Author: Nick Lee

Wine Fest Toronto July 8, 9th happening right downtown at Rendezviews tickets are $75 City Shred On July 17, 2022 come solo or bring your friends and train as a group. Tickets are $35 and you can use Promo Code: SHRED5 for $5 off Diner en Blanc The annual photogenic chic outdoor dining experience takes place at a secret location which will be revealed on the day of the event.  Get your tickets in your white attire and…

Similar story annual event on hiatus due to pandemic is now back. But this is not just any event, it’s one where you get to enjoy some of the best food from the best known restaurants that Toronto has to offer.
So if you love good food, cocktails and being with like-minded people, this is an annual event you don’t want to miss!

From the owners of Marbl restaurant comes Mademoiselle Raw Bar aiming to be a hot spot in the highly contested and trendy King West featuring seafood, trendy dining, posh vibes and cocktails.

Looks like things are getting back to normal! After two years without live events, specifically for Cirque du Soleil a hiatus of Cirque live events globally, the evening kicked off with the Cirque performers, execs and stars on the red carpet.

On November 25, 2021 we attended a charity dinner benefitting an organization called I Love First Peoples. Of course this was timely considering the news of the horrific discovery about Canada’s history with residential schools.

Event season is upon us. Here’s just a few events I’m looking forward to starting as we head into June, one of the busiest months of the year for me. Hope to see you all around?

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