Finding the right place to retire is important. You want to live in a location that’s quiet, safe, pleasant, modern, and offers plenty of interesting activities. When looking for places to retire in Canada. You should consider Ontario for the following excellent reasons: 

Reason #1 Top Retirement Communities

It’s easy to downsize and move to a retirement community when there are so many excellent choices. For instance, the best retirement residences in Ontario are family-owned and family-operated and are renowned for offering the following features:

  • Warm and caring atmosphere.
  • Lovely one-bedroom and two-bedroom apartments.
  • Modern amenities.
  • Safety features. 
  • Attentive and qualified support staff.
  • Pet-friendliness.

In addition to these features, the best retirement homes in Ontario are typically located close to eateries, banks, parks, hairdressers, spas, and other attractions. This encourages residents to adopt active lifestyles and stay independent.

Ontario retirement homes are also a great place to socialize with older adults from similar backgrounds and age groups. It’s not unusual for older adults to expand their social circles significantly after moving to a community for retirees. 

Reason #2 Nice Parks

Every city in Ontario features nice parks, where older adults can safely walk, jog, or enjoy meals. Here, they can also meet some local wildlife such as ducks, owls, woodpeckers.

The air quality in Ontario is also quite good for a busy province. When walking in an Ontario Park or parkette, you can soak in the sunshine and take in the fresh air. 

Reason #3 Good Public Transportation

The major cities in Ontario generally feature excellent public transportation facilities. For instance, Expat Arrivals says the public transport in Ottawa is: “safe, efficient, and extensive.”

Reason #4 Multiculturalism 

Cities in Ontario are host to people from all over the world. Older adults can enjoy international cuisines, festivals, and much more. Older adults who are newcomers can also connect with their communities in major cities across the province. 

Reason #5 World-class Education

Some older adults choose to take a course or complete a degree after retirement. Ontario certainly gives them plenty of fantastic opportunities. There are many highly rated educational institutions across the province that offer special discounts, programs, and amenities for mature students. Older adults living in retirement communities can also take courses online.

Reason #6 Safety and Security

Older adults interested in walking, banking, or other activities can generally do so safely in most Ontario cities. Ontario cities such as Ottawa, Kanata, Kingston, Stratford, London, Whitby, and others are relatively safe despite being busy places. In fact, according to University Magazine, six of the ten safest cities in Canada are in Ontario!

Reason #7 Discounts for Older Adults

Businesses across Ontario know that retirees lack income streams. That’s why many of them offer discounted products and services. For instance, public transportation services across the province offer concessions to older adults. Similarly, cinemas, museums, art galleries, restaurants, shops, and other businesses encourage older adults to visit through discounts. 

These are just some of the great reasons why you should consider retiring in Ontario. Take advantage of the excellent retirement homes, amenities, atmosphere, culture, and more and make the right city in the province your home.

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