If Dad’s a fan of marvelous meats, he’ll love being a part of the Carnivore Club. Look no further if you’re searching for a unique gift for Father’s Day. This could satisfy some carnivorous cravings. For quality control purposes (of course), I gave one of the Carnivore Club boxes a ‘test-drive’.

Arriving at my doorstep, I found a decorative, faux-wooden box emblazoned with the Carnivore Club logo on it. Centering around a different cured meat theme each month, inside this box, there were 4 different types: South African Biltong, Artisan jerky, and two types of pepperettes. The best part? They’re made with humanely raised animals from local artisan companies. Not only will Dad feel good about supporting local entrepreneurs, but that he gets to try some hand-crafted meats that aren’t available anywhere else. Bragging rights? Perhaps. As well, it is a great way to be more bold and adventurous with your tastebuds.


As for the fare I feasted on? I definitely favoured some over others but that’s where the Meat Eater’s Handbook comes in to save the day. Each month’s selection is detailed in a colourful cardstock, from flavour profile and ingredients to the company behind the product.

On another panel, a charcuterie spread is showcased to model another style of enjoying the meat. Case in point: the biltong. With its musky and assertive flavour, I don’t think I could eat it on its own again.

However, on a charcuterie board — there are definitely opportunities to play around and nosh on these meats in the company of tangy cheeses, honey and nuts. The jerky and pepperettes also make mighty fine portable snacks– especially if Dad is an athletic guy and wants something to nibble on after a round of golf or biking through the woods.

A box for a one time purchase is $55 and if you’re subscribing to renew each month, it’s $50.

I’d say this is pretty reasonable price considering that cell phone bills are more expensive than this. So go forth and up your gift game this Father’s Day– Dad will love you for it.

Check it out at www.carnivoreclub.co

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Tiffany Leigh