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The Yee Hong Community Wellness Foundation welcomes the Lunar New Year with their 31st annual Dragon Ball. Being one of Canada’s largest charity galas celebrating Chinese New Year, they raised funds to support and expand the four Yee Hong geriatric centres across the Greater Toronto Area.

The Toronto iGaming Market Is Set to Boom

Since they first began to emerge in the late 90s, online casinos, poker rooms and other iGaming operators have enjoyed an incredible surge in popularity. More money is being invested in the industry than ever before, with both new and established vendors vying for a bigger share of the market. All that funding is being put to good use, allowing operators to develop their services and offer a more immersive gaming experience in whichever way they can. Canada has already proven a…

Thanks to the Fete Chinoise committee for having us at the photo wall at the annual event at AGO.

Las Vegas is the gambling capital of the world – and, since its inception as a city that attracts punters to casinos to experience a weekend of excitement and intensity, there looks to be no shaking its crown. The desert city in Nevada highlights the heady mix of sprawling casinos, entertainment complexes, and a reputation of delivering some of the best nights in the world. But, surely, of the 37 billion acres of land across the world, there ought to…

Over the summer, Canada legalized the sale and use of marijuana. While legalization has become a trend in different parts of the world including various states in America, Canada’s actions were a major step in this movement as they were the first G7 member nation to do so across their nation. Those who support the legalization feels that it’s about time for legalization to happen. Marijuana has numerous medical applications and can help this with a variety of health issues…

Dazzling lights and sparkles decorated every space in The Carlu, as evening gowns, party crowns, food, seafood and dessert stations, casino games, and performances filled the fifth annual Glitter charity gala. On Saturday, April 14th, over 400 Chinese-Canadians attended this whimsical event in support of SickKids Hospital.

100 percent of the funds raised went into the redevelopment of operating suites at SickKids (Hospital for Sick Children).

What can we say… the event reflected real effort. Honorable cause.

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