World famous Cirque du Soleil arrives in Toronto soon with a new creation. The Montreal-
founded circus art company brings you its latest production, Kurios – Cabinet of Curiosities, to the Toronto Port Lands in late summer.

An Alternate Realm of Curiosity: Cirque du Soleil Presents Kurios – Cabinet of Curiosities

Writer and director Michael Laprise, along with his visionary team of 17 creators, will transport us into a mysterious realm of curiosities and hypnotize our senses with their latest spectacle.

Set in the late nineteenth century, the story of Kurios follows a determined inventor, who disobeys the laws of space and time to re-invent everything around him. With an ensemble cast of enigmatic characters, the troupe promises unusual acts and gravity-defying acrobatic performances. The ambitious show is set to challenge our perception, launching us to a fantasy world where anything is possible.

Are you ready to delve into an alternate reality of curiosity this summer? Kurios – Cabinet of Curiosities raises the Big Top tent on August 28th, 2014 at the Port Lands. Tickets start going on sale today, April 7th, 2014.

Cities and Dates:
Montreal (World Premiere) – Opens April 24th, 2014
Quebec City – Opens July 27th, 2014
Toronto – Opens August 28th, 2014

Check out the Kurios trailer here

For more information about Kurios click here.

Ticket Information:

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Sponsors and Partners:
Presented by Desjardins, the presenting sponsor of the 2014 Canadian tour of the show. Infiniti,
Xerox, Rogers, EY and Tetley Tea are the official sponsors.

For more information about Cirque du Soleil, visit

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