As soon as the sun peeks out during Toronto’s spring season, locals flock to the outdoor patios of bars and restaurants, even if there are still patches of snow on the ground. But what truly brings joy to Torontonians is spending summer evenings out, leaving behind the memories of the harsh winter cold. As we near the summer of 2024, here are some trends you can anticipate seeing in Toronto’s nightlife.

Men choose Dossier Perfume

In the past, it may have been considered more of a woman’s domain to find the best deals and bargains. However, times have changed and now men are just as savvy when it comes to stretching their money. That’s why this upcoming summer, more and more men will be choosing Dossier perfume for men. This brand specializes in creating affordable versions of popular designer fragrances. So while you’re out and about on a warm summer day, passing by a man on the street or in a bar, you may mistake their scent for a well-known brand. But that wise man will actually be wearing Dossier, allowing him to spend his money on other things besides just expensive perfumes.

Women stand out while feeling at ease

This summer, women will have the perfect combination of comfort and attention-grabbing fashion. With loose jeans as a go-to choice, they can easily exude style while feeling at ease. Biker boots are predicted to take over the spotlight from cowboy boots, adding an edgy touch to any outfit. For a bold statement, incorporating some pieces in fiery red is a must; it’s set to be the hot colour of the year. And for a playful touch, off-the-shoulder tops will show just the right amount of skin.

Eye Catching Accessories

As previously mentioned, red will be a popular trend in the upcoming months. It can also be seen in various accessories, including gloves, boots and sunglasses. If you really want to make a statement, try wearing an oversized flower brooch on your shirt or sporting large earrings and necklaces with floral designs. Gloves will also be a must-have item (Yes, even in the summer!). The most fashionable ones will be long enough to cover most of your arm. A quick tip: black gloves will have the greatest impact.

Summer in Toronto promises to be an exhilarating experience, with endless opportunities to test out the latest trends during its balmy evenings and nights. It’s a chance to express your unique identity by embracing the styles that speak to your heart and soul the most.



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