Toronto is one of the greatest cities in Canada – if not the entirety of North America – but it can also be expensive. Tourism to Canada in 2018 so far is largely surpassing the levels that 2017 achieved, and once the stereotype of the cold Great White North has been abolished, people are getting on board with how great the city really is. The city shouldn’t be skipped just because the budget doesn’t quite stretch. There are plenty of things to do in Toronto even with a shoestring budget. From visiting natural sites free of charge to finding free entertainment: from the opera to trying your luck at a Canadian casino. 


Go Natural in Toronto

Indulge in some nature with a trip to Trinity Bellwoods Park. The sprawling greenery and collection of trees provides a breath of fresh air when the weather begins to heat up. With an indoor pool, running track, volleyball and tennis courts, the park is also home to the elusive sight of the white squirrel. The experience allows you to get back into nature and reconnect with the earth. Similarly, the Evergreen Brickworks – a former industrial site that has been transformed into a rambling 40 acres of natural beauty provides an experience like no other. With a bent towards eco-living and being green, the surrounding buildings are designed to uphold to green tourism, while a farmer’s market ensures any food you purchase is local and reduces the carbon footprint.

Entertainment From Opera to Casinos

If you’re looking for something to do more than something to see, the Art Gallery of Ontario is a fantastic place to peruse art from around the world and flare up your own inspiration. Usually at a cost, Wednesday evenings offer a free trip round the culturally significant landmark. The Richard Bradshaw Amphitheatre of the Canadian Opera Company often host free events to give a taste of the operatic arts to those who might be reluctant to play. Canada is an up and coming entertainment district as can be seen through the many nightclubs and casinos popping up all over the city. If you’re looking to save by not going out, there are plenty of online Canadian casinos like Royal Vegas and Jacpot City, too, to satisfy your entertainment needs. Toronto’s ties to the casino industry are growing as it positions itself as a good fit for Niagara Falls weddings – with bachelor and bachelorette parties flocking to indulge in some of the finest games the casino industry has to offer. It just doesn’t need to break the bank.

Manmade Outdoor Experiences 

For a vista of a more modern nature, Toronto’s Harbourfront Centre provides a pleasant place to promenade. The huge non-profit complex commits to hosting a series of cultural and interesting events at low cost or no cost. Visitors are able to view the majesty of Lake Ontario in the 10-acre centre. If you’re wanting to do more of an activity yourself, Nathan Phillips Square allows you to experience one of the most popular Canadian past times: ice skating. Ice skates are cheap to rent and entry is free if you bring your own. During winter, the square is peppered with sparkly lights to give guests a true winter wonderland feeling to rival 30 Rock in New York City.

Tourism planners in Toronto understand that in order to drive how spectacular the city is, there has to be some give and take. When tourists visit, by providing a plethora of free or low-cost events – or driving footfall to the free vistas and experiences – they are more likely to see repeat visits and drive word of mouth excitement for the city. You can truly enjoy all Toronto has to offer by soaking up the atmosphere are trading those things that might eat into the budget with free alternatives, such as finding free deals on days out or swapping casinos for online casino equivalents.



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