Vancouver is home to a rich history, burrowed right among the Rocky Mountains and situated upon an ocean inlet of the mainland. Having been both a cultural and industrial epicentre of Canada for many years, the city is rich with history, blooming business, and passionate artists that draw inspiration from the scenery that surrounds them. This guide will point you to some of the best historical photographs, business, and artists of Vancouver.


Having numerous rivers as well as vibrant cities and towns situated on islands disjointed from the mainland, the city of Vancouver is rich with bridges, all varying in their architecture styles and function. Click here to visit a gallery of historic bridge photos in Vancouver, showcasing everything from the landmark Lions Gate Bridge to the Georgia Street Viaduct, and their evolution throughout time.

With a vast assortment of pristine provincial parks and secluded campgrounds, British Columbia is rich with opportunities for camping, RVing, and living the van life. Dating back to the 1800s camping has been recorded on film, some photographs evidencing the use of tents, campfires, and even instruments. Click here to visit a selection of photos proclaiming both campers from over 100 years ago, as well as the breathtaking scenery surrounding them.

The city of Vancouver is abundant with culture from around the world, with a variety of cuisines today, but also a wide array of restaurants and eateries since the 1800s. Click here to visit a gallery of historic images recording the street views and interiors of the many restaurants where Vancouver’s residents would eat, drink, socialize, and entertain.

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Massy Books is an Indigenous owned and operated new and used bookstore, owned by Vancouver local Patrica Massy. Here she aims to share stories that often go untold, increase visibility of underrepresented voices, and foster customers’ love of reading. Massy Books also strives for originality and generosity, carrying unique stock and having donated over $50,000 to various local charities since its inception.

FBOMB Trading Inc is Vancouver based distribution company, exclusively distributing several clothing brands, such as TAIKAN, Lusso Cloud, OBEY, Haan Ready, Dr.Denim, Minimum, and Topo Designs, across Canada. Here they aim to bring internationally loved dproducts to the Canadian market, with their main warehouse in Burnaby, BC.

WRKOUT is an online fitness provider founded by entrepreneur Curtis Christopherson, striving to connect users to its digital programming. The platform provides an effective and convenient catalogue of pre-recorded workouts, as well as live, online, in-person interactions between the client and their trainer, solving the traditional issues of commuting and a lack of accountability to a gym that plague many clients. While WRKOUT was born in Vancouver, the staff includes

trainers from California, New York, and Mexico, attesting to the inclusivity of the platform for all clients, no matter their location.

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Chi Cheng Lee is a Vancouver based jewelry maker, drawing inspiration from the natural elements of mountains, oceans, rain, fog and snow, all of which she experiences in abundance on Vancouver’s North Shore. Lee first discovered her passion for jewelry at New York’s Parsons School of Design, later gaining her industry credentials working with 5th Avenue luxury jeweler Harry Winston. Recently Lee has been focusing on recycling her clients’ old unworn jewelry, creating new family legacies by incorporating contemporary designs.

Lauren Grant is an award-winning Canadian film and television maker, striving to increase the volume of women in front of and behind the camera and advocating for female-driven content in the film industry. Grant is best known for her moving yet nuanced style, including her directorial debut, Things We Feel But Do Not Say, which was inspired by her journey to motherhood, normalizing the common experiences of women and mothers that are often stigmatized.

Tanja Hinder is a BC based interior designer, and the co-founder of Marrimor Interiors. Along with her business partner Lauren Bugliarisi, she works on several interior projects, such as new homes and renovated spaces, achieved by a collaborative and creative process. Hinder’s work and designs can be found in Interiors throughout Vancouver, Whistler, and the Southern Gulf Island, and her decor designs can be purchased at M2L in New York, Boston, and Washington DC.

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