Whether you’re a regular or you’ve never set foot in one, there’s an unmistakable image of casinos in all our minds. They’re famously grandiose gamblers’ palaces. Corridors of slot machines lead to vast oak tables and their glamorous dealers, graced by elegantly-dressed punters perhaps sipping from a smart martini glass. But there’s more to a casino than just the building and the betting that takes place within. These gambling havens can bring vast additional benefits to their surrounding areas and there are other aspects to casinos of which you may not be aware.

Design and infrastructure of casinos

Casinos mean resorts and resorts mean jobs

The relationship between casinos and tourism goes way back. With casino gambling outlawed in all states but Nevada in the US from 1931, people would travel vast distances to reach the one place they could indulge. As time went on, Vegas’ newfound casino tourism created a city of luxury resorts that relies on these peripheral industries for over half their overall revenue. And, nowadays, no matter where in the world you are, if there’s a luxury casino, you can guarantee it’s supported by an entire resort.

Resorts of this kind mean classy restaurants, slick shops and, of course, hotels in which to put up the influx of guests. The new casino under construction at the Durham Live site in Pickering is set to have hotels, convention space, an indoor water park and film studios in addition to its casinos and – here’s the kicker – create more than 10,000 jobs as a result.

Everyone stands to gain

Even the government. A study commissioned by Triple Group of Companies – the Company in charge of the development – estimates that the facility at Durham Live will garner a whopping $600 million in total tax revenue and add more than $1 billion in GDP. Casinos, of course, pay income tax like all other businesses but, in some jurisdictions – namely in certain US States – they pay additional, percentage-based taxes.

What’s more, income from gambling in Canada is taxable (maybe the earners may not see that as a gain but, just think; that tax money is being reinvested in the country to everyone’s benefit, including their own).

Casinos aren’t just on land

The classic vision portrayed above is perhaps an out-dated one in this modern world where everything is online – including casinos. They’re not just convenient and accessible, they’re suitable for all budgets. This is especially as a result of benefits such as free deposits and bonuses. For example, if you take up their 30 No Deposit Free Spins, 888 give you 90 days to clear your bonus. The sum of all these parts is a dimension added to casino gambling, attracting otherwise uninterested clientele or acting as a pathway to the real casino.

At the end of the day, casinos are still casinos: the basics are always there, from slot machines to tables, whether it’s in real life or online or you’re in it for the luxury resorts in which they’re situated. But, as you place your bet, it’s worth sparing a thought for the complexity of the casino system you enjoy so much.



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Joel Levy