The online gambling industry has grown phenomenally in recent years. Millennials have revolutionized gambling by taking it to the Internet. It is viewed as one of the fastest developing businesses in over a decade. Although there are many physical casinos globally like Casino Woodbine but still sometimes many people prefer playing online casino games as a spare time activity, which explains the influx of online casinos. However, with the explosion of online casinos in the gambling market, it can be hard to stand out. The different casinos have different strategies they use to stand out from the crowd. Due to this, it can be tough to discover which the best online casinos are. To help you out, we’ve carried out research, and below are the top 15 online casinos for Canada in July 2021. Spin Casino One of the top casinos in Canada you can explore is Spin Casino. With over 400 available games, you can try out tips learned on how to win at gambling. It might be the best option for slot lovers because there are hundreds of slots to explore on the platform. It also has table games and video pokers if you want more options. For those looking for games that offer live dealer games, Spin Casino has many to provide you with. Playing casino games in this casino is easy with its user-friendly interface. With tons of software providers partnering with this casino, you have diversity to pick from. Zodiac Casino This casino has been in the online industry for two decades. If you want to enjoy your casino games on a budget, this is the game for you. You can begin with as low as $1 to get your welcome bonus. Many review sites like OnlineCasinoZED recognizes it as one of the best online casinos in Canada. There are hundreds of available games in different categories for players to pick from. If you love to play jackpot slots, zodiac casino is the spot for you. Yukon Gold Casino Most people visit Yukon Gold Casino because of their high welcome bonus. Their western theme is also appealing enough to make you want to sign up. Yukon Gold also offers an incredible welcome bonus with many enormous jackpots for you to try your luck. It has produced one of the top jackpot winners on the mega moolah game. So if you’re looking for a platform where your winning chances are high, you can explore Yukon Gold Casino. CasinoNic Although CasinoNic is relatively new, it is already making waves as one of the best online Canadian casinos. It has over 2000 games for players to explore and an appealing welcome bonus you can enjoy. It also partners with many software providers to provide you with various games. It is known for its payout speed and stellar customer service. It also has hundreds of live dealer games for you to pick from. PlayOJO Casino Known for its lack of wagering casinos, it is one of the best casinos for Canada in July 2021. There is also no maximum win on this platform, and withdrawals are quick and reliable. It also offers hundreds of games you can explore on its excellent online platform. PlayOJO also provides a tempting welcome bonus for players who sign up. Genesis Casino This online casino is mainly known for its excellent mobile platform. It also offers you a variety of casino games that you can enjoy in your spare time. Genesis casino works with many top software providers to provide users with innovative and exciting games. It is also a secure platform known for past payouts when you want it. Casino Tropex If you’re looking for a platform that offers you daily Jackpot, look no further. Its table game collection is vast, and you will enjoy playing it on its sleek user interface. Its appealing welcome bonus and game collections are why it is among the best online casinos in Canada. Royal Vegas Although this casino is over two decades old, it is still one of the top casinos in Canada. Royal Vegas is mainly known for having the best live dealers. They also have a collection of progressive jackpots you can try your hand out. It is renowned for its stellar customer service and its solid collection of games in varied categories. Ruby Fortune If you love Blackjack, this casino has over 35 variants for you to explore. Ruby Fortune offers many payment options to ensure fast withdrawal for players on its platform. It also provides a collection of progressive jackpots and carries out many promotions you can benefit from. Spin Galaxy As the name implies, Spin Galaxy has many spin casino games to offer players. Many players on the platform also speak out about its fantastic loyalty program. It has over 500 games to offer players, and it includes a slot, baccarat, roulette, video poker, and even blackjack. Casino Joy This casino helps you get your groove on whenever you want to relax with casino games by offering a varied selection of casino games. It features a modern design with top-notch security to ensure players’ safety on the platform. There are also live dealer games on Casino Joy for players who want to enjoy the feel of a real casino. Bodog Casino When checking out sites like online casino Zed for best casino reviews, you’re sure to come across Bodog. That’s because this casino doesn’t just offer you a vast selection of online casino games; it also doubles as a sportsbook. Players can enjoy sports betting while also playing their favorite casino games. Casino Classic The welcome bonus this casino offers is massive, and it includes a 100% bonus match on your first deposit. It is also a grand casino and makes the 15 best online casinos for Canada in July 2021. There are more than 500 games for you to choose from and a rewards program you can benefit from when you often play on the platform. Luxury Casino This casino has been around since 2011, offering the best casino games to Canadian players. It is known for its high payout rate and incredible welcome bonus. You can bet with as low as $1, and there is no limit on winnings and withdrawals. The platform is also known for its responsiveness and 3D graphics. Café Casino Although this casino is relatively new, it has climbed up the ranks amongst hundreds of casinos to feature in the 15 best casinos for Canada in July 2021. It has hundreds of games in diverse categories for you to choose from. It is also famous for its mouthwatering welcome bonus and fast withdrawals. To help you along, Café Casino offers players a variety of payout options to speed out the withdrawal process.

It goes without saying that ice hockey is one of the most popular sports in Canada. Canadians love playing ice hockey and they enjoy going to a game with their friends and family. While ice hockey is popular around the world, the level of excitement just isn’t the same in Europe – but why is this the case? Below, we are going to look at some of the reasons why ice hockey is so popular in Canada to this day. Read on to find out more about this. The National Sport First things first, ice hockey is the national sport of Canada and so it is always going to be popular with the people living in this country. Ice hockey first was played in Canada back in 1862 and many people grow up watching or playing the game with their friends. This country has always dominated in ice hockey, ever since the iconic Stanley Cup was inaugurated back in 1893. It is clear that no other sport stands a chance in Canada when compared to ice hockey. Opportunities for Fans Canadians love to play ice hockey but they also love to fiercely support their favourite teams. While the excitement of having your team win is often enough for some people, others have found opportunities to maximise their enjoyment thanks to betting odds. It is now possible to use a site like Unibet Canada or similar to place a bet on a winning team and make some money along the way. These opportunities and the growth of the betting industry has led to even more interest in the sport. The Ice Hockey Community Another reason why ice hockey is so popular in Canada is that there is a strong community of fans. The atmosphere at an ice hockey match in Canada is unbeatable and many people try to make every single game by buying season tickets. Yes, there are some strong rivalries between the largest teams but the community is also quite supportive when it needs to be. Many people get into supporting a certain team as a result of family tradition and this can bring people together. Anyone Can Play Finally, ice hockey is still extremely popular to this day because really anyone can play. Canada has tons of ice rinks and outdoor areas that Canadians can use to practise their skating skills or shooting. This means that many people grow up playing ice hockey at school or in their free time with friends. Parents love to teach their skills how to play ice hockey and this has led to its popularity continuing for many years. Final Verdict As you can see, there are many reasons why ice hockey has continued to be so popular since it first appeared in Canada back in 1862. This sport has a strong community and the opportunities for fans to get involved and make some money along with their favourite teams are quite impressive. If you aren’t an ice hockey fan, it might be time to give it another chance.      

Are you a Canadian resident looking for some exciting gaming adventure online? Casino games are some of the best you can find. Apart from the entertainment aspect of playing online casino games, you also have the chance to win a tidy sum while you are at it. Casino games are allowed in Canada, which means you can access licensed offshore casino websites from the comfort of your home or on the go in Canada and play any game of your choice. If you are new to casino games or new to Canada and you want to know the options of casino games that are open to you, read this post for a summary of the best option. You can find all these popular games at one of the best online casinos in Canada. If you are not familiar with the games, you can start by playing for free before you start playing for real money. So, what are the most popular online casino games in Canada that offer great entertainment? Top Casino Games in Canada Slots First on the list are slot machines. Slots are the favorite of many players, thanks to their ease of play. The game comes with spinning reels and all you have to do is spin the wheels and wait patiently to see whether or not you have won. Now, this does not mean that there are no rules to the game. There are thousands of slot titles at online casinos in Canada and each title has its themes and rules. So, it is recommended that you play for free while you learn the rules before you start playing for real money. The slot machines come with various themes, including movie-themed slot games and progressive slots, which allow you to win huge jackpots. Blackjack Blackjack combines skills, better judgment, and luck. You must have all three in abundance to enjoy and win at the game. Thankfully, there are free-play options, which allow you to play without making any payment at the casino site until you are confident about your skill. Just like there are numerous variants of slots, Blackjack also has numerous variants and you can find them all at some of the best online casinos in Canada. Roulette Roulette has become one of the most popular online casino games over time. It comes in three different types and these are French Roulette, European Roulette, and American Roulette. Each type has its strategy and rules. Players must get comfortable with their choice of games before they put money into the game. Baccarat This is another card game that is very popular at online casinos in Canada. Players have great opportunities to win in this game if they can develop the skill and strategies to beat the house to its game. You will find this game at some of the best online casinos that enjoy high traffic. Poker Finally on the list of the most popular online casino games in Casino is poker. The fact is that poker is the most popular casino game online that you can play for real money. You have the opportunity to play tournament games and cash games. You also have the chance to play free games while you grow your skill to become a professional. Conclusion These are the five most popular online casino games that you can try your hands on in Canada. If you are new to casino games, you should try to play the free games before you put your money to avoid losing because of your lack of skills.      

During the second quarter of 2021 Esports continues to attract significant investor interest. Competitive video gaming and Esports Betting have been growing in recent years and by 2025 the industry will be worth an estimated $13 billion. Esports is seen as one of the fastest-growing technological industries at the moment and many investors are interested in buying shares of these companies.  Esports Entertainment was the first to be traded on Nasdaq while in December 2020 Skillz Inc. joined the New York Stock Exchange. In April 2021 Esports Technologies was listed on Nasdaq and game publisher Unity Software Inc keeps trading on the NYSE.  Good Gamer Corp, an Esports technology and fantasy gaming company, is planning to go public with Credent Capital Corp through an amalgamation agreement. The company’s platform gives iOS and Android game publishers an opportunity to capitalize on their skill-based mobile games by integrating Good Gamer’s software into their games and offer real-money competitions.  It also connects gamers to participate in multi-player tournaments for real-money prizes. Their Tournament Management Platform can cater to all popular gaming genres reaching many people across the globe. Good Gamer is planning to go public on the Toronto Venture Exchange after the amalgamation agreement is signed with the capital pool company, Credent Capital Corp. “The online gaming industry has exponentially grown due to COVID-19 as more people stay at home and play mobile games to entertain themselves,” says Good Gamer CEO Charlo Barbosa. “This market is ripe for another player to enter this fast-paced industry.” The Esports industry was already gaining popularity before the coronavirus pandemic, however, the lockdown measures turned masses of gamblers and sports fans in the direction of Esports when traditional sporting events were being cancelled. Revenues from Esports surpassed $950 million in 2020 and we saw several new publicly traded companies appear on the market. Skillz Inc. went public in December 2020 on the NYSE with a valuation of $3.5 billion. The mobile multiplayer platform outperformed analysts’ expectations for the first quarter of 2021 and has just signed a multi-year agreement with the NFL.  Esports Technologie is a company that offers online sports betting. Its IPO got a hot start on Nasdaq, shortly after it relaunched, a betting destination that is available in more than 140 worldwide jurisdictions. Esports Entertainment (also traded on Nasdaq), is a US wagering platform dedicated to Esports. The company has been going strong even before the pandemic and has been performing well on the stock market; it recently got a boost when it was suggested that video game retailer GameStop should buy Esports Entertainment. NYSE listed Unity Software is one of the biggest winners of the Esports market. The game engine developer is the pillar of many mobile games across a range of platforms. It went public in September 2020 and announced a $772.4 million for 2020 which is a 43% increase from the 2019 figures. Furthermore, Unity Software’s game developers will now be able to add tournament functionality to the Good Gamer TMP.

Having transformed from the main trading port of Canada in the 1800s to Canada’s major metropolitan centre, Toronto is one of the most historically rich cities in Canada. With its abundant history, comes a never ending supply of cultural and historic sites, museums and buildings to visit, all with a unique contribution to the city as we know it today. In addition, Toronto has a bustling arts culture, with everything from world renowned fine arts museums to internationally touring live musicians. This guide will lead you to the best historical, artistic and musical attractions in Toronto. HISTORY Start from the beginning and discover the city through its past, by reading these 3 comprehensive and insightful articles into Toronto’s history. For decades, the graffiti scene has been thriving in Toronto, adorning the alleyway brick walls and the subway station surfaces with street art of all forms, from tagging to intricately designed murals. Today, in the digital age, the mysterious culture of graffiti is seemingly withering away, and transitioning into a culture motivated more so by public recognition and commission, as opposed to the very act of making art that livens the city. Click here to read more about the evolution of graffiti in Toronto. Josia Henson, a Black man born into the slave trade in Maryland in 1789, sought freedom in 1830, and made his way up north to Canada, where he settled in the small town of Dresdan, just outside of Toronto. The trailblazer later took on the courageous act of traveling back to the south to rescue other enslaved people, and brought them back to Dresden. Here, he went on to found the British-American Institute of Science And Industry, a technical school aimed to teach former slaves real-life skills necessary to build a life for themselves as independent and free people. Click here to read more about the remarkable story of Josiah Henson. The architectural diversity of Toronto can be seen just during a day trip through the city. Its rich history provides a collage of different styles ranging from Georgian to Victorian in the residential sectors, to lofty sky scrapers and grand gothic establishments in the governmental and financial sectors. Click here to read more about the history of architecture in Toronto. Visit the Toronto Guardian website to find out more about old Toronto. TORONTO ARTISTS Marco Bertuzzo is a Toronto based artist who draws inspiration for his colourful and narrative-driven work from the European influences of his youth. As a child Marco spent summers in Europe, where he was drawn to the allegorical art of the Italian Renaissance. Today he continues to revisit this early inspiration as it resonates through his current work. Marco engages with a variety of media, including watercolour, enamel paints on transparencies, community projects, as well as his most recent interest in digital art, and he continues to pursue his creative practice in new and inspiring ways. As an artist today, Megan McCabe’s work strongly reflects her personality. Her paintings feature enigmatic, often faceless figures that echo feelings of both mystery and familiarity simultaneously. In a premeditated attempt to challenge her audience to create their own narrative, she strategically omits certain details, encouraging viewers to search for themselves and their experiences in her figures and scenes. In 1922, the Art Gallery of Toronto (now the Art Gallery of Ontario since 1966) held a memorial exhibit for Mary Hiester Reid. Both she and another female artist, Helen McNicoll, worked to fight the social norms of their time, which actively reinforced womens’ role of staying home and tending to their children. Due to this, opportunities for female artists were few as most women were not allowed to pursue studies of fine art. Although these two female artists may have fallen into obscurity for a period of time after their deaths, they still remain trail blazers in the female artist community, and helped to pave the way for other women artists of subsequent generations. Click here to read more about Mary Hiester Reid and Heather McNicoll. Visit the Toronto Guardian to find more Toronto artists. MUSIC Tarek Jafar and Justin Tessier form the Toronto duo known as The Blue Stones, and have always been certain about their passion for making music together. Since their original partnership, the pair has been writing songs and finally released their debut album Black Holes in 2018. As confident and self-assured as they are, their record was very much about the pair finding themselves, both musically and existentially, and deciding to pursue their aspirations in rock’n’roll by diving into the black hole of a musical career as opposed to a traditional, more ordinary life-path. Matt Von is a singer, songwriter and guitarist from Toronto. He released his first debut EP titled New Day in 2017, and has since been working on remaking and reintroducing his sound to the world. Music has played an important role in Matt’s life ever since he was a little boy. Guitar was the first instrument that he learned, and in tandem he developed a passion for singing, shaping him into the dynamic musician he is today. Matt has collaborated alongside his sister Sarah Jordan, and they developed a brother/sister duo called Sarah Jordan and Matt Von. Together, they have released 3 singles since March of 2019. Michael Menegon, originally born in Montreal, is Toronto-based singer and songwriter. In 2017, he released his debut album, entitled I Just Live Here. Currently, when he is not writing or recording, Menegon works with his partner in their shop in west Toronto (COCO Crafted Organic Chocolates) and plays percussion for dance classes at School of the Toronto Dance Theatre. From 1987 to 2006 he was also the co-founder and artistic director for Toronto’s fringe Festival of Independent Dance Artists (fFIDA) and executive artistic director for the Junction Arts Festival from 2007 to 2009. Visit the Toronto Guardian to find more local Toronto bands.      

Toronto is a world-leading city. In recent years. It has a strong presence across a range of industries, while growing its profile in others. Drake is the city’s ambassador on the music stage, of course, while it’s hard to ignore him when he ventures off into other areas like fashion and film. However, it’s the performances of its sportspersons on the international stage which could earn global attention in 2021. Daniel Negreanu Daniel Negreanu is one of poker’s best ever players. He has won $42 million at live poker tournaments, six World Series of Poker bracelets, and two World Poker Tour championships. He is a decorated competitor. The 46 year-old was inducted into the Poker Hall of Fame in 2014. By all accounts, it looks as if his career is starting to dwindle in the competitive game. However, it appears there’s a second leg to it. He is an avid blogger, where he posts his thoughts on the sport and other more general topics relating to life, and has recently signed with GGPoker to become an ambassador for the company. His 2020 challenge versus Doug Polk which was streamed live on YouTube suggests that Negreanu might be heading towards one-off content-led matches, bending his career towards being more of a creator, especially as the GGPoker brand has numerous sponsors who use Twitch to raise all involved’s profile. Christine Sinclair Christine Sinclair is a legend of soccer. The thirty-seven year-old is the highest-scoring international footballer in the world, of both the women’s and men’s game, 186 goals in 296 games. She is part of a select group of players to play in five FIFA World Cups too, joining the likes of Lothar Mattaus, Rafa Marquez, and Marta. She will head into the 2021 Tokyo Olympics with the national team hoping to finally win some silverware with Canada. They have a tough group as they were drawn against Great Britain, Japan, and Chile. Kylie Masse Kylie Masse is the current 100m backstroke World Champion. She has set national records with her performances and is also a world record holder. Her bronze at the Rio games in 2016 will surely look to be surpassed at Tokyo this summer. She’ll be the poster swimming for the Canadian team, as she’ll compete in the 100m and 200m backstroke, hoping to bring back gold. Jamal Murray While not born in Toronto but, rather, in nearby Kitchener, Jamal Murray came out of the end of the 2020 NBA season performing at a superstar level. His max-contract extension which was signed in the summer of 2019 was met with steep scepticism. He’d only been seen at that point as an average point guard in the league, averaging around 18 points, 4 rebounds, and 5 assists. In the 2020 playoffs, though, he showed why the Denver Nuggets had tied him down: averaging 26.5 points, 4.8 rebounds, and 6.6 assists, making clutch plays in clutch moments. His start to the 2021 season was slow. It looked as though he’d stepped back from the superstar potential he’d shown and returned to being an average player. Jokic, his Nuggets teammate, was where a lot of the attention went, instead. The Joker is a unicorn, one of the best examples of an uber-attacking center in recent years, putting him in the running for this season’s MVP. Murray’s output began to improve. He looked like he was returning to where everyone thought he would be. Sadly, in a game against the Warrior he had a non-contact injury which turned out to be a torn ACL, requiring reconstructive surgery. He will miss the remainder of the NBA season and, also, will miss out on the Olympics, with plenty of Canadians putting their hopes on Murray pushing them towards a podium finish.    

Everybody knows someone that games. Indeed, the gaming industry is growing at such a fast rate almost nobody can believe it. This is happening all around the world and it may reach over $300 billion by 2025, with billions of players all around the world enjoying a virtual experience every day. But, what is the gaming industry like in Canada? Let’s take a closer look. Why Players Love Games in Canada Gaming is becoming very popular in Canada and the industry does not look like it is going to slow down anytime soon. People are playing on all types of devices. Every type is experiencing amazing growth. We are talking about playing console games, as well as playing PC games on the internet. Why Canada Loves Games So why is Canada experiencing an explosion of gaming? There are likely many reasons for this. Generally, more people are spending time at home. They are turning to technology to keep them occupied. So, to have some fun, they are playing video games. Modern games allow a lot of versatility, which Canadians love. For example, you can play on your own at any time you want. Alternatively, you can play online and with a group of friends. The great thing about gaming in the 21st century is that you have a lot of freedom. There are so many games you can choose from that there is something for everyone. What’s more, some games mean that you do not have to leave your house to have fun. For example, there has been a huge increase in Canadians enjoying casino games. A lot of players are enjoying the fact that they can play their favourite card and table games from home, as well as pull the lever on a slot machine. In particular, gamers like how many promotions and deals are on offer when they play. This can make games more fun, as well as more profitable. Trends in the Gaming Industry There are some particular trends that are emerging in the gaming industry that should be recognized. They are taking place all over the world and this is also happening in Canada. Let’s take a look at them in some more detail. Increased Mobile Use More people than ever before are using their smartphones for gaming. This is something that has emerged in the last few years, with more mobile games available. So, players that enjoy PC and console games are now enjoying mobile games too. But, there are also people that do not normally game that are playing with their smartphones. There are many reasons for increased mobile use. For example, smartphones and games are better quality than they have been before. This means that the gaming experience has improved and there is a variety of popular games on smartphone to enjoy. This includes big titles that everybody knows on other devices. More Streaming Live streaming games are very popular. For example, a lot of people like to record themselves playing games, as well as watching other people play their favourites. It has become a whole new thing in the gaming industry. In addition, online casinos are now offering live streams of popular table games too. For example, players can enjoy having live elements to their playing experience, which can create more authenticity and fun. Use of Augmented Reality Every year, the gaming industry has to improve so that players are happy. In the age of technology, people expect the best experience. This has led to the emergence of augmented reality. So, what exactly is augmented reality? Well, it is able to create an interactive experience for players, creating a real-world environment that they can enjoy for gaming. A game that used augmented reality very successfully was Pokémon Go. This allowed players to enjoy a virtual world in a very unique way. The Emergence of Virtual Reality Again, players are looking to enjoy virtual worlds and escape from reality for a while. This has led to virtual reality being used in the gaming industry. This often involves using headsets and some famous models you may have heard about before including Oculus Rift. When players have this equipment, they can be transported into a whole new world like they are in the game. More Free-to-Play Games Several years ago, you had to purchase every game before you could play. This was true whether you bought a CD game or if you bought the game on the internet. There was always a price tag attached. But, things started to change recently. Now, there is a lot of free-to-play game models going around. In other words, players could enjoy the games for free. It was free to register and a lot of the content was available without having to pay any amount of money. For example, Fortnite is an example of an exceptionally popular free-to-play model. Of course, this is a trend that a lot of players benefit from. They do not have to spend a penny to play. But, not a lot of people realize that free-to-play games are actually very profitable. The reason this happens is because players are able to make in-game purchases. They are more likely to do this when a game is free-to-play in the first place. The purchases are not normally expensive, which means players make them frequently and do not feel like they are spending a lot of money. What’s more, they can enhance gameplay. Will the Gaming Industry Continue to Grow? It does not look like the gaming industry or Canada is going to slow down any time soon. The statistics find that it is likely the gaming industry will continue to grow for many years to come. All of the trends we have spoken about, such as virtual reality and free-to-play games are likely to drive excitement and not slow down the growth. Indeed, it is likely that new trends are going to merge every few months that will be interesting to keep up with.    

Toronto has always represented a veritable hive of activity. Its unique position in the world of commerce is routinely attributed to many factors, from its multiculturalism to the emphasis many of its key players have come to place on cutting-edge research, and together they have come to create a city which features high on the list of expert talent from across the globe. For the past year or so, it has been growing increasingly clear that Toronto has been brought rapidly to the very forefront of the tech industry, with global players finding their home within the city and, as a result, opening up new avenues for talent to descend on the city further, and continue on the legacy it had already begun to forge for itself. Now, however, it is clear that the city remains primed and ready for further growth – and as though the 2020s will spell a protracted period of change, positive upheaval, and technological development for Toronto. Read more below. It Offers a Thriving Hub for Game Development At this point in time, there exists an incredibly long list of game developers working in Toronto. From big, household names like Zynga, Ubisoft, Rockstar and StudioMDHR to indie projects like Laundry Bear Games and Clapfoot Games, the city represents a hive for creatives of all interests. For the players themselves, the impact of this growing playing field has meant that the parameters are forever widening. Titles and sites that have proven immensely popular in other regions have found a significant player base in Toronto, and the rest of the country at large. For instance, the massively popular playing site only opened its doors to Canadian players relatively recently, and already it has made waves within this userbase, and grown to be one of the highest-traffic destinations online today. We are all by now aware that recent years have brought remarkable progress to the global gaming industry, with interest and revenues sky high, and a huge boost of potential for developers in the form of improved hardware. This growth has brought a wealth of new opportunities to locations across the globe, and there are few examples better than Toronto. It is Ready for Silicon Valley’s Arrivals It has been common knowledge – at least within tech circles – that Silicon Valley may well have moved beyond its peak, and that many companies are now looking beyond its sun-soaked hills to other areas of the world where development and innovation are better served. In a recent article penned by Yung Wu, CEO of MaRS Discovery District in Toronto, he explains why those companies who were once thriving within California would be far better served by a chance of pace, such as the one offered by Toronto. The city’s unique ecosystem is, he argues, precisely what the tech sector needs in order to launch itself into a new age, rather than stagnating within old ways, and old problems. The Start-Up Ecosystem Represents a Cornerstone of the Tech Industry It is, of course, very easy to measure the value of a tech ecosystem by its key players. A heavy presence from the globe’s indomitable giants, like Google, Apple and Amazon, will naturally serve to propel any location into the public eye, and ensure a much greater sway within the global tech industry. There is, however, a great deal to be said for the health of any country or city’s start-up ecosystem, and its ability to bring forward an entire industry if given the space and support it needs to prosper. Now, at this point in time, Toronto’s start-up ecosystem is currently ranked number one within the country, and Canada itself falls in at number 24 in the world. What this means is that new worldviews and new ideas are being pushed to the fore with the same enthusiasm Toronto is able to lend to its key players – and the output is better for it.    

Meta: Are you thinking about visiting Las Vegas over the next year? Find out whether we think Las Vegas is really worth the trip or not here in this article. If you live in Toronto, you probably already know just how exciting this city is. There really is so much to do but yet, people still decide to travel to the USA and other countries around the world to see what is on offer. Yes, it can be good to experience new cultures and learn about the world but are big, expensive travel destinations like Las Vegas or London really worth the trip? In this guide, we thought we’d look at Las Vegas in more detail and discuss what you should consider before jetting off there. Read on to hear our thoughts. It Has A Buzz About It As Las Vegas is one of the most popular tourist destinations around the world, you’ll find that at certain times of year, it has a certain buzz around it. You’ll find the hustle and bustle can be really exciting and this is why many people go. Imagine walking down the Vegas Strip at night, surrounded by locals and tourists from around the world. However, it should also be noted that the buzz and atmosphere in Las Vegas can often disappear during the day. Yes, there are activities that you can do such as visiting the Grand Canyon but many tourists who have been, note that it lost its sparkle during the day. The World’s Biggest Casino on Offer One of the main reasons that Canadians and people from Toronto specifically tend to visit Las Vegas is due to the impressive casinos that are on offer. This city is known for its famous and grand locations that also feature hotels, bars and entertainment venues. You can easily walk from casino to casino and try out everything that there is to offer, as long as you are over 21 of course. On the other hand, online gaming has really skyrocketed over recent years with more games available from your home in Toronto. These days, you can enjoy playing at with real equipment and dealers, without having to visit Vegas at all. This is something to consider if the gambling is your reason for going. Mixing With The Rich and Famous Toronto is certainly a place where celebrities like to visit, especially during the Toronto Film Festival. However, if you want to mix with the rich and famous, you’ll want to visit Las Vegas. Many celebrities not only visit Las Vegas on a regular basis but they also live there or have residencies at the top entertainment venues. You might even be able to catch your favourite musician on stage at a show when you visit. If mixing with the rich and famous isn’t really your thing, Las Vegas might not be for you. This city is filled to the brim with people hoping to spend big on the casinos and the hospitality and so things will come at a cost. Make sure to consider this if you are thinking about heading to Las Vegas on a trip this year. Las Vegas Strip March 2020 — Ed Komenda (@ejkomenda) March 12, 2021 Final Summary Las Vegas might appear to be one of the best locations that you can visit around the world but there are some drawbacks that you should be aware of. Why not spend some time in Toronto seeing the local attractions? Or you could head to South East Asia and experience an entirely new culture. Don’t just visit Las Vegas because someone told you it would be great. Sure, you might have a good time but if you don’t enjoy the high life, it might not be the best location for you.    

When there’s a legal case on the horizon and you need a good lawyer for representation, what do you do next? Good representation is critically important when you need the right defence to win any case brought against you. So, if you find yourself in some legal hot water, here’s how to choose a lawyer to represent your interests. How Many Years Have They Been a Practicing Lawyer? As Edelson Law Barristers will tell you, a law firm is the sum of the experience of all the lawyers at the firm. It’s not about just your preferred attorney because they count on the whole firm. So, the sum of the years of legal involvement in pursuing cases, seeking settlements, and taking cases to court adds up. For instance, a certain lawyer may represent clients for criminal cases but still consult with other attorneys in the firm to get their take on things, double-check a legal position, and for support. They’re not flying alone, and this improves the quality of their representation. Do They Have Technological Sophistication? While they’re lawyers, they now rely on technology within the industry. Firstly, many legal cases involve technology and so the law firm and the lawyer must be able to grasp the specifics of it. For instance, if a case rests on the difference between one technology and another, they need to understand those subtleties. If they’ll call on technology experts to explain it, they’ll still need to digest that explanation and appreciate its relevance to the legal case. Secondly, legal firms must use technology to perform legal-related and general research. They also need to keep client files confidential, securely use the cloud, and avoid any data protection issues. Client confidentiality is paramount, and no slip-ups are permissible. Do They Have a Successful Track Record? The lead attorney on a case should have a track record. Usually, if they’re just getting started, then they will be playing second fiddle to a more senior partner with decades of legal practice under their belt. What you don’t want is to be stuck with someone very new. Following their time dealing with legal matters, is their track record successful? Have they effectively tried cases in court? Or have they gotten good settlements on previous ones? What can they show in solid outcomes that provide reassurance that you’ll be in good hands? Do They Carry Malpractice Insurance? It’s always good to see when a law firm or a solo lawyer carries malpractice insurance. It provides cover against unexpected issues while working on legal cases. Included in most policies is general liability insurance that protects the lawyer from lawsuits for injuries or damage to property. Commercial property insurance also covers the practice offices. For the client, it’s useful to know that the law firm or lawyer has this type of insurance. If another client wants to make legal trouble for their lawyer, they’ll still be able to continue to represent you. As such, any outside actions are far less likely to derail your case. Choosing the right lawyer is critical to getting effective representation. It can help to protect your rights and achieve the best possible outcome.    

Casino games can be a lot of fun to play, but players can often be left wishing they could play a little longer. When you play for real money, your game time is limited by your bankroll, which is the amount of cash you have available to wager. As you bet, this will decrease, although wins will add to it over time. Most players enjoy casino games because of how exciting they can be, especially if you’re lucky enough to win big money. While casino games are fun, it’s important to always make sure you’re playing responsibly. Remember to check the return to player rate before you play, and make sure you’re not betting more than you can afford to lose. You should also know that while some casino games have an element of skill, most are based around luck, and there isn’t a way to game the system. That said, there are still ways you can prolong your game and make your bankroll last longer while playing. Slow Down Your Play A lot of casino games are designed to be played quickly, allowing you to stake a large amount of money in a short time. Online slots Canada are a good example of games where you can easily burn through your entire bankroll in no time at all if you aren’t careful. If you want to make your game last longer, take your time to spin the reels and make sure you don’t have the turbo settings activated. You can also take frequent breaks, stopping after a certain number of spins or once you reach a certain point in the game. Playing slower paces games such as table games can also be an option but stay clear of multihand games, which will once again allow you to burn through your bankroll very quickly. A thinking game such as Video Poker or Blackjack could be a good option, as you’ll need to think about the best move before you play. Lower Your Stake This one is fairly obvious, but if you want your game to last longer, it’s the best option. Casino games allow you to change your stake easily, cycling through the different options. If the betting options are still too high, try looking for a different game that allows you to set a lower stake. All casino games should indicate their minimum and maximum bets in the game information, which will allow you to make the right choice on which game you play. Playing with lower stakes means you generally won’t win as much, but it’s still a lot of fun all the same. There are lots of slots and table games out there that let you play from as little as one cent per spin or per hand. Remember that if your bankroll is going down too fast, you can always lower it further or find a new game. Claim Casino Bonuses Casino bonuses are a great way of prolonging your game time, allowing you to essentially play for free instead of risking your own money. Most online casinos offer some kind of bonus offer to new players, and you can also find lots of regular promotions available at most sites too. Bonuses come in all shapes and sizes, including free spins, matched deposit bonuses, and even no deposit bonuses. Make sure you always check the terms and conditions of the bonus carefully before you claim it. Most casino bonuses come with wagering requirements, which you’ll need to complete before you withdraw your bonus or any winnings you make from it. You can usually check the status of your wagering requirement in your account details.      

Although we may not have had any opportunities to watch our favourite Toronto teams in person last year, we can bet on them. But what Toronto franchise – of the major three –  is the best to bet on this year at Canadian Sportsbooks – whether it is to win any given night or to bring a chip back to Toronto.  The Top Spot Goes to Toronto Maple Leafs  What a great time it is to be a Toronto Maple Leafs fan – minus not being able to attend home games. The team is kicking butt in the All-Canadian Division, starting the year with an 11-2-1 record – thanks to the stellar play from their prized young stars. Mitchell Marner is averaging 1.50 points per game – which equates to 123 points over an 82-game season (which only trails Doug Gilmour’s record-setting 127 points in 1992-93). Matthews is on pace for 47.4 goals this season – seven off the club’s record of 54 set by Rick Vaive in 1983-84. Of course, that record came in a full NHL season. Add in some solid goaltending and the fact Toronto does not need to play the Boston Bruins until the Conference Finals – and this is shaping up to be the best Leafs team in two decades.  The Maples Leafs are also lucky – so far – to not have to deal with any rescheduling. If they can make it out of the North Division, they have more left in the tank than the Americans teams left in the playoffs – as many of them are currently dealing with many postponements. The Always Reliable Toronto Raptors Come in Second  After a sluggish start to the 2020-21 NBA season – which we can blame partly on the team readjusting to life and playing in a new city – the Toronto Raptors are starting to roll. The guards – Kyle Lowry and Fred VanVleet, are both playing at or near All-Star every night. Pascal Siakim is making teams pay in the paint. Add in Norm Powell, and Chris Boucher – two of the most underrated players in the NBA – the Raptors are a good team. The Raptors still face the same challenges any NBA without multiple All-NBA players do – but with the scrappy core they have and Nick Nurse’s coaching abilities, they are a tough out any night and always a threat in the playoffs.   The Young Toronto Blue Jays Finish in a Strong Third  The young Toronto Blue Jays exceeded expectations last season, posting a 32-28 record and a winning percentage of .533 – the club’s fourth-best winning percentage since 1999. The club has been busy this offseason – adding George Springer to the biggest contract in team history and signing Marcus Semien to a one-year deal, hoping he can recapture his 2019 form (when he finished third in AL MVP voting).  The young players should only look better in 2021. While they lost to the Tampa Bay Rays 2-0 in the first round of the MLB playoffs, the young core’s experience is what matters most from last season.  Pitching is still a question mark for the Toronto Blue Jays. The Jays have their ace in Hyun Jin Ryu  – who is coming off consecutive top-three CY Young finishes, but after him, there are some question marks in the rotation.  The answer to one of those questions would be a healthy and ready Nate Pearson. Pearson is considered by many as the Blue Jays top-ranked prospect – even if he did play in the Majors last season. Pearson can hit 100+ with his fastball, but his career-high 101.2 innings pitched in the Minors may limit his exposure in 2021. If the Jays re-sign Taijuan Walker (who posted a stellar 1.57 ERA with the team) or sign James Paxton and Steve Matz (who they acquired from the Mets this offseason) plays close to 2016 form, the Blue Jays may have enough pitching to complement their offence.  While it may not add up to enough to win the World Series, it should be enough for the Jays to be competitive in the AL East and fight for a second straight Wild Card spot.

Toronto is not exactly known as a gambling capital, but it is certainly more than average. Over the past year, there have been some notable developments for gambling enthusiasts in the city. This news is not just about free casino slots, extra high bonuses, or support for cryptocurrency. There are significant changes that should interest those who are fond of gambling. Sports betting legalization Sports gambling may finally see the light in 2021. The President and CEO of the Canadian Gaming Association, Paul Burns, said that there has been progress in the campaign to legalize sports betting. Late last year, the Liberal administration introduced a new bill that intends to modify laws that ban wagering on sports events. At present, all provinces of Canada follow the legal restriction on single-event betting. Referred to as Bill C-13, the bill creates a significant opportunity for the modernization of the gaming industry. It has already passed through the first reading in December. Observers think that it may be passed into law by March. Once the bill becomes a law, provinces will then have to come up with their respective regulations and licensing schemes. If this happens, it will not only be sports betting enthusiasts who get to benefit. The government stands to generate from the $14 billion worth of wagers that go to black and grey markets every year. The risks of gambling indubitably exist, but it will be difficult to dismiss the benefits. Great Canadian Gaming acquisition Great Canadian Gaming will soon have to bid the Toronto Stock Exchange goodbye after it was purchased by an Apollo Global Management fund. The Supreme Court of British Columbia has already given the go signal for the takeover. The gambling company was acquired for a price of $45 per share. The acquisition deal started before the pandemic hit Canada. Shareholders were still undecided in proceeding with the sale. Things changed when the coronavirus threat started spreading. Around 79% of shareholders decided to approve the sale in the last week of December. Apollo also offered an increase of 15% for the takeover price. Ontario gamers can look forward to a new Great Canadian Gaming as the purchase will likely result in improved services and facilities. Toronto’s sports betting warrior With sports betting about to be legalized in Canada, the biggest players in the field are poised to dominate. DraftKings, FanDuel, and William Hill Plc, in particular, are seen as the biggest gainers. Canadian players, however, are not going without a fight. And Toronto has a standard-bearer in Score Media Gaming Inc. Score Media and Gaming may be a dwarf against the giants, but it has the advantage of being homegrown and more connected to local gambling enthusiasts. It also has the experience that comes along with the development of TheScore Bet, a sports betting service that is already active in Canada. The Canadian gambling scene is changing, and many think that the changes have been for the better. These recent developments that affect Toronto gaming are largely good news for everyone.    

Making payments in the modern world is a much more varied interaction than it was in the past. The COVID-19 pandemic, in particular, has changed the way that many residents of Toronto will perform their transactions in the long term. Indeed, there are a significantly higher number of ways to make payments now than at any other time in history. This means that it can sometimes be difficult for people to choose what method they would like to use. In order to help make the right choice, we have gone over all of the most important ways to make a payment that are available. Whether you’re shopping at one of Toronto’s brick-and-mortar retail outlets or online, read on for insight into the different ways to pay and the positives and negatives for each. Bank transfers Bank transfers are mainly used for online shopping and other online vendors. It’s rarely an option that’s available in a brick-and-mortar outlet. A bank transfer works by sending funds directly from your bank account to the account where you are shopping – so if you have purchased an item from an online seller, you might transfer the money into their bank account. This could also be used when playing at online casinos. Here, you would make a bank transfer to the casino account. Once this has been done, the money will be instantly available in your casino account. It might not be transferred from your bank account right away, but due to markers that the bank uses, this money would be marked as used and you won’t be able to spend it. However, because the money has been marked, you can start using it instantly at the online casino. The positives of bank transfers are that they allow for instant payments to be made and they have excellent safety in place. When it comes to negatives, they do take longer than other payment methods for withdrawals or refunds to be processed. Debit card and credit card payments These are probably the most common methods of payment that are available to people in Toronto. While Visa and Mastercard are generally the most common names associated with this method, the debit system in Canada is actually operated by Interac. While Interac actually has its own specific debiting method, which we will cover in more detail later, within Canada, debiting is carried out by the network. Most shops, both brick and mortar vendors and online, allow people to use debit cards to make payments. A debit card works by debiting your bank account directly when you purchase something. This works in a similar manner to the market system that bank transfers use, and as such, if you make a deposit at an online casino, you will be able to start playing right away. Credit cards make payments in a similar manner – the difference is that you will be provided with a line of credit when using a credit card. Obviously, this will acquire interest as you play. Some online casinos don’t allow credit cards as part of socially responsible gambling regulations. Other than this, it makes a deposit in the same manner as a debit card. The positives of debit and credit cards are that they are simple to use, make fast deposits, and have excellent security in place. In terms of negatives, withdrawals and refunds take quite a while. On top of this, credit cards accrue interest if you don’t pay them off on time. E-wallets E-wallets are becoming a much more popular way to make payments for users all over Toronto. At this moment in time, there are very few brick and mortar outlets in the city that allow purchasers to use e-wallets for payments. However, online retailers are allowing e-wallets much more regularly. PayPal is obviously the most famous e-wallet that’s in operation. However, Skrill, Interac and Neteller all have their own e-wallet option available. What e-wallets offer is the ability for customers to make both deposits and withdrawals instantly. It means that waiting days or even weeks for a refund or withdrawal to be processed is no longer an issue when using an e-wallet. At online casinos, players are able to use a large range of different e-wallets in order to make payments. Interac is one of the most popular e-wallets for players in Toronto due to it being behind the debit system within Canada. However, other options are available if players don’t have an Interac e-wallet. The positives for e-wallets are that they tend to have high levels of security in place and they allow for extremely fast withdrawals to be processed. In terms of negatives, they’re not fully available everywhere at the moment, so you might have to use another method if your favoured site doesn’t cover e-wallets. Cryptocurrency This is the least common method of payment at this moment in time. In fact, making payments using cryptocurrency is extremely difficult at brick-and-mortar outlets within Toronto. While there are some cryptocurrency wallets that allow people to have a debit card that will make an instant conversion from crypto to Canadian dollars when you make a payment, this isn’t truly using crypto for a payment. This is mainly because it will incur an exchange charge, which does remove some of the benefits that crypto offers. Crypto is much more common in the online space. People are mostly able to use it at online casinos, which tend to have a much larger take-up of crypto payment methods than other online retailers. As the price of crypto fluctuates a lot more than more traditional currency, it can be a little more volatile as a payment method, but it is becoming more popular and more stable over time. Bitcoin is obviously the most famous crypto on the market, but there are lots of others, all offering slightly different services to people. The positives of crypto payments are that you can make deposits and withdrawals instantly and you have anonymity when using it. The negatives mainly focus on how volatile it is – your payment for an item could conceivably have cost double the next day if the price changes rapidly, so it can be a risk to use it for payments.

Canada is not one of the countries that have a very clear gambling culture. As the poker craze lingered over the years, and as the government of different countries adopted less rigorous regulations as it concerned gambling, the country has gradually developed the culture. Fast forward a few years and Canada has massively outdone the US in terms of gambling legislation. Players who seek an online gambling experience can do so at traditional casinos online or at some of the sites you can find here, which offer players the chance to enjoy real money games like jackpot and more. This is why we’ve put together a list of the top 5 online and offline gamblers that are based in Canada. This list comprises people that were born in the country and those that moved to the country, and their amazing gambling stories. Guy Laliberté – Born in Quebec City in 1959 He was a professional poker player, and bloomed late in the world of professional poker because he was busy establishing the Cirque du Soleil in his prime. He later took home $696,220 at the Bellagio in Las Vegas. He had an iconic poker career because he donates most of his winnings to charity. It was in 1984 that Guy and a few of his partners established the Cirque du Soleil, and this experienced so much success that the government of Canada was pushing for it to get to other provinces. Through this project, he made a huge amount of money, and that is also why many people may not understand easily why he surfaced in the poker world later. After winning huge money in 2007, many offers to play on the season 4 of the GSNs high stakes poker series started coming his way. He also took part in Poker after Dark Season 4. It’s good to note that Laliberte later transformed into a huge philanthropist, establishing a charity outreach named Big One, through which he purchased up to $1 million dollars ticket for charity in the World Series of Poker of 2012. Some of the revenue from this went to the One Drop Foundation. The tournament saw up to 48 players compete, and a total of $5,333,328 donated to charity. Evelyn NG – Born in Quebec City in 1959 She played professional poker live and online, and qualifies to be on this list for multiple reasons. A calculation of her total winnings in live poker reveals that it exceeds $375,000. She gained popularity in 2003 after defeating many poker players from America, including the popular Kathy Liebert, Jennifer Harman and Annie Duke. At some point, she was in a relationship with the famous poker player, Daniel Negreanu. In Canada, she ranks among the top players of the game. She has an over aggressive playing style that made her famous. In principle, PokerStars sponsored her, but that stopped when she joined team Bodog. Her presence is felt both in the online and in person poker world. She had her best performance in the main event of the WSOP, where she took the 238th position out of the 6,844 people that took part. Daniel Negreanu – Born In Toronto, Ontario In 1974 He is a professional player of the poker game, and does so both on and offline, in both cash games and tournaments. Now, many people may ask why he deserves to be mentioned here, and the answer to that question is that no one deserves to be on this list more than him. Daniel is the most accomplished of all poker players in Canada, having won up to 6 WSOP bracelets. He also won the award of the player of the year for Card Player Magazine in 2004, and took home 2WPT titles too. One thing Daniel is known for is his colorful way of playing. In fact, many people regard him as one of the most colorful players in the world of poker. When they are down to the big pots, he enjoys starring at and taking out his opponent. That is his strategy, and it has worked for him as he has earned a total of $32m from his poker career. Apart from his exploits on the live casino games, he has also done great things on the online version of the game, and this has earned him a place that is well honored among the team poker stars representatives. John Lefebvre – Born In Calgary In 1951 He focuses more on online gambling. He is another person that deserves a sort of administrative position on the list because he developed a presence in other businesses before delving into poker. It would also be noted that we are talking about the founder of Neteller – the premier web money transfer system for online gambling here. One more thing, he may be the only name on this list that has been nabbed by the police. He was into many businesses before delving into poker, and his careers include e-wallet developer, retired lawyer, entrepreneur, composer, and singer, plus a convicted felon. Now, not minding his other ventures, he deserves to be here for co-founding Neteller in 2009. He was noticed by the federal authorities of the United States because of his online payment activities, and that saw him earn a jail term for illegal online gambling activities and money laundering.  The case was later closed when he paid a settlement amount. David Baazov – Born In Israel in 1980, and Raised In Montreal David Baazov earns a mention here because he is the current CEO of Amaya Gaming Group. This stands as the largest online gambling firm in the entire world. He made Canada a center of gambling when he bought over the two biggest online poker rooms, PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker. An article about him was published by Forbes in 2014, where he was referred to as an online gambling’s young king. He came from an orthodox Jewish home in Israel, but moved to Canada at the age of one. He was very good in mathematics while in school, lost interest in Judaism at 16, and was thrown out of the family house when he told his parents.  He broke even when he was given a huge project to work on with computer sets in the public library of Montreal at the price of $20,000,000.  This made him decide to become a software developer, leading him to create the electronic poker table where he can play poker with no human dealer. This gave birth to Amaya, and the firm grew to become so profitable that he staked his claim in the online gambling business with the profits.    

More and more of us are keeping a closer eye on our health than we might have done previously. Here are some of the best things you can do to ensure that you are keeping yourself as healthy as possible both inside and out. Find Exercise That Suits You One of the most important things that you need to do first is find the brand of exercise that suits you. Exercise helps to raise our heart rates and keep us feeling healthy and strong. However, this does not mean that you have to head to the gym to start lifting heavy weights, or start training for a marathon. There are so many types of exercise out there that it should be easy for you to find one that suits you and your lifestyle. Some people like hiking, others like dancing, others might want to look into a team sport. There is no end to the things that you could try, and all of it means that you are going to be getting a little bit healthier. Regular Check-ups Whether it is with your local doctor or with the best dentist Port Credit has to offer, you should think about engaging in regular check-ups to ensure that your health is the best it can be. There are some things that you might not notice about yourself that a healthcare professional could pick up on. This means that it can quickly be rectified before it becomes more of a health issue for you. Even visits to your chiropractor or massage therapist could be here. They will be able to soothe some of the aches and pains your body might be feeling. If you engage with a lot of sports, this might be just the thing you need to make you feel a lot better. Choose the Right Diet Most of the time, the food we eat can have a massive effect on our overall health. You need to make sure that you are getting all the nutrients you need in the right way. This can look very different for two people, so it is important that you find what works best for you. For example, some people might have allergies that restrict what they can eat. Others might find that six small meals a day work better for them as opposed to the classic three. You need to experiment a little with your eating habits to be able to truly find what is going to work for you. Fuelling your body correctly is always going to be a necessary part of keeping yourself healthy. Being healthy inside and out requires a lot of dedication. You need to be prepared to get in tune with your body so you can make changes to your diet or exercise regimes as needed. If you are able to do so, you should be able to ensure that you are the healthiest you have ever felt, both inside and out.    

For Canadian gamers, and many global ones, casinos and luxury go hand in hand. They are synonymous. Men stroll around the floor in tuxedos. Women dressed in elegant ballgowns survey their cards. Players are referred to as sir or madam. Well-lit rooms cause chandeliers to sparkle. Marble pillars support the lower parts of domed, chiselled ceilings. It is grand. It is luxurious. It is part of the drama of the casino experience. Land-based casinos cultivated this, and online casinos have sought to replicate it. The experience is the experience and customers don’t want to compromise because they are playing online. Therefore, online casinos have utilized techniques to develop luxury for their customers. Website Design Opening up an online casino’s websites should feel like rolling up to the Caesars Windsor, Ontario in a Mercedes Benz S Class. Those first impressions are everything. The website’s home page must signal luxury straight away. Often, designers keep the website simple. It is modern, but not excessive. Button and hover animations are kept to a necessary functions, rather than a performance. Tabs are clearly described to enable customers to ease themselves to where they want to be. While explaining this simplicity, there is the suggestion that websites favour function over aesthetics. This is simply not the case. As mentioned, first impressions are key. Aesthetics are an essential factor in determining whether a customer will trust or distrust a website. This might seem like a flippant thing to do, but it isn’t. This is normal practice and an effective way customers dismiss websites in favour of others. To instil that feeling of luxury which the customer desires, colour is key. Black – the sleek black of tuxedos and luxury cars – is often chosen for a website’s design the goal of luxury. It is a colour with a long association to luxury. There is a strength to the colour, despite its neutrality. Within designs, it is eye-catching. However, it can, also, be the base on which to use reds or greens to accent logos and call-to-action buttons (‘Join Now’, for instance), not to mention gold which another luxury colour. Games A casino’s luxury can also be determined by its games. Certain games have different experiences associated with them. Slots, for instance, are less formal and less ‘exclusive.’ In general, the slot machines are set up in rows, in land-based casinos, and the designs of the games are often associated with cartoon symbols. The luxury games are poker and roulette. The casino games online from the secure provider in Canada – – offers one of the best examples of the ways in which the allure and glamour of these games translates to the digital world. Ensuring that luxury remains even when gameplay goes remote is a fine art – and one that only the best online casinos are able to manage successfully. ‘Live’ games avoid the traditional online gaming format of web-based animation games and, instead, utilise video-chat software to livestream dealing and spins. The customer are in their own homes, playing as they would in such a surrounding, but are part of a chatroom to talk to other players, and have direct interactions with the dealer, who is a living, breathing human dressed in clothes fit for the more elegant and traditionally glamorous pieces of Toronto Fashion Week. This human touch provides the luxury. They see it. Also, they are treated and interacted with in the way they would be at land-based casinos. VIP Schemes There is a scheme which will take this attention and exclusivity to a higher degree. Online casinos have VIP schemes. These allow loyal customers to have access to VIP-only events, have promotions and reloads tailored to them, and have higher deposit and bet limits, all while a specific account manager is assigned to them so their experience is seamless, and their experience is maximized. The allure of casinos does not disappear through a web browser. People have experienced glamour via screens for years: the Oscars feel no less glamourous. It is just translated into a new format. The difference, now, is that this luxury can be participated in through a screen. The feelings are still the same, as long as online casinos make the effort and do a good job of it.    

The age of having to trek to the high street to place your sports bets for the week is well and truly over. These days, placing a bet with 1xbet and other bookmakers could not be easier thanks to a host of recent technological advancements. This new tech has helped take sports betting to the next level and things are only going to get better over the next decade. Don’t believe us? Here are five examples of how technology is helping sportsbooks improve. Mobile Technology The invention of the smartphone has been the biggest thing to happen to the sports betting industry, perhaps ever. These days, growing number of players are placing all their bets on their phone. Companies have invested significantly in created the best sports betting apps possible with accumulators, live markets and even streaming services available. What is more, this technology means that sports betting can now be done on the go. Regardless of whether punters are travelling on the bus, sat in a waiting area or lounging in their living room, provided they possess a reliable internet connection, access to all the best sports betting markets is always a few swipes away. Cryptocurrency Another technological advancement that has been seized upon by sports betting providers is cryptocurrency. The idea behind these cutting-edge currencies is simple but effective. Instead of money being issued and controlled by a centralized bank, they are instead governed by decentralized bodies. Crypto does not exist in paper form, it is entirely digital, making it perfect for online sportsbook customers. Their advantages are numerous. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies offer players unrivalled security in their transactions, as well as the ability to track how transactions are spent using blockchain technology. While others have been slow to accept cryptocurrency, sportsbooks are among the few industries to encourage its use – which has proved popular with their customers. VR Virtual reality is a scary thought to some people, but that has not stopped its expansion over the past few years. The sports betting industry have been sure to capitalize on its emergence as well. A select few bookmakers are harnessing the technology to allow punters to bet on a string of virtual, fantasy sports. These are short games of around five or six minutes which the player can experience as if they are at the stadium watching them. Included in the package are lifelike players and fans, a half time show and live statistics. It feels very much like the real thing and it will be interested to see how the technology develops in the future. Social Media Although it may not seem like it, social media has also been an important technological tool for online sportsbooks. As soon as a social media platform took off, sports betting companies were quick to create an account and use it for marketing purposes. Whether it be coordinated campaigns or simply reacting live to the biggest sporting events, companies soon attracted millions of followers, which created a captive audience for their advertisements.    

One of the most attractive and toured sites in the world is Canada. Casino lovers also see it as one of their most loved destinations. Different types of tourists from all over the world are welcomed to the country every year. Visiting land-based casinos has been on a decline over the last decade, due to people playing at new online casinos instead. With everything going on right now, playing from home is probably the better option and you can check out this site for detailed reviews and new casino guides. Verifiable information has it that the country plays host to more than 25 million tourists each year, and the fact is that some fascinating casinos exist in the country. The gaming industry develops the casinos in the form of a club or house where gambling activities take place.  Currently, casinos offer high standard games, and they are mostly attached to social clubs, hotels, and restaurants. The casinos have also moved to the internet where people can easily play games on them. In Canada alone, the revenue earned by casinos is more than $5000 M. In Canada, you find the highly visited casinos in the highly visited destinations, and so a list of the 10 best is given below. Casino Niagara, Ontario This could be described as one of the best in the country. The land based casino was established in 1996, and in the casino hall, you will have the chance to enjoy more than 13,000 slot machines in their 30 gambling tables. Big poker players have an equipped poker room for them here. There is also a multiple purpose sports area that amazes players. Within the casino premises, there are also 4 famous restaurants where live entertainment is also offered on weekend nights. Casino De Montreal, Quebec This casino is among the largest in the entire world, and the largest in the country. It lies within the banks of the North Dam in the city of Montreal. It is so busy that it averages up to 18,000 visitors every day. That is because the gaming tables here are more than one hundred, and there are 4 gourmet casinos in the same premises. Here, you won’t only enjoy quality games, but quality food as well. It is unique because people that are 18 years and above can easily get in and enjoy games. Caesars Windsor Hotel and Casino, Ontario This is one of the best here, and it involves both a hotel and a casino. Now, you should know that for 16 years consecutively, this hotel was regarded as the biggest in Canada by the Casino Player magazine. In the poker room, there are more than 14 tables, while the lobby has a lot of gaming tables and slot machines. There is also a sports park for extra gambling activities here, especially for those who visit with their family. Casino Rama Resort, Ontario This is where the rich and powerful enjoy gambling in Canada. This casino and hotel has been in existence for more than 20 years, delivering remarkable services to the clients. Inside the casino, there are 25,000 machines for players to choose from. Inside the venue, 8 unique restaurants are there to serve visitors great food. The game tables are 110 in number, and this makes it easy for a tournament to be held there. Evenings at the casino are sometimes made memorable by performers like Jason Derulo and Carrie Underwood. There are always some dancers to entertain you here. River Cree Resort and Casino, Alberta The region of Alberta has this as its first ever casino establishment. The slot machines here are more than 1,100, and the poker tables are up to 39, making it the best in Alberta. Visitors can get a membership card that allows them to enter free of charge, and when you visit regularly, you earn more points, and this validates your card more. Some tournaments are also held here every day. St. Eugene Golf Resort Casino, B C This is one of the most posh in the country. Here, there are 4 tables and 240 slot machines, though it does not function 24/7. The casino also has a golf course and a gourmet restaurant. The reason why this is the most visited casino in the country is because it is a combination of a posh casino and amazing scenery. The most captivating portions here are the service lobby and the off-tracking betting room. Niagara Fallsview Casino, Ontario This is one stunning view that is peculiar to Canada. The cliff which looks like a horseshoe from an aerial view makes the Niagara Falls amazing to behold. The resort was masterfully constructed along with the casino, and it harbours up to 120 tables and 3000 slots. The tables you will get here include the classics and the ‘Let It Ride’ poker versions. There are 374 luxury rooms in the hotel, coupled with the full-fledged casino. This hall won the award of the best casino in Ontario recently. River Rock Casino Resort, B C This is located in a very strategic place, just around the Vancouver National Airport. Some of the visitors from the airport normally make a stop here. In the casino, there are more than 1000 slot machines. They also have a VIP room and engage in horse racing gambling too. One thing that this casino is very popular for includes hosting the International Championship of Poker Tournament within 24 hours. It contains many luxury suites and rooms, and has classic tables like baccarat, craps, blackjack, and roulette games. Northlands Park Racetrack and Casino, Alberta This casino has a reputation that is enough to prove its worth. It lies close to the horse track. Here, house betting games are among the most popular activities. There are 550 slots and 550 tables here, the latter offering roulettes, craps, baccarats, classics, and blackjack. Tournaments and competitions are hosted weekly to entertain the visitors, and the casino’s most attractive part is the horse betting and racing. This is one you must visit if you love casinos. Medicine Hat Lodge Resort This does not connote medications and health services by medical doctors. Here, you have a 27,000 sq. ft. top class casino that has proper accommodation for families. There are waterslide parks and spas too. There are 10 classic tables here, and family packages are delivered as an integral part of the casino. Here, you can witness everything, including adults and kids playing.  Some fixed slots also abound, and on them, players enjoy games with undefined entertainment. This is seen as one of the best brick and mortar casinos in the country.    

Anyone playing in an online casino wants their transaction to be secure. Interac e-Transfer Interac Corp is a financial service provider with 30 years of experience in the market. The company has an established position and cooperates with many other payment service providers such as Scotiabank, Royal Bank of Canada, TD Canada Trust and many more. Over 60 million transactions are processed daily. In total, this makes 6 billion per year. And of course a whole range of payments for online casinos. Here you can find a list of Interac Casinos. The advantages are obvious. All payments are made via secure connections. Of course, payments can also be made in the same way. Not only does the company have a very good reputation, but it is also supported by 250 financial institutions. However, it is also important to know that there are no fees from Interac. How Interac e-Transfer works In Canada, Interac e-Transfer is often accepted as a payment method. Many international online casinos also accept this payment method. The requirements to send or request money are as follows: The user must have a cell phone number or an e-mail address The user must have a bank account with a Canadian bank. Other personal bank details do not need to be provided here. The payment method is not only very secure, but also very fast. It is suitable for payments from your own bank account to other bank accounts, to merchants or online casinos. How to deposit at an online casino with Interac e-Transfer If you want to make a deposit at an online casino with Interac e-Transfer, you must first choose from the list of available payment methods. To do so, follow the instructions on the screen. Then select the account from which you want to make the transfer. Now the amount is entered. The next step is to inform the recipient of the transaction. Within seconds the money will be credited to the casino player account. How the Casino pays out with Interac e-Transfer For the payout some online casinos also offer the Interac e-Transfer. Again, you select the payment method from the list of available options. If you have already used Interac e-Transfer when making a deposit in the casino, then you can also request the payout of the winnings. They will then be credited to your bank account accordingly. How long the processing time for the payout takes depends on the casino. Here you must remember that the payout is first checked by the casino. If the online casino has accepted the payout, the money is also credited to your bank account within seconds. Is the payment method suitable for everyone? Whether this payment method is suitable for everyone depends on personal preferences. If you want to make a quick transfer without much effort, you should choose the Interac e-Transfer. However, only those who have a Canadian bank account can use this service. In addition, all transactions appear on the bank statements. However, if you prefer that payments to online casinos are more discreet, you should perhaps better decide to use another service. The Neteller e-wallet, for example, would be suitable here. Neteller: A service that sends credit in real time Neteller is an e-wallet provider. Neteller is a large company traded on the London Stock Exchange. The head office is located on the Isle of Man. Under the Electronic Money Regulations 2011 (900015 FRN), Neteller is licensed by the FCA to issue electronic money and payment instruments. Two-factor authentication (2FA) provides the necessary security and protects against unauthorized access. Every 30 seconds, two-factor authentication generates a random code. This code must be entered in addition to the name and password when logging in. The required code is sent to the cell phone and changes every 30 seconds. Even if someone knows the password, it is still not possible for them to access the account. Registering with Neteller is very easy. Simply register for free and then enter your personal data. The account is already created and ready for use. Now all you need to do is deposit money into the account and then verify the account. The account can be used even before verification, but is then subject to a limit. Therefore it is a good idea to verify as soon as possible to increase the account limit. The Bonus Many online casinos offer a bonus. But here you should always look carefully whether the bonus conditions are linked to payment restrictions. In addition, the bonus terms and conditions also contain information on how to play the bonus money. Overall, the welcome bonuses of course always offer a great opportunity to look around the online casino and try one or another game for free.      

Winter is quite a magical time in Toronto! Freezing, but magical. The snowy atmosphere is perfect for the run up to Christmas. There are plenty of outdoor activities to do in Toronto including ice skating (which you can do during the day or even at midnight!), hiking along a snowy forest trail, or, for anyone who prefers a less adventurous outdoor activity, visiting a farmer’s market. It can get very cold in this city in winter, with temperatures sometimes falling to minus 20 and below and although outdoor activities can be very enjoyable, it can sometimes get too chilly. When it is simply too cold to be outdoors, there is also plenty of indoor fun to be had too. Stay Indoors, Stay Warm As with any large city, Toronto has a great selection of indoor activities available to enjoy. From creative options such as workshops and galleries, to cultural sights like art galleries, there is plenty to enjoy inside in the warmth during the winter months. Some of our favourites include the following: Visit one of Toronto’s many restaurants. Oakville’s Cover Bar & Restaurant is a firm favourite for its harbour views and cozy patio Try some DIY woodwork projects. There are many schools around the city that offers courses and workshops in woodwork construction Stay active and try an exciting indoor obstacle course or escape room. There are also indoor tennis courts that offer affordable drop-in rates Spend a relaxed and cozy afternoon in the Board Game Cafe Visit the AGO, the Art Gallery of Ontario. It contains over 90,000 pieces of art – that should fill an afternoon or two! For contemporary art, head to MOCA: the Museum of Contemporary Art Toronto Art lovers may also enjoy the Aga Khan Museum which presents Muslim art from all over the world, or the Gardiner Museum of pottery and porcelain To create some art of your own, visit the Paintlounge cafe where you can paint a canvas while sipping a cool beverage Explore underwater tunnels and meet the sea life at Ripley’s Aquarium Toronto is home to some excellent theatres – catch a play at a theatre like the Mirvish, Tarragon or Crow’s Theatre Toronto Woodwork When it comes to woodwork, Canada is home to some of the best craftsmen in the world and is a great place to try building your own furniture or constructing your own piece. Top tip – if you are a complete beginner at woodwork and are trying it for the first time without an instructor, you can make life easy for yourself by using a strong wood glue. However, if you live in Toronto you can attend a class or workshop. Some wood workshops offer courses in working with hand tools only, while others will teach you how to use electrical tools to carve and craft a piece from wood. Treating, waxing or varnishing wood is also covered and, at the end of the course, you get to take home your own finished table, chopping board or shelf, for example, along with a new skill. There are plenty of options available when it comes to making boring Autumn weekends more fun in Toronto. Although the choices may be somewhat more limited than usual for 2020, most businesses and organisations are open in some capacity and there is still plenty to do – both indoors and outdoors – throughout the fall and winter months, making it a great location for anyone who wants to stay active.    

The online entertainment industry is booming on all fronts. Attribute it to accessibility, user-friendliness, device affordability or a combination of these, but the fact remains: people love gambling online and the trend is projected to continue growing well into the years to come. Even traditional games such as Bingo appear to be moving in this direction. But the question is, will its modern online form overtake the tradition? Find out more as we take an in-depth look at the matter below. The latest statistics on gambling in Canada First, a brief couple of words on gambling in Canada are in order. It comes as no surprise that two thirds of Canadians picked lottery as their preferred game of choice. In contrast, only one fifth of players play casino type games. The majority of gamblers are somewhere between 35 and 50 years of age. Bingo players, specifically, tend to be above 40 on average. Interestingly, in terms of age, bingo players are not the oldest of the bunch, since slots players are averaging to be anywhere between 55 and 64 years of age. This goes to show that bingo is no longer a game for the elderly as it’s getting noticed by younger generations who love the social aspect of it. Tradition meets modern technology While the tradition offline variant of bingo yields obvious benefits (mainly socialization), those who play the game online enjoy a greater degree of flexibility. Not only time-wise, but also in terms of being able to participate with a wide variety of devices and operating systems. The underlying concept is porting the game to the browser without cutting down on its features or appeal. That way, any device with an internet browser becomes compatible, whether you’re running Windows, Linux, Android, iOS, or any other operating system. Plus, there is nothing to install, which means less time spent waiting around for the game to download and more time enjoying the action. There’s also a wide variety of games to choose from, including the likes of 75-ball, 90-ball, 9×9 grid variants, etc. Last but not least, there’s nothing stopping your social circles from entering the same room online, meaning you could gather your best friends and play at your convenience. And who could resist the temptation of spending quality time with friends from the comfort of one’s sofa? Bingo comes in many variants and captivates players of all ages. Canada’s laws on gambling tend to be on the lenient side of things, so it’s not surprising that this is a good place to be if you enjoy this activity. So in the eyes of the law, both offline as well as online bingo in Canada is positioned well and doesn’t infringe on any laws or regulations. It’s worth noting that several bingo games are organized in this country that fall under the category of charitable gambling, which is another element that’s healthy for the game. Then, we have have the global effect of social distancing that set the trend of gambling moving toward the online environment. No one knows whether the effect will only be temporary or not, but for the time being, it’s another force that is pushing the game in this direction. Furthermore, let’s not forget the introduction of 5G technology. In a nutshell, this will have a significant impact on how we access online entertainment, bringing in a massive upgrade in terms of speed and overall experience. Since connection speed will no longer be a barrier, we can expect to see the graphics be polished to perfection. Since 5G isn’t going away and there will be a flood of devices that support the technology, this will also have a positive effect on online bingo. Last but not least, VR technology deserves an honourable mention. Although still not having reached the consumer level of affordability, we’re likely nothing but a year or two away from getting there. As it goes without saying, VR technology will benefit all online casino games because it makes everything appear much livelier and more engaging. Conclusion Everything considered, the online variant of bingo has a bright future ahead of itself, with much of it already coming to fruition. Whether it will overtake its traditional offline counterpart is anyone’s guess.    

Betting Tips to Beat Online Casinos Online casinos and games are plentiful, and players are always keen for some tips to beat the house edge and finish in the black. Intrigued? Then read on. Choose from the Best Canadian Online Casinos First We’ve got some great advice on getting ahead at online casinos, but before that it’s essential to have a place to play. Players in Canada have a number of provincial and offshore sites to choose from, most of which are are accessible in Toronto and across Ontario are as well. The best casinos listed are all regulated and audited, and have a plethora of games with great return to player percentages, not to mention exciting bonuses. By taking your time to choose sites with the best offers and games, that’s already one way to help ensure you have a greater chance of making a profit. Of course, Toronto is home to great brick-and-mortar casinos and excellent restaurants but even if you prefer the atmosphere of playing in person, the pandemic situation does make it safer to play online. And live dealer options accurately reproduce the experience of playing in person, with no mask (or risk of COVID-19) required. Picking the Right Slots Slots are the biggest draw to modern day casinos, including online betting establishments. Because of the lack of physical constraints and the desire to create more games for players to enjoy, online casinos can offer hundreds or sometimes even thousands of different slots. This is a dizzying array from which to pick and might lead to option paralysis. But if your strategy is to focus on trying to finish ahead there are some tips on which slots will suit you. There are two main factors you need to know: RTP (return to player) and volatility. RTP is the average return a player will get. A 96% RTP (which is reasonable) means you’ll end up with $9.60 on average, if you wager $10. Volatility refers to how far from the average the slot tends to stray. A high RTP slot with low volatility will ensure you enjoy lots of little wins but will encounter few big wins. A slot with the same RTP but high volatility could see you go through long barren spells only to enter purple patches where you win larger sums. The slots available at any given casino will vary according to which developer(s) contributes games. Many casinos only use a solo developer, but lots are multi-developer, which obviously presents more choice for players. Some slots with RTP, exceeding 98%, include Thunderkick’s idiosyncratic 1429 Uncharted Seas, Mega Joker by NetEnt, and Playtech’s Ugga Bugga. Keep an Eye on your Bankroll For any leisure activity, whether it’s golfing, reading, or going on holiday, you’ve got to have a budget in mind. That’s especially important for a pastime that has a great potential for either costing you or making you money. The first thing to do is to work out a disposable amount of income in dollars, and deposit that (taking full advantage of deposit matching and other bonuses that online casinos frequently offer). Of this sum, pick a certain amount and use that as a standard stake. This might vary according to how much you play. If you only go in for a single slot or table game and play for quarter of an hour a day it will be relatively more than if you sit down for hours at a time. Just be aware that this should be a small slice of your playing funds, so that if you have a really unlucky session you don’t get wiped out. The Top Table Games Table games have been around for a long time, some for decades, others for centuries. This is actually an advantage for players, as this heritage has helped to ensure they tend to have very low house edges. This is especially true for blackjack and roulette, with blackjack having a house edge that can be as low as 0.5-1%. Blackjack is a special game, not only because of the low edge but because players can memorize the ideal moves to maximize their chances of making the right call. Even with that, the casino will have the edge, but it’ll be wafer-thin and require only the slightest drop of good fortune for the player to come out ahead. Roulette, by contrast, is entirely random but there is a big choice players can make to massively improve their chances. Always avoid double zero games. Odd as it may sound, this dramatically enlarges the house edge while offering nothing to the player. Always opt for single zero roulette games. Another advantage afforded by playing online is the inherent stability and resilience of the virtual world when it comes to the healthcare situation. Entirely rightly, real world casinos had to close temporarily during the lockdowns imposed to help stymie the pandemic. This is something that does not affect online casinos, enabling players to continue enjoying themselves without fear of either catching the virus or suffering interrupted service. Things to Avoid Just as important as understanding the best way to get ahead is knowing about tempting pitfalls to avoid. There’s no advantage making a bundle only to lose it through missteps, after all. A top tip is to avoid ‘clever’ maths. The fact is that casino games always favour the house. They have to, or casinos would average a loss and the business model would be unsustainable. This doesn’t stop some people trying to employ seemingly smart mathematical strategies but you should avoid them like the plague. Not only will the cunning plan (in the Baldrick sense of the expression) of doubling stakes every time you lose lead you to risk catastrophic losses, it’s also frequently banned by online casinos and could see your account closed for contravening the terms and conditions. Don’t get us wrong, it’d be a terrible idea even if that weren’t the case, but players should know this mathematical madness can also see them thrown out of a virtual casino. On a similar note, you should only ever bet when you have a level head. Playing slots and table games is a lot of fun but it’s well-known that casino games can be moreish, and whether you’re excessively merry or in a bad mood it’s as well to shun betting until you’re calm. Casinos offer plenty of rule variants when it comes to popular table games. It’s not unusual to find dozens of different types of blackjack and roulette. Generally speaking, alternative rule sets serve to increase the house edge. These games are historic and come with low house edges most of the time, so be aware that updated versions tend to favour the house. With Canadian casinos slowly reopening their doors but in a restricted way, complete with mask-wearing and social distancing, there’s never been a better time to try your hand at top online casinos. We hope you found our collection of tips for finishing ahead of the house to be useful. Always remember to stay cool, and have fun.    

Physical slot machines are going increasingly cashless; is this simply in line with a general societal trend towards digital payments, or has it been more fundamentally influenced by the rising popularity of online casinos? People are becoming very familiar with cashless systems and it appears that cash may no longer be king. What are the main motivators behind brick-and-mortar casinos following the zeitgeist and trending towards cashless slots and gambling? The Online Casino Effect The increasing prevalence of online casinos is indicative of a population that is very comfortable with making digital payments. One of the core reasons for the success of online casinos is the convenience they offer – this is because of the freedom to play from home or on-the-go with mobile. The transparency of online casino systems in terms of payment extends to the gameplay also, with players being immediately aware of a game’s return to player (RTP) and volatility, allowing them to make informed decisions about their game choice. But the ease of these platforms is also down to the multitude of payment methods. Players enjoy the ease with which digital payments can be made, whether via card or through emerging methods like cryptocurrencies. It, therefore, makes sense that users have an increasing appetite for this level of payment convenience when it comes to physical slot machines. Traditional slots have often meant ardent players sitting with a bucket-full of coins to put into the machine. This is clearly inconvenient and unwieldy for many people; the example set by the ease of equivalent online casinos has led to a natural transition to cashless physical slot machines that benefit the customer experience. An Increasingly Cashless Society Of course, it’s impossible to ignore the effect of a global trend towards an increasingly cashless society. It can bring vast improvements in efficiency to both the consumer and the company as keeping track of digital payments is automated and immediate in comparison to the difficulties involved with tracking physical cash. In turn, this can also help with customer protection as casinos have the ability to restrict and limit the amount of funds gambled to ensure they do not exceed certain amounts. Canadian casinos are currently making preparations to re-open and they appear to be giving increased emphasis to cashless elements as it allows for less handling of notes. Replicating the cashless elements so prevalent across businesses from cafes to supermarkets to bars certainly seems to be an obvious progression for physical casinos. Recent technological advancements also go hand-in-hand with these changes as it becomes more affordable and accessible for people and businesses to provide digital payment services. Payments can now be made via mobile phones, wristbands, and watches which makes it increasingly unlikely that customers will be caught in a situation where they are only able to pay with cash. The longevity and continued popularity of casinos has been driven by the commitment of the industry to keeping up with the times and consumer interests. Although the success of online slots have certainly informed the evolving nature of physical slot machines and their transition towards cashless, the general societal trend towards digital payments has likely been the most fundamental reason for the ongoing changes. Expect the rise of cashless slot machines and the physical casino experience to continue apace.    

Summer is already gone, and shorter and cooler days have replaced all that warmth. While the working days haven’t changed much for the majority of people, the weekends indeed have. As the weather changes, so does our mood, which consequently makes us lose interest in going out and having fun in general. If you have let colder Autumn days ruin your weekends, this text is about to give you a few ideas on how to change that. There are a few variants for both outside and inside activities, so you can choose the one that seems most appealing to you once the weekend starts. Let’s take a look! Visit Casa Loma If you haven’t already, you should take a weekend while the weather is still gentle towards Canada to visit Casa Loma. This stunning castle was built in 1914 in a Gothic style and it has proudly carried the title of the only castle in this part of the continent since. The castle’s eye-catching flower gardens and overall splendour were enough for many movie directors to use it for the shooting of popular films such as Chicago and X-Men. If you wish, you can have dinner at a restaurant located inside the castle and feel the atmosphere of the aristocracy for at least a day in your life. Organize a Casino Night If you don’t feel like going away for the weekend and you prefer having friends who share the mood with you over, there’s no better idea than to organize a casino night at home. Thankfully, this kind of party won’t require a lot of work as it used to years ago since the technology has made this process a lot easier. While it would be great to get a poker set and make it realistic, you can also take advantage of electronic devices in your home and access various online slot games. In this way, you will be able to replicate the casino part filled with slot machines so that anyone who doesn’t feel like playing cards can have some fun on their own. Furthermore, the slot games that you can find online are extremely fun as there are more than a thousand of them to choose from. You will be able to find both the classic fruit machines and the latest movie-themed slots, or anything else for that matter. The web is full of attractive games, and everyone can find something that suits their preference for sure. Check Out the Hockey Hall of Fame Considering that most Canadians love hockey, this will probably be the most popular idea. Pay a visit to the Hockey Hall of Fame and spice up your weekend with some cool activities that include your favourite sport. The hall is well-equipped with a model rink, but there are also real sticks and pucks that enable you to play some hockey against the legends of this sport. Practice your shots against Frederik Anderson and Carey Price that you’ll be virtually facing over there. Indulge in a Movie Marathon Cold Autumn weekends are perfect for finally watching those trilogies you’ve always wanted to see but never had enough time for it. All you need for this activity is a TV, cozy and warm pyjamas, some snacks and drinks, and the party can start! Dive into the story of the timeless classic like the Godfather, or choose the extended versions of LOTR movies. In case you’ve already watched these and other blockbuster trilogies, or you are more interested in TV series than movies, even better. There’s no better time to start watching a TV series with more than a dozen episodes than a cold weekend with nothing else to do. You can do it alone or in a company — one way or another, you will enjoy it.      

Online casinos have been around for quite some time now, and there are millions of people worldwide that enjoy playing fun casino games from the comfort of their homes. However, over time, players realised they needed a more authentic casino experience — that’s when live casinos entered the online gambling scene. Live casinos have become increasingly popular in the last couple of years, as they offer more original and more realistic casino gaming. As technology continues to develop, live casinos are improving their connections and streaming devices, thus attracting more players every day. If you’re new to the live casino world, we are here to help you out. Read our live casino guide where you can find out more on the subject, and where to find a list of online casinos with 1 dollar deposit to enjoy How It All Started Before the1990’s Casinos used to be a source of food and entertainment but then in 1994  the first online live casino was launched, which made a range of casino games available to the public. Eventually, with the development of faster internet connections and improved streaming technologies, live casinos became a feasible option. Nowadays, online casinos broadcast live dealer games in real-time, and allow players to enjoy an enhanced casino experience. The range of live casino games has made it possible for players with all sorts of casino preferences to play their favourite games at any given moment. This development has been a real game-changer, and it made live casinos one of the most popular entertainment forms online. What Are the Advantages of Playing in a Live Casino Live casinos have become players’ favourite pastime for a reason. The online gambling industry offers excellent gambling opportunities, and live casinos are like a cherry on top. The following are a couple of reasons why live casinos have gained so much attention and popularity. Live casinos give you a real casino experience This is, without a doubt, the best and most significant advantage of live casinos — the possibility of playing your favourite table game with a live dealer in real-time. This live casino feature allows you to experience the authentic gaming setting and watch the process via live-stream. That way, you can follow the game and see exactly what the dealer is doing. Moreover, dealers are always trained professionals who ensure the game will be conducted properly. The competition is more intense in live casino games In classic online casino games, you play against the software, but live casino games allow you to play against other players, which adds more intensity to the game. This adds a new layer of originality to your gambling experience. Interaction is everything If you get bored with computer-generated actions, a live casino is a perfect option for you. In addition to the live streaming and the real opponents, there’s also the fact that you can interact and communicate with the dealer and other players, which makes the whole thing a social experience as well. Moreover, in poker, for example, body language is vital — by watching other players, you can learn more about their possible moves or figure out who might be bluffing. Live streaming gives you an additional sense of security — you can watch the dealer dealing the cards or spinning the roulette wheel. That way, you will know the games aren’t rigged or manipulated in any way.     How to Play Live Casino Games Online Today, almost every online casino has a special section dedicated to live casino games. Once you find the best online casino that suits all your preferences, you need to create an account. That will allow you to play a variety of live casino games. Here’s a short guide for you to follow: Log into your account and go to the live casino lobby; Before starting a game, make sure your account is funded; Then, pick a game you want to stream and play — you will automatically be included in a live session; Now, it’s time to place a bet, and you have two options — either have the live dealer place it on your behalf or do it yourself, using computerised chips or coins. Be smart about your bets, don’t bet more than you can afford to lose, and enjoy the genuine casino experience. Useful Tips for Playing Live Dealer Games No matter if you’re entirely new to live casinos, or you already have some experience, there are a couple of tips and tricks you can always rely on. Take a look at the list below — this advice will come in handy at some point: A good Internet connection is key in live casinos — it allows you to have a high definition live stream and enjoy playing the game without any interruptions. Know the game before you begin playing — live casino games are a level up from the classic online casino games. Usually, more experienced players opt for the live dealer version of casino games. Find a game strategy that works best for you — it will take some time to find the best strategy for you, but it will boost your chances of winning. Make sure you use the bonuses and other promotions casinos offer to their players — they are a great way to kickstart your gambling experience. Most important of all — know when to take a break or leave the game. Quitting when you’re ahead doesn’t make you weak, it makes you smart — it will allow you to save your winnings and come back even stronger. Types of Games Available in Live Casinos While live casinos might offer a more limited selection of games in comparison to online casinos, they still offer top-notch games that provide players with a unique casino experience. So, let’s see what types of live casino games are the most popular in the online gambling world: Live Roulette The game works the same as in a brick-and-mortar casino — you place a bet, and the dealer spins the roulette wheel. If the ball stops on a number you had bet on, you win. This game is a perfect choice for live casino newbies, as you can play it without a strong strategy, at least in the beginning. If you want to put more effort into playing live roulette, you will need a clear strategy. Live Baccarat Popular among high-rollers and experienced players, live baccarat is a game that offers you the possibility to play at multiplayer or single-player tables, depending on your preferences. Additionally, some live casinos feature another popular baccarat version — Punto Banco. Live Blackjack Blackjack is the most famous casino card game, and unsurprisingly, live casinos offer various versions of the game. What makes this game so popular among players is the fact that live blackjack has a lower house edge compared to other games, which means your chances of winning are higher. On the other hand, if you want to win in live blackjack, you will need to create a strategy that works for you, since it’s a game of skill, as well as chance.      

The Swarovski Crystal Studio first premiered in Milan. Now making it’s way to Sherway Gardens for the Canadian debut, warm tones take over the new concept store from the inside and outside.

Wearable fitness trackers allow you to do things like monitor your heart rate or the number of steps you take while you perform exercises like running, swimming, and cycling. The right tracker can give you an accurate and comprehensive view of your health. It can help you move more, sleep better, and improve other areas of your health. Choosing the right tracker can be challenging, though. There are many different ones on the market, and each has its own features. Read on to find out how to choose the right fitness tracker for you. Choosing a Fitness Tracker at the Right Price Fitness trackers are available at a broad range of price points. You can pick up a tracker for as little as $20 or get a top-of-the-range one for around $250. As you would expect, ones that cost less have fewer features, so you’ll need to determine what elements you want your tracker to include before deciding how much to spend on one. Less expensive trackers typically don’t have displays, which means you will have to look at your smartphone to discover things like how many steps you’ve taken. More expensive trackers usually have built-in GPS and optical heart rate monitors. So, if you only want a fitness tracker to measure your steps, it’s pointless paying out for a more expensive one that contains a heart rate monitor. Choosing the Right Style for You Fitness trackers typically come in the form of clip-ons, watches, and bracelets. The latter two are difficult to lose because they are securely fastened, but clip-ons could fall off or get lost when you do the laundry or use devices to play games at an online casino like Casumo. However, watches and bracelets can sometimes get in the way when you’re doing things like washing the dishes. Clip-ons are usually smaller and more discreet, but they don’t often have displays. Another option is a fitness tracking ring that you wear on your finger. Choosing the Right Features Fitness trackers can track numerous things. Besides step-counts and heart rate monitoring, fitness trackers come with features like: ·   Sleep Tracking. This feature uses a motion sensor to measure your REM and see whether your sleep is disturbed. Sleep-tracking features can also include a smart alarm that chooses the optimal time in your sleep cycle to wake you in the morning, close to your chosen time. ·   Third-party Apps. If you already use an app on your smartphone for fitness tracking when doing things like running or cycling, you can buy fitness trackers that pair with those apps so that you won’t lose access to any data. ·   Built-in GPS. When fitness trackers have built-in GPS, they are able to track your distance more accurately. You can also buy trackers that sync with your smartphone to use your phone’ GPS. ·   Water Resistance. Different trackers have different levels of water resistance. If you are planning on regularly wearing your tracker when swimming, you will want a fully water-resistant one. ·   Music. If you enjoy listening to music while running or walking, you will not have to take multiple devices out with you if you choose a fitness tracker that allows you to listen to music with a Bluetooth headset. How important is fitness tracking accuracy to you? Fitness trackers differ in how accurate they are. As a general rule of thumb, the more expensive a tracker is, the more accurate it will be. If you are taking your workout routine very seriously, you are sure to want a highly accurate fitness tracker. But if you exercise more casually, you can choose another option. Even low-cost fitness trackers are pretty accurate. They’re just not as precise as others. Battery Duration Different fitness trackers work for different lengths of time, depending on how long the batteries last. If you need to change the battery pretty frequently, it could soon become annoying. You’ll also have the additional expense of having to purchase batteries more often. Therefore, it can often be investing in a fitness tracker that offers long battery life. Most fitness trackers’ batteries last from between a couple of days and a couple of weeks of constant use. But some trackers use coin-cell batteries, which last for several months.    

Chill vibes and physically-distanced outdoor lounging were on the agenda for a perfect summer evening at the popular Stackt Market at Bathurst and Front.

Everybody has their own way of relaxing after a long day at the office. For some people, it is a good book or TV show, but there is a significant number of those who consider online gambling as a relaxing and fun activity. If you are one of them, check here the best Canadian online gambling sites. However, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t take care of your online security. No matter if you are gambling just for fun, or you have built strategies for the long term winnings, you should always keep in mind several tips that can protect the information that you are disclosing online. These safety tips will help you avoid significant financial losses and keeping your identity safe when gambling online. Gamble at Licensed Casinos Only Although it is illegal to operate online casinos in Canada, players can gamble online at offshore casinos. The gambling market is crowded with different bookmakers and casinos, so you need to be extra careful when selecting your preferred one. There are a lot of scams who just want your money, and if you do not pay attention, you may lose your funds. So, how can you know if the online casino is legit or not? The first thing you should check is the license under which an online casino operates. If it is licensed, it is a good sign since the casino needs to follow a set of rules and regulations prescribed by the licensing authority in its base country. Some of the most reputable licensing authorities are the UK Gambling Commission, Gibraltar Gambling Commission, or Maltese Gambling Authority. The licensing information is usually available at the bottom of the home page on the website. Explore Terms and Conditions How many times have you accepted Terms and Conditions while actually not reading it? Yes, we understand that you are eager to start the game as soon as possible, but you should spend some time reading the whole document. Remember, you are about to disclose a piece of your personal information and your payment details. Take your time, read the text thoroughly, especially those parts related to making payments, and collecting your winnings. You can miss something important just by clicking the “I Accept” button. You may come across some hidden fees, or the reasons you might forfeit your winnings. Explore all drawbacks before starting to play.    Look for the SSL Encryption Before entering any sensitive information on any website, you should make sure your connection is secure. How can you do that even if you not a technical expert? Well, in any browser, you can find the lock sign next to the website’s address. It means that the online casino uses SSL encryption that enables a secure connection. Thanks to the SSL encryption, you may transmit confidential information securely, which includes your social security number, or credit card details. Any online casino can claim that your sensitive information is safe at their website, however, always double-check if a lock sign is displayed next to the website’s URL. If that sign doesn’t exist, it means that the site is not SSL encrypted, no matter if you can find a badge posted on some of the pages. Carefully Pick Your Payment Method The obvious advice is to pick the most secure payment method. How can you ensure that the option you selected is safe enough? In case you intend to use a credit or debit card, you should check first if your bank has a strong history of assisting the financial and identity theft victims. If it does, then you may provide information into the online casino’s site. Your bank should be able to return you at least one part of the money, even if you fall victim to fraud. On the other hand, you should not disclose your card details on the website if your bank doesn’t handle fraud well. What can you use as an alternative? E-wallets are well-known as the best way to deposit money to your account at an online casino. This way, you can spend only your funds dedicated to gambling, without worrying if your savings will disappear. The most popular e-wallets are PayPal, Skrill, or Neteller, and the majority of the online casinos offer them as a payment option. Don’t Download Software Some online casinos may offer you to download their software to play the games. However, you should always avoid this option and stick to the internet browser. Your PC might get vulnerable when downloading software since you can pick up viruses and malware that can collect your passwords or financial information. It would be best if you were sure that your online casino has an impeccable reputation, and that your PC is protected with a high-quality anti-virus program. All these tips are equally important, and if you stick to them, you probably won’t experience any security troubles when gaming at an online casino. Keep them in mind and enjoy your game without getting exposed to security risks.    

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