There’s much to love about the fastest-growing city in Canada, offering financial opportunities, world-class educational institutions, a sound transit system, and rich cultures from different corners of the world.

Of course, like any major city, Toronto faces its share of challenges. Many of these challenges can be tackled by technology like mobile apps. And here lies the opportunity.

Nowadays, you don’t need top skills in programming languages to create a mobile app. The process has been democratized. With a great idea and proper investment, you can work with one of the best app development companies in Toronto to craft a successful piece of software.

Although this blog can’t help you with investment, it can generate some ideas that may push you in the right direction:

#1 Food Delivery App

Oh no, you say, not another food app! With apps like Uber Eats, Skip the Dishes, and Doordash already popular in Toronto, you might wonder if we need another food app.

The fact is that Torontonians love to conveniently order delicious food. So, there’s always demand for a food app. There is also an opportunity in that many restaurants and food delivery drivers are unhappy with the current food delivery app companies.

Some Toronto restaurants complain that food delivery apps charge a large cut or give buyers an easy opportunity to cheat them for a refund. Meanwhile, food delivery drivers are protesting that their already thin margins are shrinking. If you can develop an app that cracks this formula, keeping eateries and delivery people happy, you may have a successful food delivery app.  

#2 Ethnic Food App

Toronto is home to thousands of newcomers every year. Many of these newcomers prefer to consume low-cost homemade food that’s highly authentic, unlike the watered-down fare sold at popular restaurants. Cooks connect with customers on unofficial marketplaces like social media groups to offer authentic food at prices affordable to newcomers. However, this isn’t an efficient way. A food app that connects such buyers and sellers in Toronto could have the potential for success.  

#3 Housing App 

Let’s be honest; the local real estate apps in Toronto are mediocre despite skyrocketing demand for properties. A cutting-edge localized real estate app that features high-end pictures, virtual reality tours, smart contracts, and verified ratings for renters, landlords, agents, and sellers, could be a powerful disruptive force.

#4 Toronto-Based Game

Despite being a vibrant and popular city, Toronto doesn’t boast many localized video games. A platformer game that offers an immersive and intimate look at the city would hold local and international interest. The game could also feature real-time traffic and weather changes following the city’s actual situation to give players an extra dose of authenticity.

#5 Events App

There are sometimes so many events in Toronto that it can be challenging to keep up. An events app that offers the latest updates can certainly fill a market need. It can go the extra mile by offering essential real-time updates through crowdsourcing.

With users actively reporting on live events, people can get helpful updates. For example, they may learn that the CNE (Canadian National Exhibition) is too crowded to visit on a Sunday or that The Weeknd lost his voice and canceled the concert.

Toronto has the potential for many things, including unique apps. Work with a top local developer to develop your killer idea into a killer app.



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