Summer is already gone, and shorter and cooler days have replaced all that warmth. While the working days haven’t changed much for the majority of people, the weekends indeed have. As the weather changes, so does our mood, which consequently makes us lose interest in going out and having fun in general.

If you have let colder Autumn days ruin your weekends, this text is about to give you a few ideas on how to change that. There are a few variants for both outside and inside activities, so you can choose the one that seems most appealing to you once the weekend starts. Let’s take a look!

Visit Casa Loma

If you haven’t already, you should take a weekend while the weather is still gentle towards Canada to visit Casa Loma. This stunning castle was built in 1914 in a Gothic style and it has proudly carried the title of the only castle in this part of the continent since.

The castle’s eye-catching flower gardens and overall splendour were enough for many movie directors to use it for the shooting of popular films such as Chicago and X-Men. If you wish, you can have dinner at a restaurant located inside the castle and feel the atmosphere of the aristocracy for at least a day in your life.

Organize a Casino Night

If you don’t feel like going away for the weekend and you prefer having friends who share the mood with you over, there’s no better idea than to organize a casino night at home. Thankfully, this kind of party won’t require a lot of work as it used to years ago since the technology has made this process a lot easier.

While it would be great to get a poker set and make it realistic, you can also take advantage of electronic devices in your home and access various online slot games. In this way, you will be able to replicate the casino part filled with slot machines so that anyone who doesn’t feel like playing cards can have some fun on their own.

Furthermore, the slot games that you can find online are extremely fun as there are more than a thousand of them to choose from. You will be able to find both the classic fruit machines and the latest movie-themed slots, or anything else for that matter. The web is full of attractive games, and everyone can find something that suits their preference for sure.

Check Out the Hockey Hall of Fame

Considering that most Canadians love hockey, this will probably be the most popular idea. Pay a visit to the Hockey Hall of Fame and spice up your weekend with some cool activities that include your favourite sport.

The hall is well-equipped with a model rink, but there are also real sticks and pucks that enable you to play some hockey against the legends of this sport. Practice your shots against Frederik Anderson and Carey Price that you’ll be virtually facing over there.

Indulge in a Movie Marathon

Cold Autumn weekends are perfect for finally watching those trilogies you’ve always wanted to see but never had enough time for it. All you need for this activity is a TV, cozy and warm pyjamas, some snacks and drinks, and the party can start!

Dive into the story of the timeless classic like the Godfather, or choose the extended versions of LOTR movies. In case you’ve already watched these and other blockbuster trilogies, or you are more interested in TV series than movies, even better. There’s no better time to start watching a TV series with more than a dozen episodes than a cold weekend with nothing else to do. You can do it alone or in a company — one way or another, you will enjoy it.




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