We are all well-familiar with the cities that never sleep like Paris, Cairo, New York City, and Istanbul. Although the nightlife can be extremely fun, wild, and exciting, many residents of such cities struggle to get a good quality sleep. This can cause major hindrances in their work and family life, along with other serious health problems too. Therefore, people look for different ways that help them get healthy sleep at nighttime, such as getting appropriate bedding, including a moisture-wicking cooling pillow or a supportive mattress.

In case you are looking for other tips to help you sleep better in a city that never sleeps, read this article!

Drown Out Urban Noise

Noisy neighbours, busy streets, and loud music can all contribute to disrupting sleep, especially if you live in an urban city. Hence, it’s essential to look for ways that can help you cope with this situation.

Keep your windows shut. Although you may feel the urge to open your house windows just a little to allow a cool breeze of air, it can restrict your healthy sleep. Therefore, you must completely shut your windows to block any noise.   

Invest in a white noise machine. Investing in a white noise machine can help you cancel out noise. An alternative to a white noise machine can be a running fan or an air conditioner for similar sound effects.

Play soft sounds of nature on your phone. If you’re the kind of person who sleeps better with natural sounds such as rain, rustling leaves, or ocean waves, you can download such apps on your smart device and connect it with a Bluetooth speaker.

Use earplugs. Another great way to limit noise disruption in a city that’s always awake is to use earplugs. Make sure they are comfortable and fit perfectly to prevent discomfort. Looking for earplugs with a maximum of 32 decibels rating can block out loud urban noise but will still keep you aware of fire alarm, wailing baby, or morning alarm.

Block Out Bright Street Lights

Another problem in big cities that many residents face is bright lights sneaking through their bedroom windows.

Although this isn’t something that can’t be solved, it still can be a major factor affecting an individual’s sleep without them knowing.

To combat this issue, you can replace your light curtains or blinds with blackout curtains. You can also use a soft amber glow light in your room in case you need a some light in your room to sleep better.

Limit Late Night Outs in the City

All the rock music playing in the streets and people having fun in the bars may lure you into staying a bit more in the city, and this may turn into hours. And then it will be too late for you to realize that you are past your bedtime.

If your body’s circadian rhythm (sleep-wake cycle) gets disturbed, you will find it hard to wake up feeling fresh and energized in the morning due to you having a rough night with countless tosses and turns.

Hence, you must be back home when it’s your bedtime to keep your circadian rhythm balanced and shift your hangouts in the evenings, even on the weekends.



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