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Toronto, with its culturally-diverse culinary landscape, makes history as the first Canadian city to be featured in the globally recognized Michelin Guide. Earlier this week, the Michelin Guide bestowed 13 Toronto restaurants with stars.

There are lots of variations on edible marijuana products that you can buy today. They range from gummies to brownies to even items like beef jerky to really mix things up. So, what’s the best option for you? Read our guide to the best weed edibles to see what you should buy. Gummies The most common means of edibles isn’t the brownie or the cookie but the gummy. Gummies are what you’re going to find in every store selling marijuana-infused…

Similar story annual event on hiatus due to pandemic is now back. But this is not just any event, it’s one where you get to enjoy some of the best food from the best known restaurants that Toronto has to offer.
So if you love good food, cocktails and being with like-minded people, this is an annual event you don’t want to miss!

While meal delivery services like Uber Eats and Skip The Dishes continue to grow, so does the meal kit delivery service industry! Often offering first time users an amazing discounted price on their first order, meal kit delivery brands are continuing to see growth even after the pandemic. In Toronto, you can access an abundance of these meal kit delivery brands, however Chef’s Plate is one of the more popular options in the city. Take a deeper look into Chef’s…

Kinton Ramen is one of Toronto’s most well known and long-standing Japanese ramen franchises, and they have expanded across Canada, with their newest, and 23rd, location in Waterloo, Ontario!

Now that road-trip-and-patio season is around the corner, Cove Bar and Restaurant in Oakville, Ontario will be the perfect destination for indulging in seafood cuisine, or sipping on tropical cocktails while enjoying the beautiful view of the harbour through their patio, reminiscent of a beach bar.

“The restaurant is known for receiving 2019’s Best Patio Talk of the Town Award.”

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