Body By Chosen opened its doors in Toronto in December 2014 and already has a serious following. It not only delivers results (just check out their Instagram) but also a sense of community that drives aspirations for a healthy lifestyle. Try it once, and you’ll want to do it again.

The new studio located at 195 Church St., south of Dundas St., offers a number of training options including boxing, calisthenics, KettleBells and weight training that you can either do with a personal trainer or in a group class setting. Don’t be intimidated by those options; it’s good old exercise using your own (or very little) weight for resistance. It’ll get your heart rate up, will make you sweat, and you’ll realize that great feeling of overall body pain at any fitness level. Best of all, you’ll see just how powerful you really are. Hand stands, chin-ups, six-pack, whatever your goal, you’ll get to it here through dedication and work.

Dwayne ‘The Chosen Boss’, a personal trainer, took me through a diverse 55 minute training session. Here’s my recap:

– Start: 5 minutes skipping rope – heart rate went from 75bpm to 180bpm – welcome to 55 minutes of hard core training with average heart rate of 160bpm

– Onto warm up upper and lower body with very lightweights. Not even 10 minutes into the routine, my core was already feeling toned, by doing twists and arm raises. Dwayne is very good at ensuring you maintain proper stance and body posture.

– Boxing, which I know nothing about but definitely want to do again. Great mix of agility, strength and composure.

– Finally calisthenics circuit training– push-ups, burpees, squats, abs routine. Did I mention push-ups after boxing? My shoulders and arms were feeling the burn!


– Calories: 582kcal
– Ave. Heart Rate: 160 bpm

Difficulty Level: Get ready to work hard.

Fun Level: Super

All personal stats are taken with Suunto Ambit2 and are not to be relied on by other individuals. Of course total number of calories burned will depend on each individual.

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Photos courtesy of Body by Chosen

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Natalie Korol

Nat Korol likes helping metropolitan dwellers lead a healthy, active lifestyle & especially enjoy the outdoors! She's a competing trail runner and an avid yogi. Follow Nat on Twitter + Instagram (@NatYKorol)