experience. The casino offers secure payment methods, quick payouts, and a proactive customer service team, demonstrating their commitment to player satisfaction. Furthermore, Spinnalot Casino offers attractive welcome bonuses and frequent promotions, adding to its appeal for both new and seasoned players. The MGA license ensures a secure gaming environment, making Spinnalot a top choice for Canadians seeking a safe, fun, and reliable online casino experience. Sugar Casino Sugar Casino is a prominent name among MGA licensed casino sites in Canada, delighting players with its sweet selection of games and reliable services. The casino’s MGA license is a testament to its commitment to secure and fair gaming, providing peace of mind for its players. Sugar Casino offers a wide array of gaming options including slots, table games, and a live casino, all powered by reputable software providers. The site’s friendly interface and mobile compatibility ensure a smooth gaming experience regardless of the device used. Moreover, Sugar Casino provides a secure and diverse range of payment methods, and its customer service is available 24/7 to assist with any queries. With enticing bonuses and promotions sweetening the deal, Sugar Casino has established itself as a preferred destination for Canadian players seeking a secure and entertaining online gambling platform. About the Author Bart Crebolder Bart is a passionate Online casino enthusiast with a keen interest in the world of online gambling and casino banking methods. With more than 10 years of experience in the field, Bart has dedicated their time to exploring and researching various aspects of the industry, including payment solutions, player experiences, and the latest trends. Through their informative articles and in-depth analysis, Bart Crebolder aims to provide valuable insights to readers, helping them make informed decisions when it comes to online casino banking.    

Ontario is home to some of the best casinos in Canada, offering a wide range of gaming options, entertainment, and dining experiences. Whether you’re a seasoned gambler or a casual player, there’s something for everyone in Ontario’s top casinos. In this article, we’ll take a look at the top 5 casinos in Ontario. 1. Casino Niagara Located in Niagara Falls, Casino Niagara is one of the most popular casinos in Ontario. It features over 1,300 slot machines, 30 gaming tables, and a poker room. The casino also offers live entertainment and a sports section where you can watch your favourite games. If you’re looking for a place to stay, the casino is connected to the Sheraton on the Falls hotel. 2. Caesars Windsor Caesars Windsor is a luxurious casino located in Windsor, Ontario. It features over 2,300 slot machines, 85 gaming tables, and a poker room. The casino also has a sports section, a spa, and a hotel with over 700 rooms. Caesars Windsor is known for its exceptional dining experiences, with several restaurants offering a variety of cuisines. 3. Fallsview Casino Resort Another casino located in Niagara Falls, Fallsview Casino Resort is a massive complex that features over 3,000 slot machines and 130 gaming tables. The casino also has a poker room and a sports section. Fallsview Casino Resort offers stunning views of the falls and is connected to several hotels, including the Hilton Niagara Falls. 4. Casino Rama Resort Located in Orillia, Ontario, Casino Rama Resort is a popular destination for gaming and entertainment. The casino features over 2,500 slot machines, 110 gaming tables, and a poker room. It also has a hotel with over 300 rooms, as well as several restaurants and bars. Casino Rama Resort is known for its live entertainment, with several concerts and shows taking place throughout the year. 5. Woodbine Racetrack and Casino Woodbine Racetrack and Casino is located in Toronto and is one of the largest casinos in Ontario. It features over 3,000 slot machines, 100 gaming tables, and a poker room. The casino also has a sports section and a horse racing track. Woodbine Racetrack and Casino is known for its dining options, with several restaurants offering a variety of cuisines. If you’re looking for fast withdrawal casinos in Ontario, check out They offer a list of online casinos with fast payouts and secure transactions. In conclusion, Ontario is home to some of the best casinos in Canada, offering a wide range of gaming options, entertainment, and dining experiences. Whether you’re looking for a luxurious experience or a casual night out, these top 5 casinos in Ontario are sure to impress.      

Finding the best online casinos always comes with various challenges. As you know, there are plenty of options. It becomes difficult to choose one. But now, you can trust affiliate sites to get a list of excellent platforms. This article will share some reasons to rely on affiliate sites. The Importance Of Affiliates In 2023 & Beyond! Affiliate sites are perfect for gaining information about casinos because they get updated regularly. Apart from that, the content is always helpful to read. They put high-quality content to make people understand why they should select a particular online casino. Some affiliate websites also draw comparisons between two or more casino platforms. So people can select one according to their requirements and preferences. Online casinos have become popular due to many reasons. The most significant is that you can enjoy playing different games and earn money without going outside. Therefore,  it has become convenient for beginners to comprehend how these websites work. When it comes to selecting a particular one, confusion will be present. But you can eliminate the same if you know the best online casinos. You can also check out thelostgamer’s top online casinos in Canada. They provide you with every information regarding the same. If you are new to gambling, knowing everything about this type of gaming is crucial. So, let’s not waste any more time and get started. Why Should You Use Affiliate Sites For Finding Online Casinos? Online casinos are indeed in abundance. However, it also makes picking one platform more challenging. In this situation, you can rely on affiliate websites. These include all the informative content for the best online casino. Finding trustworthy affiliate sites that are highly reputable following the same disciplines. Affiliates Responsible Gaming Priority Responsible gambling refers to a set of practices to ensure that gambling remains a safe and enjoyable activity for all players. It involves preventing gambling addiction, protecting vulnerable players, promoting safe and fair gambling practices, complying with regulations, and protecting the gambling industry’s reputation. Some fundamental principles of responsible gambling include: Player education: Educating players about the risks associated with gambling and how to gamble responsibly. Self-exclusion: Allowing players to self-exclude from gambling activities if they feel they are at risk of developing a gambling addiction. Limit-setting: Providing players with tools to limit the time and money they spend on gambling. Fair play: Ensuring that games are fair and transparent and that players have a reasonable chance of winning. Support and resources: Providing players with access to support and resources if they experience gambling-related issues. Responsible gambling is essential because it helps to ensure that gambling remains a safe and enjoyable activity for all players. It helps prevent addiction, protect vulnerable players, promote safe and fair gambling practices, comply with regulations, and protect the gambling industry’s reputation. Provide Detailed Reviews The primary purpose of affiliate websites is to attract people to buy a product or service. So, these sites provide detailed reviews regarding a product or service. When picking a gambling platform, you can read customer reviews to get better insight into the quality of their services. That is why affiliate sites are excellent in helping people find the best online casino. There are a lot of factors that you need to consider before picking a gambling platform. These include reliability, mode of payment, bonuses, payouts, rewards, and more. Customer reviews contain all these things, and you can analyze every review to make a suitable decision. The best part about affiliate websites about customer reviews is that they are honest and genuine. You can trust all of them. Also, read every review carefully to avoid problems in the selection process. Honest & Helpful Suggestions Others’ opinion matters a lot when choosing a particular gambling website. You might lose money to a fake online casino if you don’t research well. The most significant thing that can help you make the right decision is going with others’ suggestions. Everybody’s tastes are different in terms of online casinos. Still, there are many similarities between them. You can ask a professional whether a particular platform is good enough. They are more knowledgeable because they play gambling games regularly. You can learn a lot about various platforms from them. Contacting a professional gambler is possible if you are acquainted with them. Also, it might waste a lot of your time. So, the best option is to read the content of affiliate websites. These also provide unique and beneficial suggestions from professionals. This way, you can determine which online casino is perfect for you. Make sure to read every point carefully to prevent any confusion. Offer Comparisons Between Various Online Casinos Affiliate sites are also well-known for putting comparisons between numerous casinos. These comparisons allow people to understand every platform in a better way. As you know, every online casino is different. You need to be aware of their differences to make a suitable decision. Sometimes, people skip this thing and end up making a big mistake. That is why you should always focus on the comparisons to find the best option. These comparisons on the affiliate sites are detailed enough to identify a perfect casino. You don’t need to do anything except reading and learning. Once you understand everything, your mind will be more precise, and you can choose whatever is perfect for you. Get Amazing Bonuses, Promotions and Offers Another benefit of using affiliate websites is that they help with choosing online casinos is getting some offers and deals regarding gambling. The deals and offers that come out can help you achieve many goals in gambling. You can use them for your benefit without any effort. The more you gain offers, the better your chances of becoming a professional player. It is because you can spend little money while starting the game. Therefore, you should always use them to your ultimate. Before choosing an affiliate website, you should properly research. Some fake websites are also present. You should be extra careful about personal details to them. Latest & Updated Information It might seem unusual, but affiliate websites keep updating the information according to recent times. So, if a better online casino appears in the market, the affiliate websites will provide you with everything you need to know. The casino industry goes through many ups and downs. And sometimes, online casinos get affected by the same. As a result, many of these platforms discontinue providing gambling services to the people. While it is impossible to predict such a thing, the affiliate sites will have some similar information. Convenient For Beginners & Players Getting Started You should learn the best online casinos if you’re a beginner. Affiliate websites offer detailed information about them, which further helps them make the right decision. That is why you can rely on these websites. The Bottom Line Affiliate websites play a huge role in determining the best online casinos. All you have to do is find a suitable one and consume as much information as possible.    

Bentley vehicles are widely known for combining high performance features with exquisite handcrafted interior design. Based in Crewe, England, Bentley was established. Bentley’s distinct logo embodies freedom and creativity – values held dear by the company. One such expression of this freedom and creativity is its decision to vary the number of feathers on its car emblem. Bentley vehicles are considered an investment, and owning one requires considerable financial commitment. That’s why the price of Bentley servicing is an important factor to consider when selecting a Bentley model. Price Although Bentley vehicles may seem costly, it’s essential to keep in mind that their brand is known for producing lavish luxury models. Maintenance expenses tend to be higher on luxury models compared to non-luxury models and it is essential to take into account how quickly depreciation occurs. Bentley takes great pride in their engineering and craftsmanship, employing trained artisans at their Crewe facility. For instance, each Bentley Continental GT engine is hand assembled on the factory floor by experienced engineers with a plaque to show who oversaw its creation. Bentley has taken steps to be environmentally-friendly. They have improved recycling processes and reduced waste production; many parts for production come from local sources; their production process has been simplified, and carbon neutrality by 2030 is their goal. Furthermore, Bentley is expanding into electric vehicle market through their Bentayga SUV offering V-6 hybrid variants. Reliability Bentley cars are among the world’s most luxurious and sought-after, so it goes without saying that their reliability should not be called into question. After all, people don’t spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on unreliable automobiles! Bentley has earned itself an unfavourable reputation when it comes to reliability. Let’s examine this in-depth and consider all of its facts and figures behind their vehicles’ dependability. Bentley Systems creates computer-aided design (CAD) software used by engineers in architecture, civil engineering, construction, transportation, and other disciplines to collaborate and collaborate on architectural, civil engineering, construction, transportation, and other projects. Available either through an Enterprise License Subscription (ELS) or on-premise servers, ELS offers support, license management and success plans designed specifically to serve large enterprises with global reach as well as flexibility for organizations looking to rebalance their software asset portfolio annually and scale according to demand. Performance Bentleys are incredible vehicles that combine power with excellent driving dynamics. As the owner of one in Baltimore, Philadelphia or Washington, DC area you will need to ensure it gets all the care and maintenance that it deserves; our Bentley servicing technicians are specially trained in managing this exceptional car’s unique needs. With our wide range of tools and diagnostic equipment, we are equipped to address any issue your Bentley may present with ease. From its 650 horsepower of the latest Continental GT to the versatility of Bentayga hybrid cars – we possess all of the expertise required to ensure they operate smoothly and efficiently. Bentley provides an accommodating software licensing model to meet diverse engineering needs. Customers may purchase perpetual licenses of Bentley Systems Microstation and AssetWise; subscribe to unlimited cloud usage with country-wide license pooling; or select an annual Software Asset Management (SAM) plan including Bentley Select. Maintenance Bentleys are among the most luxurious vehicles on the road today, boasting full-sized bodies, powerful engines, and premium materials for their interiors. Each Bentley is handcrafted by master craftspeople using only premium materials in its construction process. Bentleys are generally reliable vehicles, yet do require regular specialized maintenance, making them expensive to keep running smoothly – with average annual costs ranging between $1,200-1,500 for scheduled services. These cars must be maintained by an experienced team of technicians familiar with Bentleys, who know how to treat and service them with care. Bentleys are complex performance machines which must remain at peak levels of performance at all times. Our experts specialize in replacing engine filters and perishable items promptly with genuine Bentley parts, while conducting regular fluid inspections to ensure all important areas of your Bentley remain lubricated, helping prevent unnecessary wear-and-tear on both engine and transmission components.      

Spin Starlets from NorthFIRE circus wow Maple Leaf hockey fans

Spin Starlets stunned Leafs’ Nation when they performed to music in Maple Leaf Square on Wednesday May 10th. Toronto’s favourite team was out of town playing Game 4 in their post season match-up with the Florida Panthers and MLSE staged a lively show for eager fans. This is typical for Away games, and every game in the post season. The Leafs won that nights’ match 2-1 to stave off elimination in the 2023 NHL Playoffs, and the Spin Starlets pacified an army of restless supporters during the game’s second period intermission. They’re Street Performers from NorthFIRE Circus The Spin Starlets are premier street performers from NorthFIRE Circus and just one act among many different presentations and professionals listed on site. A-list buskers to be sure, they could be among the best in Ontario. They were not at all nervous or worried about performing in front of so many people or delivering anything less than a perfect show. Maggie Haze and Darling Pink are very experienced entertainers and they made their appearance amidst a burst of smoke and bright lights after being introduced by the Master of Ceremonies. On stage, they danced to the music of Kylie Minogue and absolutely shocked the audience by being so radically different than any other act they’d seen that evening. The girls captured everyone’s hearts with their strobing light batons (Pixel Poi) and glowing hula hoops. Spin Starlets twirled their toys to dazzle the crowd and momentarily distract them from the tension of the game. Thousands of fans made the journey downtown to be part of this excitement and share their anxiety in group chants and mantras. At this point, their heroes were down three-games-to-nothing and everyone was very aware how this could be the last game of the season. Such a raucous street party is not unusual, but in the post season, the crowd swells to such a size the celebration requires overflow areas with their own screens. For every game and especially during the playoffs, thousands of fans wear their favourite blue and white jerseys and come together on Bremner Blvd.  They went home satisfied on the Wednesday night because that game ended in victory. William Nylander opened the scoring on the power play, and Mitch Marner had the game-winner in the third period. New goalie Joseph Woll stood tall with twenty-four saves in his first career playoff start as a Maple Leaf. The Starlets were fortunate the Leafs were ahead when they went on stage because the crowd was happy and receptive. If the team were losing it’d surely be another story. Spin Starlet’s show occurred during the second intermission and was simulcast to fill big screen televisions all down the street. Most hockey fans arrive without tickets because anyone can simply walk-in off the street and register to enter two of the three fan zones. The area closest to the stage requires special access. Depending on their status in Leafs Nation, some fans get invited to watch the game in the VIP section while other enthusiasts must content themselves with the amenities downrange. They’ll all witness the same action on-screen, but some invitees are treated to a live show and enjoy significantly more opportunities to appear on camera and win prizes. Free clothing is issued throughout the night, thrown in the air by Carleton the bear and other hockey-mad teenagers on the SWAG squad. T-shirts fall from the sky like rain. The area up front is dominated by a 40ft jib crane on which a remote-controlled camera captures aerial shots. The VIP zone is beset with enthusiastic camera-ready patriots and youth groups which are probably hockey related show up by the van load. The stage itself is made of steel truss and grid pipe and there are whole walls of plasma screens married together with some new-age display technology. Behind the Scenes at the MLSE Tailgate Party in Maple Leaf Square There was a heavy police presence on Wednesday, because of what happened when the Leafs surpassed Tampa Bay in the opening round. Some fans got rowdy and one celebratory video showed a guy removing a street sign while others cheered. The visuals provoked ridicule on social media (because it happened so early in the Playoffs) and the clip worried city administrators who fear widespread destruction should the Leafs win, or dramatically lose, the Stanley Cup. Many different types of police are visible including traffic cops and regular uniformed officers who stand in designated spots or walk about on patrols. There are also undercover police (we’re told), and bicycle cops and their Watch Commanders who sit in specially marked Supervisors’ cruisers to keep tabs on everyone. The event has its own security, Sword Protection Services, and all the buildings in the area double their night patrolmen. Penetrating this protective onion would be impossible for anyone except the Spin Starlets. They arrived in costume with their hula hoops in hand which saves them having to explain anything. One glace at the girls in their sparkly dresses and circular props and their purpose is clear. They were ushered past all barriers and sliced right through to the heart of the operation. The Starlets were led to the Media Zone and from there, around behind the scaffolding and racks of industrial foggers, audio speakers, and programmable light panels to the rear of the stage. They filed past hair-makeup people and countless technicians and through an electrical zone where a step-down transformer from Toronto Hydro powers the site. The cables come up from underground. MLSE is an equal opportunity employer and hires people of different races, religions, colors, national origins, and genders. They even have a giant white bear on staff. The teenagers backstage are the MLSE foot soldiers who dispense gifts and make visual attractions. They are all hardcore dyed-in-the-wool Leaf’s fans; that’s their only commonality. In the photo above you can see how the helpers in the foreground are holding a giant Canadian flag. They are getting ready to release it in synchronicity so that it makes a visual display for the camera. The crowd will stretch it out over their heads, but all this must be supervised. The cameramen are getting ready, and the crane tech in the foreground has his hands up to receive the head as the camera crew needs to switch something prior to capturing this important shot. It’s a big deal because the home team is playing in Florida which makes this a competition between nations. The flag is a visual reminder that will invoke a patriotic response. It will cheer attendees here in front of the Scotiabank Arena, but also TV viewers at home and that’s what’s really matters and why such attention is paid to these little moments. There’s a professional TV crew on site and they are making live television, sending shots from Maple Leaf Square back to their mixer to be intercut with the sports show being broadcast across North America. Monitors backstage evidence the whole production and display the many feeds available to the technical director and switcher making live television. The big flag was unfurled and there are various angles in the coverage; somebody, somewhere is deciding what to show NHL viewers. The bandshell is made of steel truss, plastic tarps and plasma screens and backstage there are three rooms. The Starlets were contained on the south end where they chilled with the army of SWAG dispensers, while another similar sized room on the north side remained empty because there was no furniture or television feed. Directly behind the stage is another bank of monitors and chairs for the professionals who manage the show. Young people reign supreme behind the scenes at MLSE and they’re having the time of the lives. It’s hilarious to watch them react to a goal or even a good shot on net. When Nylander scored, they jumped around like caged animals only briefly pausing to use their phones for social media updates – one starts recording and the others group together and aim their cheers at his or her device. They are fanatics, passionate about hockey and each of them probably has lots of friends and social media followers because of their unique access to official Leafs’ events. It’s conceivable their updates on Facebook, TikTok, Snapchat, and Instagram could impact between twenty and thirty thousand people their age and that’s a respectable audience because their demographic is the hardest to target and the least likely to watch the actual game. Many of these teens were out front when the Spin Starlets performed and so perhaps their channels carried NorthFIRE’s illuminations live across the nation.

Porcelain veneers can be an effective way to revitalize your smile. This procedure provides a natural-looking luster to your grin that will have you beaming with pride when smiling with pride! porcelain used for veneers is exceptionally hardwearing and stain-proof, making them a long-term solution to cosmetic flaws that will likely outlive their owner with proper care. The process of applying veneers is minimally invasive, with no need for anesthesia or painkillers. When it comes to determining if porcelain veneers are the right choice for you, it’s important to discuss your options with a qualified dental professional. To learn more about porcelain veneers, schedule a consultation with your dentist to determine if this procedure is right for you. 1. Natural Appearance Porcelain veneers provide a discreet way to enhance the color, size, shape and alignment of your teeth. An affordable yet flexible treatment option, porcelain veneers can help transform your smile in just days! Resilient dental veneers offer patients who desire a brighter and whiter smile an excellent way to stain-proof their natural enamel, making them an excellent solution. A healthy, beautiful smile can have a tremendously beneficial effect on your overall health, self-esteem, and social life. A flawless smile makes making connections easier while speaking and laughing without fear or embarrassment. 2. Easy Maintenance Porcelain veneers can be an ideal solution for patients seeking to enhance their smile. Easy and cost-effective to maintain, porcelain veneers can last decades when maintained according to proper oral hygiene habits at home. One of the many advantages of porcelain veneers is their incredible resistance to staining. This is due to their bonding material not being composed of enamel like natural teeth are, which means stains do not penetrate their surface and discolor their color. Veneers require regular care, as they are more susceptible to cracking than natural tooth enamel. Therefore, it’s essential that hard foods such as ice, popcorn and candy apples be eaten without chewing, as well as refraining from clenching or grinding your teeth. 3. Comfort Porcelain veneers can help transform your smile quickly and without surgery. These thin shells of porcelain are bonded directly onto the front surface of your teeth to cover any flaws such as cracks, chips, gaps or discolorations in an instantaneous way. These veneers are extremely resilient and can last many years with proper care. To preserve them for as long as possible, avoid engaging in oral habits which could compromise them such as smoking or chewing tobacco, which could damage them over time. Biting fingernails, chewing ice or opening pens can cause your veneers to chip or break, while certain foods and beverages like coffee, tea, red wine or cigarettes may discolor them further. 4. Durability Porcelain veneers are constructed using dental porcelain that mimics the look and texture of natural tooth enamel, for an seamless fit that won’t cause gum irritation or damage. Another advantage of this material is that it’s highly resistant to stains and discoloration, making it easier for you to keep your veneers looking their best. However, you will still be responsible for refraining from foods and beverages which could stain them over time. Although veneers require slightly more maintenance than natural teeth, it’s not difficult or time consuming. With proper oral hygiene practices and scheduling at least twice-yearly dentist appointments, your veneers will stay looking fantastic for years! 5. Convenience Porcelain veneers are one of the fastest and easiest ways to transform your smile, helping correct common flaws like discolouration, cracked teeth and gaps between teeth. They can even be made to match the natural shade of your teeth, making it nearly impossible for others to distinguish them as false teeth. As opposed to other cosmetic treatments that require multiple visits to the dentist, veneers can usually be installed within just two visits. Dentures are very durable, lasting over 10 years with proper care. But because they’re not as strong as your natural teeth, you must take extra caution not to break them. Chipping may occur if you bite down hard foods or drink from hard glasses directly on top of them.

Gambling in all of its forms has become an important source of revenue for many governments around the world. In Canada, Ontario is one of the most populous provinces, and it is playing a leading role in paving the way for gambling regulation. Ontario has recently taken significant steps towards modernising its gambling industry, with a focus on enhancing consumer protection and responsible gambling measures. This is not a strict timeline but an explanatory article about how Ontario laid the groundwork for gambling regulation in Canada. The Gaming Control Act and the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario Ontario’s efforts to modernise its gambling industry began in 2019 with the passage of the Gaming Control Act. The act established the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) as the regulator for all forms of gaming in the province. The AGCO was given the mandate to oversee the licensing, regulation, and enforcement of all gaming activities in Ontario, including lotteries, casinos, and horse racing. This centralisation of gambling regulation in Ontario has set an example for other provinces to follow, as it allows for more consistent standards and a higher level of oversight. Online Gambling Regulation: PlayOLG and the Road Ahead for Canada Ontario has also been at the forefront of regulating online gambling in Canada. In 2020, the province launched its online gambling platform, PlayOLG. The platform offers a variety of games, including slots, table games, and sports betting, and is regulated by AGCO. By offering a regulated online gambling option, Ontario is providing a safe and secure alternative to unregulated offshore sites. This move has set the stage for other provinces to consider launching their own regulated online gambling platforms, which could generate significant revenue for governments and provide greater protection for consumers. Consumer Protection and Responsibility: Measures to Enhance Safe Gambling Ontario has also introduced a number of measures to enhance consumer protection and responsible gambling. For example, AGCO has established a self-exclusion program that allows individuals to voluntarily exclude themselves from gambling activities for a specified period. Ontario has also implemented mandatory training for all employees of gambling establishments to help them identify and prevent problem gambling. These measures demonstrate Ontario’s commitment to ensuring that gambling is conducted in a safe and responsible manner. Media and affiliate companies are also improving their standards when it comes to producing content and information about brands that are operating casinos and sports betting locally. Such companies usually review and talk in great detail about online gambling websites. A good example of that is, which has looked at the vast majority of brands in the Canadian market. They have also made a Katsubet casino review that shows all the details that gamblers consider before playing with real money, including bonuses, safety, registration, payments, available games and more. Federal Recognition and Expansion of Online Sports Betting Ontario’s efforts to modernise its gambling industry have not gone unnoticed. In 2021, the federal government introduced Bill C-218, which would amend the Criminal Code to allow for single-event sports betting in Canada. This move was largely driven by the success of online sports betting in Ontario, which generated over $500 million in revenue in its first year of operation. If the bill is passed, it will open the door for other provinces to legalise and regulate single-event sports betting, further expanding the gambling industry in Canada. Interprovincial Cooperation: Collaborative Efforts in Developing Consistent Standards Finally, Ontario has demonstrated a willingness to work with other provinces to develop consistent standards for gambling regulation. In 2020, Ontario, British Columbia, and Quebec signed an agreement to share player liquidity for online poker. This agreement allows players in each province to compete against each other, creating larger prize pools and a better player experience. This type of interprovincial cooperation sets a positive example for other areas of gambling regulation. Collaborative efforts can help establish consistent standards and guidelines for player protection and responsible gambling measures. The agreement signed between Ontario, British Columbia, and Quebec is just the beginning of what could be a more extensive collaboration between provinces. Conclusion: Ontario’s Leadership in Gambling Regulation in Canada Ontario’s efforts to modernise its gambling industry and regulate online gambling have set a positive example for other provinces in Canada. By centralising regulation, offering a regulated online gambling option, and implementing measures to enhance consumer protection and responsible gambling, Ontario has demonstrated a commitment to ensuring that gambling is conducted in a safe and responsible manner. If gambling entails too much stress for your liking, you might want to visit the yoga retreat at Muskoka Bay Resort. The success of online gambling in Ontario has also prompted the federal government to consider expanding single-event sports betting across Canada. If other provinces follow Ontario’s lead, Canada’s gambling industry could become a significant source of revenue while providing greater protection for consumers.      

In today’s competitive market, especially in a dynamic city like Toronto, finding a job can be challenging. With the number of professionals available today, many are well suited for an executive job. However, not everyone can land their dream role, or the process may take longer. Executives typically have a specialized skill set, making it more challenging to find the perfect fit. According to Forbes, fewer executive positions are advertised publicly, contributing to the delay in the hiring process. The key to landing an executive job is knowing how to apply and being prepared for the interview. Consider the following tips to land an executive job in Toronto. Target Specific Companies Look for companies you’re interested in working in and learn about their needs. They will likely consider you for the position if you’re qualified to meet their needs. This will narrow down your options and allow you to focus on creating your application for positions you are interested in. Otherwise, you may find yourself aimlessly applying to multiple jobs, which may affect the quality of your application. Once you’ve targeted specific companies and researched their current needs, customize your resume and cover letter to show them why you are suitable for the role. This will encourage them to prioritize your application and save time. Show Off Your Personal Brand As a qualified professional suited for an executive role, you likely bring a lot to the table. Showing off your personal brand verbally and on paper increases your chances of landing a role. When you illustrate your abilities to the employer, they are more likely to understand what makes you valuable. Your brand is also your reputation, which you can show your potential employers through strong references. Choose professionals from your previous roles who have worked closely with you when you offer a list of references. Network Your Way into Hidden Jobs Many executive job postings in Toronto are hidden, so it’s important to implement the right strategies to tap into the “hidden job market.” According to the Create Career College, 80 percent of the jobs in Canada are hidden to make the hiring process more cost-efficient, time-saving, confidential, and attract higher-quality candidates. Networking is a great way to leverage your contacts and learn more about these hidden opportunities. Reach out to professionals with connections to firms you’re interested in and let your network know you’re seeking a new opportunity. This will help them remember you when they come across an executive job listing. Rely on the Experts  Knowing where to look and what to do to get noticed is a great start in your job hunt process, but it’s not enough. Relying on experts, such as specialized recruitment agencies, can further escalate the process and help you land your dream role. Reach out to IQ Partners – Toronto’s leading recruitment agency, and let them guide you throughout the process. They take a disciplined approach to recruiting and placing talent, and matching executives with companies is one of their specialties. When you sign up with them, you will be added to their database, opening up many potential opportunities. This partnership will also allow you to access the hidden job market, as many firms work with leading recruitment agencies to fill a vacancy in their company instead of advertising the role publicly.

The power of custom branded clothes. They can help businesses of all sizes increase their brand awareness and promote their products and services. And if you’re looking for custom-branded clothes in Toronto, you’re in the right place. Toronto has a thriving business community and a strong fashion industry, making it an ideal place to order custom apparel in bulk. Why Choose Custom Branded Clothes? There are many reasons why businesses choose to invest in custom-branded clothes. Here are just a few: Brand Awareness: Custom-branded clothes are an excellent way to increase brand awareness. By putting your company name, logo, and message on clothing items that people wear every day, you can create a walking billboard for your business. Professionalism: Custom-branded clothes can help your employees look more professional and put-together. This can be especially important if your business is client-facing or you attend trade shows and events. Team Building: Wearing custom-branded clothes can create a sense of unity among your team members. It can also help build camaraderie and team spirit. Employee Satisfaction: Providing custom-branded clothes to your employees can be a nice perk that boosts employee morale and satisfaction. Choosing the Right Custom Branded Clothes When it comes to ordering custom-branded clothes, it’s important to choose the right items for your business. Here are a few tips to keep in mind: Think About Your Brand: Consider the style, colour, and design of your custom-branded clothes carefully. You want them to reflect your brand and be consistent with your other marketing materials. Consider Your Audience: Think about who will be wearing your custom-branded clothes. If you’re targeting a younger demographic, for example, you may want to choose trendy styles and bold colours. If you’re targeting an older demographic, you may want to choose more classic styles and muted colours. Quality Matters: Don’t skimp on quality when it comes to custom-branded clothes. You want items that will hold up well over time and look good even after multiple washes. Why Choose a Custom Screen Printing and Embroidery Company? While there are many options for ordering custom-branded clothes in Toronto, working with a custom screen printing and embroidery company is the best choice. Here are a few reasons why: Expertise: Custom screen printing and embroidery companies specialize in creating high-quality, customized clothing items. They have the expertise and experience needed to create items that look great and last a long time. Customization: When you work with a custom screen printing and embroidery company, you can choose from a wide range of customization options. This includes everything from the type of fabric and colour to the placement and size of your logo and message. Bulk Ordering: Custom screen printing and embroidery companies are equipped to handle bulk orders, which means you can get the custom-branded clothes you need for your entire team or event. Cost-Effective: Ordering custom-branded clothes in bulk from a custom screen printing and embroidery company is often more cost-effective than ordering individual items from a retail store. Wrapping it All Up In conclusion, custom-branded clothes are an excellent way to promote your business and increase brand awareness. If you’re looking for custom-branded clothes in Toronto, working with a custom screen printing and embroidery company is the best choice. With their expertise, customization options, bulk ordering capabilities, and cost-effectiveness, you can get the custom-branded clothes you need to take your business

Porcelain veneers offer an attractive way to conceal many dental flaws, but they’re not indestructible and need special maintenance. One of the best ways to maintain your veneers is avoiding staining foods and drinks. Dark beverages, such as coffee, tea, and red wine, can stain the resin used to adhere porcelain veneers onto teeth. In this text, we will try to answer the question: Why do Porcelain Veneers Require Extra Care? 1. They’re not as strong as your natural teeth Porcelain veneers are renowned for their incredibly strong material, which makes them one of the most aesthetically desirable options to improve your smile. However, just because porcelain is strong doesn’t guarantee it won’t scratch or stain easily. Due to fading, the protective resin coating that covers your veneers may erode over time, allowing stains to accumulate. If this occurs, professional cleaning may be necessary in order to thoroughly remove them. Good news! Veneers tend to be less vulnerable to staining than natural teeth, meaning your veneers can stay white for many years with proper maintenance. Veneers can still become stained if you drink dark liquids or smoke. Consult your dentist about ways to minimize staining through diet and brushing habits. Additionally, ask about getting your veneers professionally whitening to enhance their colour and blend better with natural teeth. 2. They’re more susceptible to staining When patients first inquire about getting veneers, one of the common concerns they have is if they will stain more easily than natural teeth. Fortunately, porcelain veneers are highly stain-resistant and much better at resisting stains than your natural enamel. Porcelain veneers are custom-made from a mold of your teeth and designed to fit proportionately with the rest of your smile. They’re an ideal solution for covering yellowing, chipped or misaligned teeth that don’t align properly with other teeth in your mouth. They’re an ideal solution for concealing minor dental flaws like tooth gaps or cracked teeth, and will improve the overall aesthetic of your smile. Plus, their thin nature means less enamel needs to be taken out during bonding process. 3. They’re more susceptible to chipping Porcelain veneers are one of the most effective cosmetic treatments available. They can correct various flaws, such as chipped teeth, crooked teeth and discolouration. Porcelain veneers are incredibly strong and rarely break, due to the strong material used for manufacture – equivalent in strength to natural tooth enamel. This makes them an excellent choice for those seeking long-term stability. However, it’s essential to remember that veneers aren’t indestructible. The same things that can chip a natural tooth also have the potential to chip or break a veneer. Examples include biting down on ice or pens with your teeth, opening packages with them, and grinding your teeth. Maintaining the cleanliness and free from plaque on your veneers can extend their lifespan. Regular flossing and brushing your teeth is key for maintaining both their health and the health of your natural teeth, so take extra care when maintaining both! 4. They’re more susceptible to breakage Porcelain veneers are incredibly durable, but they still need extra attention to prevent chipping. You can do this by eating a balanced diet with few hard foods like ice and not chewing on pencil or pen tips, as well as by limiting dental trauma. One of the primary reasons teeth can chip is because enamel isn’t as durable as it could be. Your outer layer of your tooth is composed of some of the hardest material in your body, meaning it can withstand intense pressure but may also be damaged from dental trauma. Porcelain veneers are made from advanced ceramics that are both strong and resistant to wear. Not only that, but they reflect light remarkably well, replicating the color and luster of your natural teeth.    

A whole arch of lost teeth can be replaced with dental implants using the All-on-4 procedure. It’s a more effective and affordable method of restoring your smile than conventional dental implants, and it’s gaining popularity. You may have a full set of new teeth in only one day with the All-on-4 process. All on four procedure also called as teeth in a day, is a highly efficient way of restoring your teeth in a single visit. The innovative technique uses four dental implants to secure a full arch of replacement teeth. Here are some frequently asked questions about All-on-4 so you can decide if it’s the best course of action for you: 1. How Does All-On-4 Function? With the All-on-4 treatment, four dental implants are inserted into the jawbone. The prosthetic teeth are supported by these implants, which act as anchors. After that, a fixed bridge is attached to the implants to hold the denture in place. 2. What Kind of Implants Is Used in All-on-4? With All-on-4, implants are frequently titanium screws. A prosthetic tooth is placed on top of these screws once they have been placed in the jawbone. The artificial tooth is built specifically for you and is created to blend in with your real teeth. 3. What Advantages Does All-on-4 Offer? Compared to conventional dental implants, all-on-4 offers a number of advantages. To begin with, you won’t need to schedule many appointments because the full treatment may be completed in a single day. Moreover, All-on-4 uses four implants instead of the usual six, which can assist lower the entire cost. Last but not least, All-on-4 prevents additional bone loss by supporting the replacement teeth with implants, which preserves the jawbone. 4. Is All-on-4 Painful? As All-on-4 is a minimally invasive surgery, there shouldn’t be any discomfort or agony. Before to the operation, your dentist will numb the region with a local anesthetic; you could then suffer some little discomfort and swelling. But this ought to pass in a few of days. 5. What Is the Price of All-on-4? The price of All-on-4 varies according on your unique circumstances and the degree of treatment intricacy. In general, All-on-4 is less expensive than conventional dental implants. In addition, a lot of insurance policies pay for All-on-4 in whole or in part. 6. How much time does All-on-4 last? All-on-4 can survive for many years with regular maintenance. While the replacement of the artificial teeth may be necessary after roughly 10 years, the implants themselves may survive for decades. All-on-4 is a great way to restore your smile if you’re missing most or all of your teeth. If you’re considering All-on-4, be sure to ask your dentist any questions you may have. They can help you decide if All-on-4 is right for you. All on four questions can be answered with information about the cost, durability, and potential longevity of the implants.    

Fans lined up to meet the stars of the movie Shazam Fury of the Gods. Zachary Levi and Lucy Liu arrived for the premiere at Scotiabank Theatre here in Toronto on March 8, 2023.

As the capital of Canada, Toronto is a hot spot for some of the best hotel brands in the world. Even though it is a significant region, you will find hotels within different price ranges. There are high-end hotels, mid-range hotels, and affordable ones. Toronto also has several short-term accommodation options that you can find on cozycozy. Top 3 Hotels to Stay in Toronto Below is a description of the top three hotels to stay at in Toronto. Best in Luxury – Delta Hotels by Marriott  If you want a high-end hotel that isn’t too expensive but provides all the amenities of luxurious hotels, go for Delta Hotels by Marriott. It is a five-star hotel with an indoor pool, an outdoor pool, a wellness center, and a high-class restaurant. If you want to enjoy the Turkish bath, you can do it in the hammam. The average room in this hotel costs about $400. Best Brand Hotel – Intercontinental Toronto Centre, An IHG Hotel An IHG Hotel is a globally recognized chain with branches across the globe. In Canada alone, there are over 100 properties under the IHG brand. The hotel in Toronto offers standard amenities and impressive customer service. It is a pet-friendly hotel with hyper-speed internet access, a beauty salon, a pool, and other great amenities. The average room costs between $300 and $400. Get More Details Before You Travel  These are some of the best hotels in Toronto. However, there are hundreds of other hotels you can choose from when you are ready to go. You can get access to the best toronto hotels with An option allows you to set the search parameters based on your needs. It is the best way to streamline your search.    

Gaming has never been more popular. According to Juniper Research, there are now more than three billion video gamers worldwide. The sheer number of interested players has helped catapult the industry to a worth of over $197 billion this year—which could shoot up to $268 billion by 2025.  With so many more people interested in gaming than ever before—and willing to spend money on their favorite titles—there’s no surprise that there’s a game that meets just about every interest. The range of silly and competitive titles grows every day, from apps that let you explore the latest fashion trends to eSport-MOBAs like League of Legends.  Players are on the lookout for games that have high refresh rates, unforgettable characters on adventures, and a little Hollywood-style production. Another feature many are looking for is a multiplayer mode, which lets them play with their friends or at least place on a leaderboard. But which multiplayer games are worth trying out with friends? And which single-player games are worth keeping on your radar? Let’s dive into some of the best options for each, which you may not have heard of before. Best Single-Player: Slots In the last few years, Canadian provinces have started to rehash their approach to online gaming. For residents of areas like Toronto and Hamilton, they can now access the world’s most popular casino game straight from a remote device, and that’s online slots. When it comes to casino games, brainbusters like blackjack and poker are the focus of many gaming publications—but slots are the fan favourite. That’s because each slot offers a totally new adventure, including unique bonus rounds and features that trigger special sequences. Each title offers a new twist on the excitement of spinning reels, and with dozens of themes available, you’ll have enough titles to keep you entertained for hours. Best Multiplayer: Death Stranding The world’s top video games are multiplayer titles, including Apex Legends, Fortnite, and Rocket League—to name a few. But, just like poker and blackjack usurp the attention on casino gaming, plenty of multiplayer titles slide under the radar. One of the most unique projects, hailed by PC Mag as ‘fascinating and unconventional’, is Death Stranding from Japanese creator Hideo Kojima. It’s a foray into various unknown wastelands, where your partners will trail after you down a desolate path—and you can leave them resources along the way as they forge into the same madness as you. Dubbed a ‘strand game’ for its unconventional social features, Death Stranding has helped create a totally new genre. Best Single-Player: Psychonauts 2 As outlined with slots and Death Stranding, what makes a video game worth trying is its unique premise. Slots promise short-form excitement and variation in theme, while Death Stranding introduces players to a totally new setup. Psychonauts 2 does a bit of both.  It offers excitement because the game is full of intrigue. Players must navigate an espionage-filled world where they’ll develop their psychic skills to protect others. Given its unique premise, it’s been a cult hit since the original was released back in 2005. If you have even a passing interest in mystery and weirdness, look no further for a winning single-player game. Best Multiplayer: Forza Horizon 5 Not all video games need to bend the mind or present a totally new premise. For some multiplayer games, success might mean creating a title that you want to play over and over again. Forza Horizon 5 offers this as its setup is simple: players navigate a breathtaking Sonoran countryside in an off-roading car—which might be a particularly appealing setting for Canadians stuck indoors in January.  So, what makes this such a good option as a multiplayer game? First, it has an open-world environment that players can explore endlessly—and at their own pace. Second, it lets players soup up their cars—and who doesn’t like to show off a new body kit? Best of all, it’s got a battle royale game mode that lets players race their hearts out.    

As many charity galas are coming back, so is the 34th annual Dragon Ball in support of the Yee Hong Foundation with an estimated 1,000 guests in attendance at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. The event was on Saturday Jan 21, 2023, just in time for Lunar New Year. As expected, dignitiaries including Toronto Mayor John Tory and Markham Mayor Frank Scarpitti were noup for the Dragon Ball. (At previous Dragon Ball galas, notable appearances came from PM Justin Trudeau, Mississauga Mayor Hazel McCallion and the late former Toronto Mayor Rob Ford.)

One of our favourite fundraising galas is fast approaching in support of Yee Hong Foundation.

The Northern Lights Toronto immersive outdoor holiday experience at Exhibition’s Place Grand Bizarre is a must-see event for anyone in the Toronto area during the holiday season.

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