It goes without saying that ice hockey is one of the most popular sports in Canada. Canadians love playing ice hockey and they enjoy going to a game with their friends and family. While ice hockey is popular around the world, the level of excitement just isn’t the same in Europe – but why is this the case?

Below, we are going to look at some of the reasons why ice hockey is so popular in Canada to this day. Read on to find out more about this.

The National Sport

First things first, ice hockey is the national sport of Canada and so it is always going to be popular with the people living in this country. Ice hockey first was played in Canada back in 1862 and many people grow up watching or playing the game with their friends. This country has always dominated in ice hockey, ever since the iconic Stanley Cup was inaugurated back in 1893. It is clear that no other sport stands a chance in Canada when compared to ice hockey.

Opportunities for Fans

Canadians love to play ice hockey but they also love to fiercely support their favourite teams. While the excitement of having your team win is often enough for some people, others have found opportunities to maximise their enjoyment thanks to betting odds. It is now possible to use a site like Unibet Canada or similar to place a bet on a winning team and make some money along the way. These opportunities and the growth of the betting industry has led to even more interest in the sport.

The Ice Hockey Community

Another reason why ice hockey is so popular in Canada is that there is a strong community of fans. The atmosphere at an ice hockey match in Canada is unbeatable and many people try to make every single game by buying season tickets. Yes, there are some strong rivalries between the largest teams but the community is also quite supportive when it needs to be. Many people get into supporting a certain team as a result of family tradition and this can bring people together.

Anyone Can Play

Finally, ice hockey is still extremely popular to this day because really anyone can play. Canada has tons of ice rinks and outdoor areas that Canadians can use to practise their skating skills or shooting. This means that many people grow up playing ice hockey at school or in their free time with friends. Parents love to teach their skills how to play ice hockey and this has led to its popularity continuing for many years.

Final Verdict

As you can see, there are many reasons why ice hockey has continued to be so popular since it first appeared in Canada back in 1862. This sport has a strong community and the opportunities for fans to get involved and make some money along with their favourite teams are quite impressive. If you aren’t an ice hockey fan, it might be time to give it another chance.




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