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Filmed in Halifax, the cast of the CBC television show, Mr. D, was in town yesterday, January 19th, 2015 to celebrate Season 4 with an afternoon of fan meet-and-greet at P.F. Chang’s at Shops at Don Mills.

We were lucky enough to be invited to sit down and dine with the comedic cast.

Group picture before dinner

Group picture before dinner

We sat beside Liam Cyr, Jonathan Torrens and Darrin Rose, among other cast members and entertainment bloggers at a table large enough to fit 30 of us but small enough to have some fun, personable chats regarding the show and their personal lives.

What we learned at dinner:

  • Jonathan Torrens has a podcast, Taggart and Torrens, and also just started a pilot for a show called Mother-Hunters, about an all-female group of hunters (link to video interview via Global News).
  • Lauren Hammersley is super friendly and a vegetarian who happens to be a portrait photographer (Lauren Hammersley Photography).
  • Darrin Rose is on a gluten-free diet and actively does stand-up comedy when he has time off-set. That evening he rushed off to perform at Comedy Bar. He will also be appearing on The Late Late Show on CBS.
  • Liam Cyr is from Halifax and new to Toronto so we decided to swapped tips on places to be in each city. Hoping to go to one of those kitchen parties! (apparently it’s an east coast thing). Liam is also a talented musician in a band called Run.
  • Wes Williams (aka Maestro aka Maestro Fresh Wes!) shared some fond memories about his childhood and how a particular teacher helped inspire him to become the person who he is today.

Having some fun at the table, Wes Williams caught Nick with some prawns and shouted from across the room “Yo, is that some prawns over there?”. Nick laughed, handed it over with Jonathan Torrens saying, “Hey, don’t shout at my boy, Nick” in J-Roc (Trailer Park Boys) character. Awesome!

The end is never the end unless there is dessert. Even after a full day of promoting the show and meeting with fans, the cast still had an appetite for dessert. PF Chang’s had some really good deep fried bananas paired with their own exclusive ice cream. And while we can’t disclose too many details about the upcoming season (really our efforts at bribing them were futile), the cast did say, it will be hilarious, and they think it will be the best season they have done so far.
Check out this preview from season 4, Career Day episode:

It was quite a memorable night mingling with this super friendly and hilarious cast. Thanks!

Catch the season premiere tonight, January 20th at 9:30pm as well as CBC’s new show, Schitt’s Creek.

Photos by James Hsieh and Nick Lee

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