Mieng Kum which means "many things in one bite"
Ernest & Linda Liu (owner of Linda Thai), son Alan Liu (general manager and co-owner of Salad King and Linda Thai), Chef Wing Li

Ernest & Linda Liu (owner of Linda Thai), son Alan Liu (general manager and co-owner of Salad King and Linda Thai), Chef Wing Li

It was an evening of celebration and feasting at Linda Modern Thai restaurant located in the Shops at Don Mills.

The Thai Department of International Trade Promotion (DITP) awarded Linda Restaurant with the Thai Select Premium Cuisine designation; an honour bestowed to those abroad by the Government of Thailand whose restaurants adhere to the strict guidelines and practices of Thai Cuisine authenticity. Linda Modern Thai restaurant is the first Canadian restaurant to receive this honour.

Recently, an invitation-only gala dinner was held to shine a spotlight on their authentic Thai dishes. Alongside Linda Liu and her husband Ernest (co-owners of Salad King and Linda Modern Thai), I had an opportunity to speak with their son Alan Liu (general manager and co-owner of Salad King and Linda Modern Thai) about the award. Beaming with pride, Alan expressed ambitions to not only continue down the path of offering traditional fare but to blaze a new trail and be one of the leaders in providing contemporary and innovative dishes at their upscale restaurant.

Linda Liu, Ernest Liu, Alan Liu

Linda Liu, Ernest Liu, Alan Liu

With Chef Wing Li at the helm of the kitchen brigade, many of the dishes were executed with technical precision and an artful flair.

The minds behind the menu are cognizant of the spectrum of flavours our taste buds can detect.

Mieng Kum which means "many things in one bite"

Mieng Kum which means “many things in one bite”

Thai cuisine is a flavour wonderland; it uses a balance of sweet, sour, salty, bitter, and umami ingredients in all its dishes.
Some of the highlights included a lush, buttery Thai Lobster bisque with chubby nuggets of lobster bobbing within the golden brown broth. We also got to revel in textures with the Crispy Beef Panang: morsels of meat nestled together to form a crescent moon in a rich, golden-hued curry made with floral coconut milk and crunchy peanuts. The other darling of the evening was the Stewed Duck with Chestnuts. It arrived on our table glistening and blushing in rouge with the skin draped over the pull-apart meat. A reduction sauce of red and rice wines was ladled over the duck; the flesh was rendered a melt in your mouth softness. The dish was lined with hearty chestnuts and evoked memories of family meals one would have during the holidays.

The spread was grande and with stomachs at nearly 100% capacity… there was still dessert to arrive at the table! The evening ended with a molten chocolate lava cake. It sat in a pool of chai tea inspired caramel sauce with a snow white scoop of coconut ice cream made especially for the restaurant by Marble Slab Creamery.

Molten chocolate lava cake

Molten chocolate lava cake

Linda Modern Thai serves lunch and dinner. For more information and to make reservations visit www.lindamodernthai.com

Photos: Nick Lee

Thai Select or Thai Select Premium certification identifies Thai restaurants that offer at least 60 percent authentic Thai foods on their menus. They also imply that these restaurants employ the same or similar cooking methods as in Thailand, and may import ingredients from Thailand. For more information visit www.thaiselect.ca

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