Screemers is back, unleashing terrors for their 25th anniversary, a horror staple in Toronto located at the Exhibition Place. The haunted scream park features 7 haunted houses and carnival rides, while ghosts and ghouls roam the property.

90% of the attractions were indoors, which was great with Toronto’s fickle weather. For zombie fanatics, this year they created a brand new “Zombie Prizon”.

I explored Screemers and ended up hiding in the Vampire Lounge, after I peeked into “the Darkness” – where you grope your way through the haunted house in pitch black, unaware of what freights are along the way. For those that love to be scared, it was the scariest haunted house; after all, the strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the strongest fear is the fear of the unknown.

As a start, I recommend starting off with “House of Cards” – you are given 3D glasses upon entrance and all frights of Kings, Queens and Jacks are in 3D; if it becomes frightening, just take off your glasses. The theme is Alice in Wonderland corrupted. The illustration is nicely done while it trips you out.

While you can use the Vampire Lounge to fill your stomach with food and drinks, do  not be surprised if ghosts and ghouls pop up behind you. The park is filled with screams from unsuspected victims.

Other horror favourites were the “Field of Screems” and the “Haunted House”.

Tickets are $32.95 to see all the attractions; you can bypass lineups for an additional $12.

Exhibition Place
180 Princes’ Blvd

Photo courtesy of Screemers

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