If you’ve been charged with a serious crime, you’re probably terrified of going to court. Maybe you’ll be sentenced to a long prison sentence, which will change your life forever. Do you have any idea how it’s going to go?

It will help to look at some of the things your lawyer will be working on. Right now, they’ll be working on building a strong case before court, so let’s look at some ways they’ll try to help you come out on top.

1. Making You Look Human

If you had a Toronto sexual assault lawyer, they might work hard to paint you in a good light. When you’re charged with sexual offenses, you don’t want to come across as a monster, even if you’re completely innocent.

When a lawyer figures out how to build up a good picture of you, it’s going to help with the jury. It could also help with the prosecutor. For example, it could help you get a better plea deal if you don’t want to risk a bad verdict.

2. Fighting For A Victory

A great criminal defense lawyer is going to know how to fight. They’re going to practice how to fight in court all the time. Your lawyer is probably working non-stop to get your case thrown out at the moment.

They will obviously learn everything possible about your case. It will be much easier to fight on your behalf if they know it inside out. Most of their knowledge will be built up over the years, so hire the best lawyer possible.

3. Coming Up With A Story

The prosecutor will need to prove you’re guilty beyond all reasonable doubt, which is actually quite hard to do. Your lawyer won’t need to prove your innocence, so they’ll need to come up with a good narrative.

If the police found evidence linking you to the crime, is there another reason why it was there? Do you have a good reason why you were in the same place as the victim? A good story can sometimes lead to reasonable doubt.

4. Collecting The Evidence

Lawyers will get lots of evidence during discovery, but they’ll need to go through everything themselves. A lawyer will need to find evidence within the stacks of information to prove you didn’t commit a crime.

Sometimes they’ll use investigators to find things the police missed. Once everything is collected, they’ll need to spend a long time going through it. A tiny detail could be the difference between freedom and prison.

5. Learning About The Law

No lawyer knows every little thing about the law. It’s almost impossible to know everything because it’s so vast, but they will need to keep educating themselves on it until they’re ready to stop practicing.

If you’re charged with taking something from someone, they might be able to convince the jury you didn’t use force. It could mean you’re innocent of a more serious charge. More legal knowledge means a better chance of winning.

Don’t Lose Hope

Hopefully, you know your lawyer will be working very hard based on this information, so don’t lose hope before your trial starts.



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