Though it’s always best to carry your driver’s license when driving, accidents do happen and if you get pulled over without it you should remain silent until speaking with an attorney.

Failing to possess a valid driver’s license can result in numerous charges, among them:

Careless Driving Charges

Careless driving charges can have devastating repercussions for insurance premiums, leading to skyrocketing premiums if convicted. Therefore, it’s essential that you consult with an experienced traffic ticket lawyer to devise an effective defense strategy against them.

Traffic ticket attorneys often are successful in reducing charges to lesser offenses such as speeding or illegal turn. However, this depends on state laws as well as the prosecutor and judge involved in your case.

New York law stipulates that drivers can be charged with careless driving if their actions endanger people using public highways in any unreasonable way. Examples of careless driving include using mobile phones while driving; not using turn signals when appropriate and tailgating; failing to use turn signals at appropriate times; failing to yield when appropriate and tailgating. A competent reckless driving attorney may help reduce or even have charges dropped against their client.

Stunt Driving Charges

Stunt driving charges can lead to steep fines, licence suspension and increased insurance premiums. A competent lawyer can help mitigate these negative outcomes by working with the Crown to negotiate for reduced or waived fines, avoid or shorten license suspension periods and prevent long-term increase of insurance premiums.

Stunt driving may only be considered careless driving under law, not criminal offense; but if caught and found guilty, jail time or suspension of your driver’s license for up to three years depending on its severity can result.

As with speeding charges, stunt driving conviction will result in a mandatory 30-day roadside license suspension and 14-day vehicle impoundment, along with six demerit points lost and an expected fine. Depending on the quality of evidence presented at disclosure (officer notes/driver’s abstract date), you may even be offered a plea deal for less serious offenses like speeding.

DUI Charges

DUI (driving under the influence) is a serious offense that may incur fines of between $500-$2,000, jail time, license confiscation/suspension and even ignition interlock devices on cars that require drivers to blow into a machine and are inoperable if alcohol consumption exceeds legal levels.

Convictions will remain on a person’s record for some time after conviction, depending on the state of residence. This can present challenges if seeking employment or applying for professional licenses such as accountant or doctor.

An experienced DUI attorney can create a plan to have charges dismissed or reduced, as well as help clients regain their license after suspension. Furthermore, many states mandate drivers who have been convicted of DUI to file an insurance certificate known as an SR-22 with their insurer; doing so could significantly raise an individual’s auto insurance rates.

Drug Charges

Many states have laws that provide penalties for possessing certain drugs, including fines and jail time. Individuals may also need to attend drug abuse education or treatment programs as part of a sentence for drug possession. A conviction can also appear on background checks and make finding jobs or housing more challenging; furthermore, college financial aid eligibility could also be affected negatively.

Drug charges may impede your ability to obtain a license depending on the specifics of your case and charges. Law enforcement officials may question you about drug use when stopping you for traffic violations, test your breath and blood for alcohol and drugs and search your vehicle for signs of drug possession – such as bongs, one-hitters/dugouts/spoons/pipes/rolling paper/lighters/syringes/clear plastic baggies.

In some states, drug-related DWI and DWAI charges can result in having your license suspended; you may appeal this suspension if it causes undue hardship by not permitting you to drive for work or school purposes.

Stunt driving charges carry a hefty price tag, from steep fines and license suspension tо inflated insurance premiums. But with the right legal representation, you can mitigate these consequences. A skilled stunt driving attorney can work with the Crown tо negotiate for reduced оr even waived fines, potentially avoid оr shorten license suspension periods, and help prevent long-term insurance hikes

While stunt driving may legally fall under the umbrella оf careless driving, not a criminal offense, the consequences can be severe. Conviction can lead tо jail time оr up tо a three-year driver’s license suspension, depending оn the severity.

As with speeding charges, a stunt driving conviction carries mandatory penalties, including a 30-day roadside license suspension and 14-day vehicle impoundment, along with six demerit points and a hefty fine. However, depending оn the evidence presented at disclosure (officer notes/driver’s abstract date), your stunt driving attorney may be able tо negotiate a plea deal for a lesser offense like speeding, potentially saving you from the harsher consequences оf a stunt driving conviction.



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