Toronto, with its culturally-diverse culinary landscape, makes history as the first Canadian city to be featured in the globally recognized Michelin Guide. Earlier this week, the Michelin Guide bestowed 13 Toronto restaurants with stars.

Similar story annual event on hiatus due to pandemic is now back. But this is not just any event, it’s one where you get to enjoy some of the best food from the best known restaurants that Toronto has to offer.
So if you love good food, cocktails and being with like-minded people, this is an annual event you don’t want to miss!

From the owners of Marbl restaurant comes Mademoiselle Raw Bar aiming to be a hot spot in the highly contested and trendy King West featuring seafood, trendy dining, posh vibes and cocktails.

In April 2022, the Canadian province of Ontario passed Bill C-218, which legalizes iGaming activities and single-sports betting. This has led to a boom in the iGaming industry in Toronto, which is now being hailed as the rising iGaming capital of Canada. With a wide variety of iGaming operators and platforms now available, Toronto is quickly becoming a hotspot for iGaming enthusiasts from all over the world. In this article, we will take a look at the history of iGaming within the great city of Toronto, while also looking at the impact of the C-218 bill and how it can have a positive effect on the iGaming industry within this bustling city. Additionally, we will look at the positives that it can have, and why so many are starting to enjoy wagering experiences! The History of iGaming in Toronto iGaming has a long and storied history in Toronto. It all started back in the early 2000s when the first online casinos began to appear. These early pioneers of the industry were quickly followed by a host of other operators, both big and small. In the years since, the industry has grown exponentially, with new operators and platforms launching on a regular basis. The legalization of iGaming in Ontario has been a game-changer for the industry. Prior to Bill C-218, iGaming was only legal in three Canadian provinces (British Columbia, Quebec, and Manitoba). This left a lot of Canadians outside of these provinces unable to enjoy iGaming activities. However, with the passing of Bill C-218, this is no longer the case. Now, anyone in Ontario can enjoy iGaming activities without fear of breaking the law. The Impact of Bill C-218 on the iGaming Industry Since the passing of Bill C-218, there has been a veritable explosion in the number of iGaming operators and platforms available in Toronto. Previously, there were only a handful of major players in the industry. However, this has changed dramatically in recent months, with dozens of new operators and platforms now available. This increase in competition has been great news for consumers, as it has led to improved service levels and lower prices. Additionally, the passing of Bill C-218 has had a positive impact on the economy of Toronto. The iGaming industry is now one of the fastest-growing industries in the city, and it is estimated that it will contribute over $1 billion to the economy by 2025. This growth is expected to create thousands of new jobs in the city, which is great news for those who are looking for employment. Why Are So Many People Starting to Enjoy iGaming Experiences? There are a number of reasons why so many people are starting to enjoy iGaming experiences. Firstly, the industry is now much more accessible than it was in the past. With the passing of Bill C-218, anyone in Ontario can now access iGaming platforms and operators. Additionally, the industry is now much more competitive, which has led to improved service levels and lower prices. Naturally, as a result of this, online gambling in Canada has increased to a new level as more and more people have started to become interested in what iGaming can potentially provide them within Ontario, especially as they now are able to participate in the activity legally. Another reason why so many people are starting to enjoy iGaming experiences is that it is a great way to socialize. In the past, iGaming was often seen as a solitary activity. However, with the advent of live dealer games and social media integration, iGaming has become much more social. Now, players can interact with each other while they play, which has made the experience much more enjoyable. Finally, iGaming is a great way to potentially win money. With the recent passing of Bill C-218, Toronto residents can now access a wide variety of iGaming platforms and operators. This increased competition has led to improved odds and higher payouts. As such, players now have a much greater chance of winning big when they play iGaming games. The Future of iGaming in Toronto There will be many that will find it difficult to argue against the idea that the future of iGaming in Toronto looks very bright. With the passing of Bill C-218, the industry is now legal in Ontario. This has led to a boom in the number of operators and platforms available, which is great news for consumers as it means they are now afforded a great number of lifestyle choices when it comes down to trying to find the best iGaming products and services to utilize.  Additionally, as we mentioned, the industry is expected to contribute over $1 billion to the economy by 2025 and create thousands of new jobs. Moreover, with technology continuing to develop further, it would not be a surprise if we were to see this figure increase further in the future as more gamers become interested as they will be able to get some of the best gaming experiences possible; something they continue to demand and crave with each title played! Clearly, with all of this positive momentum, there is no doubt that iGaming will continue to grow in popularity in Toronto for years to come. Final Thoughts The passing of Bill C-218 has had a hugely positive impact on the iGaming industry in Toronto. With more operators and platforms now available than ever before, Toronto is quickly becoming a hotspot for iGaming enthusiasts from all over the world, thus making it the iGaming capital of Canada. However, with so much still possible to achieve and potentially accomplish within the industry given the developments that can take place regarding the options already available, it would not be a surprise if Toronto were able to become one of the iGaming capitals of the world, especially as there is a population of approximately 6.3 million people; one of the most populous cities in the world and one that continues to increase at pace as many move to the area.    

Here’s your chance to join Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson here in Toronto to celebrate the release of Black Adam. Celebrations take place at the Rec Room on Oct 13th.

Do you need help in preparing and understanding your business taxes? The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) offers free tax help for small enterprises. They provide virtual visits and webinars that teach about tax obligations.  However, taking advantage of it is only applicable when your company’s tax situation is simple. Working with tax accountants is wiser if your business has a complicated tax scenario.  Accountants are experienced in navigating the complex world of taxes. They are well-equipped with various tax rules and preparations. It’s why the demand for accountants is high across Canada, including Toronto.  If you’re a small business owner in Toronto, you can benefit from hiring the services of an accountant. How do you find the best tax accountants in Toronto? Here are several considerations to aid you in your search.  How many years of relevant experience does the accountant have? A tax accountant can help save money and avoid potential trouble with the CRA. But not all businesses are the same.  For example, the construction and restaurant industries deal with different tax issues. They may also likely follow a different set of rules. Find an accountant with experience in tackling issues related to your specific industry.  So consider whether they have worked with companies that are similar to yours. You need an accountant who understands your type of business and tax-related issues. The more experience they have, the higher level of expertise they will bring you.  Does the accountant have specialized training in taxation?  Not all accountants specialize in tax matters. Consider their knowledge and training in handling business taxes before working with them.  The business tax landscape in Canada is complex and constantly changing. If you’re searching for an accountant in Toronto, choose someone with extensive training and understanding of Canadian and local tax policies.  Note that real expertise may only come with years of practice. A seasoned tax accountant can do your business tax-related assessments more efficiently. They can also assist you further in maximizing your tax savings.  What is the accountant’s rate, and how are the fees charged? You’d want to hire a tax accountant who can give you the most value. Take the time to compare rates and choose the one with the most reasonable fees.  Professional accountants have different billing approaches. Some accountants charge you per hour or project, while others ask for a flat fee. You can also opt to hire a full-time tax accountant. Whichever way you prefer, ensure that it’s financially viable for you.  Several factors may affect the accountant’s fees. These include your business size and the services you require.  When shopping around, always remembers that the cheapest one doesn’t mean the best. On top of the cost, you have to consider the accountant’s skills and specialization.  What are the accountant’s availability and mode of communication? Availability and communication are vital factors when choosing a tax accountant. Are they available most of the time? Do they offer constant updates through calls, emails or newsletters?  Some accountants, especially in large corporations, may have busy work schedules. If constant communication is necessary, working with small outsourced firms may be better. But determine first what your company needs. Assess whether you need accountants to only look at your accounts during tax season or if you need them throughout the year. Does the accountant have a good reputation? A good reputation is as important as an accountant’s skills and experience. Remember that they will handle your company’s financial and tax matters. So before working with them, perform an extensive background check. You can verify their credentials and certifications through CPA Ontario.  How many businesses are using the accountant’s services? Do you know anyone who used them? Asking these will help ensure that you’re working with a reputable accountant. Reading reviews online or getting referrals from other business owners is also great.  Is the accountant familiar with new technologies? Some accountants still use traditional methods in accounting. This may not affect the quality of their work. But if you want a more streamlined process, considering the tools they use is crucial.  New technologies make accounting and tax preparations easier. It enables you to access accounting records and review financial documents remotely.  Plan Your Business Tax With the Right Accountant Tax accountants do more than file your tax returns. They also ensure you have the highest level of compliance and don’t miss out on tax savings.  Plan your business tax with the right accountant if you want better outcomes. Note that you don’t have to hire a full-time accountant right away. Many CPA firms in Toronto offer flexible services to businesses of every size.

The state of indoor air quality is often a mystery, despite its significant implant on the well-being of the people who live there. It isn’t until you or someone you love starts to feel sick or uncomfortable at home that concerns arise. Air quality testing in Toronto and properties in the surrounding area provides insight into the quality of your air, so you can take action. The first step to breathing healthier at home or at work is indoor air quality testing from a reputable and certified service provider.  Common Contaminants Indoors  From air fresheners and hairspray to dryers and fabrics, many contaminants can creep into your home without detection infiltrating the air and adversely affecting your health. Studies found that pollution indoors is, on average, 5 times greater than outdoor pollution. Some of the most commonly detected with air quality testing in Toronto include mold, radon, viruses, dust, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, and asbestos.  How Do These Elements Enter Your Home  Each contaminant behaves differently from the next, but virtually every one of them enters the home quietly at first without being noticed. It isn’t until they become more concentrated that they raise suspicion. Mold starts out as microscopic spores. Radon is emitted through cracks in the ground. Carbon dioxide is trapped inside due to poor ventilation. And carbon monoxide is the result of combustion.  Due to their inability to be detected immediately by the senses, early intervention is difficult. Protecting your air from the repercussions of indoor pollution is best done with preventative measures and indoor air quality testing.  Benefits of Indoor Air Quality Testing in Toronto  Air quality testing conducted by a certified technician goes beyond what the senses can detect, giving property owners a detailed report and analysis of contamination levels indoors and their potential causes using advanced air sampling technology. Once you understand what factors are negatively affecting the air quality inside your home, you can create an action plan to safely rectify the situation and restore the health of everyone exposed, whether it’s mold remediation, asbestos removal, or odour elimination. How to Prevent Poor Air Quality  Some actions or building qualities make a property more susceptible to indoor air pollution, and getting ahead of them can protect your living quarters from contamination.  Improve Circulation: Around any property, there are vents letting air out from the kitchen, the attic, and the bathroom. When ventilation is blocked or insufficient, chemicals from off-gassing or spores and dust get trapped indoors, building up and infiltrating the air. If your property is prone to mold or you notice stale air inside your home, inspect your ventilation and schedule an air quality test. You can also temporarily keep your windows open to facilitate air movement.  Monitor Humidity: Water damage or moisture and heat are vital factors in the onset of mold. Moisture feeds mold , nourishing spores until they infiltrate the air. To minimize the risk of mold infestations within your property, leaks, flooding and water damage must be dried and restored immediately. Indoor humidity levels can be monitored with a hygrometer. If the reading in any room exceeds 60% humidity, contact a professional air quality testing service to determine if mold removal in Toronto is required.  Minimize Clutter & Remove Carpets: Dust contributes to allergens that fill the air and make breathing indoors difficult. Clutter around the house can hide pockets of dust, and thick carpets can trap these irritating dust particles. Dust falling from drywall, stucco ceilings, and other building materials could lead to asbestos in the air. If your home or or business was built around 1985, schedule an expert asbestos inspection and air quality testing in Toronto to confirm whether the mineral is present or not.  Limit Flames: Combustion releases chemicals like carbon monoxide into the air, which can cause substantial harm if not detected. To prevent a build of chemicals inside your home, it’s imperative that you do not smoke inside and ensure there are never open flames indoors. Install carbon monoxide detectors to alert you immediately to any dangerous changes to your indoor air quality.  Fight Indoor Contaminants & Protect Your Air Indoor pollution can leave you feeling sick and not quite like yourself, from headaches and brain fog to nausea. In the worst cases, poor indoor air quality can be fatal. You can protect your home and the people you love with indoor air quality testing in Toronto. A thorough air quality report will give you the insights you need to fight indoor pollution. Finding an Indoor Air Quality Testing Service Air quality testing requires the proper equipment, experience in the field, certifications, and a methodical approach for comprehensive results. Finding the best testing service is more than just a simple google search. The top providers leverage advanced digital marketing services to promote their reputable, high-quality work. For reliable air quality testing services, look for 5-star providers with industry certifications who will respond promptly to your call.    

The lavish casino lifestyle we see represented in pop culture can be alluring. Getting all dressed up and visiting casinos around the world while playing games where you win money is what a lot of f people want out of life. It is however not as easy as it seems, you need to invest a lot to be able to enjoy the casino lifestyle. In this article, we will be discussing a few tips you can use to become a part of the lifestyle while still gambling consciously to avoid losses you can’t afford. Sharing Expenses Sharing is a great thing to implement in your everyday life, not just when it comes to casinos. Traveling the world can be quite expensive, and if you plan to attend tournaments you can’t avoid it. Just like you would share expenses if traveling with friends and colleagues, you can apply the same principle to traveling for tournaments. Split the cost of plane tickets, accommodation, food, etc. with other players. You can share other things other than expenses, by visiting an online casino site like you can share your own advice and experience. By doing that you will gain a circle of friends and acquaintances that is crucial to have in the casino world. Having friends from the same industry as you will help you gain more experience by hearing their stories. Research Since you will be traveling all over the world, research is key. Know the hotel you are staying at, its location is close to where the tournament is held. Plan out your trip in full. From the meals you are going to eat to the means of transportation, you are going to use. By having a plan for the trip you can calculate your expenses and be aware of how much you spend. Know how long you will be in transit whether on a plane, bus or train, and use that time wisely. By playing online casino games you will be ready for the tournament since the games will help you practice. Reduce Drinking Alcohol is closely related to casinos, and it is quite easy to lose your grip and drink more than you should. The adrenaline from the game will encourage you to drink more, and it doesn’t help that everyone around you is probably going to have a drink in hand. While it is okay to have a drink or two as the night goes on, drinking excessively will have a negative effect on your playing. You will be unable to make rational decisions which are crucial in casinos, and you can easily lose your grip and spend way more money than you can. Explore Exploring the world is a dream of many, but quite unattainable for most. Living the casino lifestyle gives you the great benefit to travel all over the world for poker tournaments. You will get to visit beautiful places, and you should take advantage of that by exploring every city you go to. Get to know the culture, food, and history of the area. Taking a stroll and discovering what the place has to offer might do you a huge favor and teach you something of great value.      

Space is often a concern in many households. Having an organized home can lead to many positive side effects. Your productivity can increase, stress can be reduced, allergies and asthma can be controlled, and cleaning and organizing take less time if your area is well-organized and uncluttered. The best realtors in Toronto also agree that a home that is kept tidy and organized is much easier to sell than one full of clutter. Here are five suggestions to get you started if your home is swamped with a collection of items and you are having trouble decluttering. Set Objectives Before you begin, decide what you hope to accomplish with your decluttering project. Do you want to purge certain rooms or the entire house? What time frame do you have in mind for the decluttering project? As you walk about your house, mark the spaces you want to organize. Next, assess how badly the places you want to clean are cluttered. The completion date should then be determined. Make sure the deadline fits your daily schedule and is practical and doable. Setting goals and a schedule may reduce obstacles and frustrations regardless of the trash. The One-in-one-out Principle No matter how naturally organized you are or how frequently you declutter your space, the clutter will inevitably return. This rule demands you discard or donate one thing for every new purchase to avoid clutter buildup. Use the one-in-one-out method to keep your space tidy and organized. The 90/90 Rule Consider applying the 90/90 rule if you have trouble deciding which objects to keep or eliminate. Look through your belongings and consider whether you have used each one recently and whether you plan to use it in the next 90 days. You should think about tossing it away if the response to both questions is no. The time frame (90 days) is adjustable, so keep in mind that you could change it. Depending on your needs and way of life, you could adapt to a shorter or longer time frame. In any event, the guideline is intended to assist you in preserving what is essential. Seek Assistance When decluttering your home, it might be challenging to remove some of your emotional attachments to household goods. Additionally, you might not have enough time to arrange it, particularly if your schedule is hectic or you don’t enjoy it. If so, you ought to hire an expert organizer to assist you in putting a stop to clutter. A professional organizer has the necessary abilities and education to assist you in establishing order in various areas of your life. They can assist with budgeting and bill paying, help you arrange your shopping lists, and develop tactics to help you deal with clutter in your living space. Don’t Use Your House as a Storage Facility Don’t purge unnecessary items from your rooms, then put them in your storage areas like the basement, closet, or attic. These things will eventually accumulate in your storage space and cause clutter. Think about recycling, selling them at a yard sale, or donating the things you don’t need. In Conclusion The first step to enhancing your general wellness, career, and relationships is organizing your area. Use the tips to organize your home and make it a neat place where you’ll enjoy entertaining guests.      

It’s important to work out, play sports and stay in shape in order to maintain a healthy body and mind.  To that end, millions of Canadians hit the gym multiple times a week, are out on the paths jogging or cycling, playing organized sports in the evenings and doing home workout routines for a better lifestyle. Exercise is trending upwards, and people are becoming healthier everywhere – it’s a great thing for society!  How good is all this exercise for our teeth and oral health though?  We spoke with a handful of local dentists to get their take on the exercise-oral health connection.   Here are some of the major things we found out: Lots of positive effects Exercise and oral health have a generally positive connection, since what’s good for the body is usually good for your teeth.  There’s definitely a major positive correlation between things like a healthy BMI (Body Mass Index) and oral health, because healthy people are typically eating right and taking care of their bodies as well as their teeth (brushing, flossing, dental checkups).  For teeth, this means less bacteria, less gum disease and less tooth decay – all factors that can have a negative effect on overall health.  Bad oral health can lead to heart disease and other serious complications making it a truly major aspect of overall health.  A healthy body contributes to a healthy mouth, so eat right and get the exercise you need. Now for the negative effects of exercise on your teeth Let’s be clear, exercise is vital, so regardless of the negatives we’re about to list – you still need to do it regularly (but do things properly). Risk of injuring your teeth This is probably the most obvious exercise negative in terms of your teeth – tooth damage.  Anytime you engage in a physical activity, you increase your risk of accident.  This could be tripping and falling while jogging, or catching a ball, puck or elbow in the mouth while playing an organized sport.  Missing a tooth (or teeth) might not seem like the end of the world but it can cause complications like infection, causing other teeth to shift, problems chewing food and lasting damage to the jawbone and joints of the mouth. Accidents happen and teeth get damaged so what can we do?  Wearing protective gear is the best solution and a mouthguard is an important piece of protection.  These days mouthguards can be pretty small and are comfortable to wear and are highly recommended.  Ok, maybe not for your morning run, but they should be worn for any type of ball or contact sport to minimize risk.  Speak with your dentist about mouthguard options if you play sports regularly. Clenching and grinding your teeth It’s common for athletes, especially weightlifters in the gym, to put a lot of pressure on their teeth, gums and jaw by clenching their teeth during exertion.  While it’s natural to screw up your face, clench your jaw and make grunting noises when you’re pushing through a set, you should take care of your teeth.  Clenching and grinding could lead to cracking or chipping a tooth and will cause the enamel on your teeth to get worn down rapidly leaving your teeth exposed to cavities and decay.  If you cant stop clenching on your own, consider wearing a mouthguard to exercise. Mouth breathing during exertion Any form of exercise, provided you’re doing it correctly, will cause you to breath more heavily.  Oxygen is great but the problem is that getting more of it usually means breathing through your mouth.  This causes your mouth to dry out and makes it easier for bacteria to thrive and take hold on your teeth.  When your mouth is closed, saliva is flowing and keeping things lubricated while working to flush bacteria out.  Try to breath through your nose as much as possible and don’t forget to let your saliva do its job even while you train. Your saliva composition changes too Hardcore athletes, like those training daily under heavy exertion often produce less saliva and have a noticeably more alkaline (higher pH level) saliva.  This isn’t great for your saliva’s ability to neutralize sugars and proteins to prevent tooth decay and gum disease.  Being cognisant of this helps, because it allows athletes to take steps to offset the issue by rinsing their mouth more often and staying well hydrated, especially during exercise. Sugary energy drinks Exercise dehydrates us and that means we need to put the liquids back in constantly.  That’s where many athletes reach for energy drinks like Gatorade and Powerade to get the hydration and electrolytes they need.  These sports drinks replenish the body quite well but are often also packed with sugar and a lot of acid.  So much so that drinking them daily for a week can cause damage to the tooth enamel.  The dentists we spoke to all recommended the same thing – vary your intake of energy drinks with water.  What that means is take a few sips of an energy drink (for the electrolyte replenishment aspect) but then make sure to drink some water right after.  The amount of sports drink liquid your body needs to get the required electrolytes is much less than the quantity of water needed to rehydrate.  Energy drink first, then water after for teeth saving rehydration.  Swishing, and spitting is recommended too so that your mouth gets a good rinse. Other protective measures you need to use Mouthguards (for impact and clenching) Drink lots of water (or rinse with it after consuming energy drinks) Breath through your nose instead of mouth breathing Visit the dentist for regular checkups and professional cleanings to keep your teeth in top condition    

Summer Heat Has Harmful Effects on Three-Quarters of Pets

Summer heat can be devastating, and it’s common for pets to experience issues with heat. Over 3/4 of all pets have experienced some kind of heat issue. Toronto doesn’t often have incredibly hot summers, but July summers can get up to around 25 degrees Celsius, which is when exercising outside can become unhealthy for dogs. Here are a few tips you can use to keep your dog safe through the summer months this year. 1. Allow your dog inside with air conditioning Air conditioning is critical to help humans survive the summertime in many areas, and the same can be true of dogs. Although Toronto doesn’t often get hot enough where it’s very likely that your dog will start overheating without air conditioning, you may still want to consider it during Toronto’s hottest time of the day, which is between 2 PM and 8 PM. 2. Put protective shoes on your dog Protective dog booties may look a little bit silly, but they can be an important part of keeping your dog safe. If you rest the back of your hand against the pavement and your hand instantly starts feeling warm, the pavement is probably too hot for your dog. You should consider either carrying your dog with you, using a doggy scooter, or buying protective shoes. 3. Keep your dog’s hair long It’s common for people to cut their dog’s hair in the summer, often because they worry about their dog overheating or because they don’t want to deal with hair matting issues that may occur in longer-haired dogs. However, that hair also protects your dog from UV rays, and your dog’s sensitive skin may sunburn if you cut their hair. Keep your dog’s hair long. You may need to invest in more grooming and be more careful to avoid heat exhaustion for longer-haired dogs. 4. Buy doggy clothing If your dog has very short hair, issues with bald spots, or a shaved spot for some medical reason, they’ll be more prone to sunburn. Because dogs often like to lick anything applied to their skin, including sunscreen, it’s better to use a physical barrier to UV exposure, like a layer of clothing, rather than applying sunscreen. 5. Be aware of the signs of overheating If you’re out in the heat with your dog, the first symptom of overheating will often be heavy, rapid panting, as well as your dog being less interested in running and playing with you. Your dog may try to find shade or even dig down, trying to reach a cooler area of dirt. More serious signs, like vomiting and diarrhea, collapse, or seizures, should prompt you to seek immediate emergency attention. How to protect a dog that shows signs of overheating If your dog has been affected by the heat in some way, it’s a good idea to schedule an online virtual care appointment in Toronto. A veterinarian can advise you on what to do to keep your dog safe both now and in the future. Especially if this is your first summer owning a dog, remember that this is a learning experience, and you’ll be able to protect your dog more effectively if you know what to look for.    

If you’re into gambling or sports betting, playing at online casinos can be a lot of fun. All you need is a stable internet connection and a laptop or a mobile phone, and you’re ready to go. You can play at hundreds of online casinos with thousands of casino games. Canada is an attractive market for casino operators, and that’s why the competition in this sector is fierce. But like in any other industry, you can come across some dishonest operators who can take advantage of newbie players. Therefore, it’s essential to do some research before you make a real money deposit and start playing. In this article, we will show you some tips and safety advice that you need to follow for a problem-free online gambling experience. Let’s get started.  Legit operators It’s very easy to come across an online casino today that states that they offer the best services for Canadian players. Therefore, you can easily be lured into creating an account when seeing a “good” no deposit bonus, massive welcome bonus, and fast payouts.  So finding a Legit casino is a must before starting playying for real money. So what you need to do is: The first step to checking whether an online casino is legit is to check the casino’s operating license. Today online gambling in Ontario, Canada is regulated by the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario, and for other provinces in Canada, it is best to use sites that have a licensee from Kahnawake Gaming Commission, Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) or the UK gambling commission. So, any online casino that legally operates will have the regulator’s logo on its website and the license info. When you click on the license logo, it will take you to the licensor’s website, and you can see the active license there. Suppose you can only see the logo and the license info, but the link is invalid. In that case, it is highly likely the casino is presenting a fake operating license, and they are likely a rogue casino. Our advice is to stay clear of these operators at all costs. Offshore casinos There’s also another angle to the operating license. Getting a permit to operate in provinces like Ontario, Canada, legally is a slow and expensive process. Therefore, only the industry’s top brands can afford one, which is why the choice of legal online casinos in Ontario is still small. But there are still many online casinos located offshore and accept Canadian players from all other Canadian provinces, as long as they have licensee from Kahnawake Gaming Commission, Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) or the UK gambling commission. They should be safe to play.  The main reason why some don’t have an Ontario license is to keep operating costs down. Another good way to see if an offshore casino is rogue or not is to do some research across gambling forums. You can easily see what real players have to say about the casino and what their experience was there. You can play at the casino if you come across positive and genuine comments from real players. The chances are you will never have any problems. If I am still doubtful about an online casino, I usually check here to ensure it’s safe for Canadians to play. Reasonable bonus promotions Another way to see whether a casino is legit is to check their bonus promotions. For example, you can often come across a massive bonus for your first deposit at a casino, from 200% to 500% or even more. This may look alluring at first since you can make a small deposit and substantially increase your starting balance. This way, you can try many games and play on higher bets. But before you rush and claim this bonus, read the terms and conditions, as it is often impossible to make a profit with these huge bonuses, and therefore I always stay with bonuses with 50% to max 150% deposit bonus Every online casino imposes terms on their bonus promos which you need to follow to the letter. Unfortunately, on some promotions, the terms can be very unfriendly, giving you little or no chance at all to clear it and make an actual money withdrawal. Below are some bonus terms you need to check before saying yes to a bonus to ensure they are fair.  Wagering requirement At most online casinos in Canada, the wagering requirements for bonus promos range from 25 to 50 times the bonus amount. Anything over that is considered a very high wager, and you will need a lot of luck to clear it and make a withdrawal. Even on a minor deposit with a big bonus, it becomes nearly impossible to beat the wager. For example, you make a $20 deposit and claim a 500% bonus, so you get another extra $100 in bonus money. The wager is set at 60 times the deposit and bonus amount, so that’s 60x$120=$7,200. This is the amount you need to place in bets before requesting a withdrawal, which basically makes it impossible to win.  Maximum bet per spin Every casino will impose a maximum bet per spin limit for playing with bonus promotions. Usually, the industry standard is $5 per spin, but at some casinos, it can be as low as $1 or even $0.50 per spin. Combined with the high wager, this term makes it impossible to clear the wager and make a profit. So basically, you’ll just be playing for fun without a real chance to make any money.  Maximum cash out limit At most online casinos, there is no limit to how much money you can withdraw when you play with a deposit bonus. After all, you did deposit real money, so there shouldn’t be a limit to how much you can cash out. But some dishonest casinos impose a maximum cash out limit, which can be $500, $1000 or even in correlation with your deposit amount, like ten times your deposit. So, imagine wagering $7,200 from a $20 and 500% match bonus only to be able to withdraw $200 in real money.  Sticky Bonus Another thing to look out for at promos is the Sticky Bonus term. Basically, this term means that the bonus money which is awarded to you is for wagering purposes only and can’t be withdrawn. So, once you clear the wager and make a withdrawal, the bonus money is nulled from your account, and you can only withdraw the rest. Using the bonus above as an example means that the $100 in bonus money is nulled, and you can only withdraw the rest.  Overall Reputation The best way to see if a casino is legit or not is to do some research about the brand. Today this is very easy to do. All you must do is type in the casino name in google, and you will instantly get dozens and dozens of results. Pay close attention to gambling forums and some of the top review sites, as this is the best place to find comments from real players. If the casino you are researching has an overall bad reputation and complaints from many players, there’s a big chance this is a rogue casino. If this is the case, we strongly recommend staying clear. You are bound to run into problems while playing there, and there’s a big chance you will never see any of your hard-earned winnings.  Where to find a legit top list of Canadian casinos? If you’re determined to start playing at online casinos for real money, we strongly recommend sticking to a list of legit Canadian casinos. The best online casinos are tested by casino experts and meet all of their high standards. You don’t need to do any tedious research, as it has already been done for you on CA review sites like In the end, no player wants to spend too much time researching a casino when he can use the time to play the casino games. Good review sites spend a lot of time researching the brands they promote, ensuring they are up to industry standards. You can easily see the promos each casino has in stock, as well as the casino games they have to offer. Once you find a casino you like from our list, make sure to click on the link and create an account. This way, you will also become eligible for exclusive promos and perks the casino might have. This also ensures that you play at legit Canadian casinos and will have no problems whatsoever. Make sure to check review sites regularly, as the good ones are always looking for new legit casinos they can recommend to players. 

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