While there is no sign of snow right now, we can still get into the holiday festivities with the right spirits in hand. And what’s more festive than a holiday cup of stiff egg nog or Irish coffee to keep you thoroughly warm and cozy by the fireplace?

So here’s just a few selections of fine spirits whether it’s as a gift for friends, family or to serve at your own holiday parties.

Grand Marnier Louis Alexandre
This cuvee is a spin on the classic Grand Marnier with 82% cognac compared to 51% in regular Grand Marnier. Enjoy it after dinner on the rocks or in your Manhattan or Old Fashioned.
Grand Marnier Cuvee - Louis Alexandre
Disaronno Wears Cavalli
This Italian amaretto liqueur brand dons some designer clothing for the fashionable and colourful creative person in your life just in time for the holidays. Just watch out for those with allergies to almonds.
Bailey Irish Cream
A versatile liqueur that goes great with any holiday drink such as egg nog. Simply take your egg nog and add equal parts whiskey and Baileys and enjoy!
Baileys Egg Nog
Dewars 12 Bottle and Box
Dewars 12
A blended scotch great on it’s own or in egg nog or spiked coffee.
Dom Perignon
You can’t have a New Years party without some bubbly, so if you’re going to celebrate, you can make quite a statement if you host the party with some premium bubbly. Shown here is a bottle of Dom Perignon P2.

Let us know what else you’re enjoying over the holidays!

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