With the arrival of Uniqlo Canada to Toronto, the bridge from fast fashion into luxury made its arrival into the city and opened its new doors at the Eaton Centre and Yorkdale.

Eaton Centre is now full of powerful game changers to the country’s new retail scene, almost like it was turned on its head, shaken side to side and held upside down all at once and only the best and most beautiful survived.

However, the COO, Yasuhiro Hayashi didn’t rush into things. He took time to get to know the Canadian client before arriving.

To feel out the customer, Uniqlo’s Canadian chief operating officer traveled here every month for a year to observe and take notes on what we wore. After taking it all in he described our style by saying, “Torontonians are confident in how they express themselves”, similar to New Yorkers or Londoners.

So with all this research and opening a uniquely Canadian store what can we expect? North American sizing, an extensive selection of flannel wear and don’t forget the plaid. There’s lots of it. And by lots, I mean more than plenty. Also, there was an expansive Japanese denim section, some even with heat technology inside to keep you warm in the winter!

Not so much graffiti or prints, but the current collab is with Ines de la Fressange, a Parisian model (former muse of Karl Lagerfeld), author and designer, which includes that untouchable chic quality we’re all looking for with her jackets trenches, turtlenecks and skirts. Her teddy brown and mix burgundy varsity jacket was a definite fave!

Another thing not to be missed is Uniqlo’s U line that is being introduced, created by the former Hermès designer Christophe Lemaire.

So, all in all Hayashi has said the Toronto stores will largely be the same as its other locations, whether they be in New York, London or Paris —just with a few nuanced differences tailored to Canadian shoppers as well as “selling house slippers, which are commonplace in their Asian locations.” Definitely looking forward to getting a pair of those!

Photos by Nick Lee


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