In today’s competitive market, especially in a dynamic city like Toronto, finding a job can be challenging. With the number of professionals available today, many are well suited for an executive job. However, not everyone can land their dream role, or the process may take longer.

Executives typically have a specialized skill set, making it more challenging to find the perfect fit. According to Forbes, fewer executive positions are advertised publicly, contributing to the delay in the hiring process.

The key to landing an executive job is knowing how to apply and being prepared for the interview. Consider the following tips to land an executive job in Toronto.

Target Specific Companies

Look for companies you’re interested in working in and learn about their needs. They will likely consider you for the position if you’re qualified to meet their needs. This will narrow down your options and allow you to focus on creating your application for positions you are interested in. Otherwise, you may find yourself aimlessly applying to multiple jobs, which may affect the quality of your application.

Once you’ve targeted specific companies and researched their current needs, customize your resume and cover letter to show them why you are suitable for the role. This will encourage them to prioritize your application and save time.

Show Off Your Personal Brand

As a qualified professional suited for an executive role, you likely bring a lot to the table. Showing off your personal brand verbally and on paper increases your chances of landing a role. When you illustrate your abilities to the employer, they are more likely to understand what makes you valuable.

Your brand is also your reputation, which you can show your potential employers through strong references. Choose professionals from your previous roles who have worked closely with you when you offer a list of references.

Network Your Way into Hidden Jobs

Many executive job postings in Toronto are hidden, so it’s important to implement the right strategies to tap into the “hidden job market.” According to the Create Career College, 80 percent of the jobs in Canada are hidden to make the hiring process more cost-efficient, time-saving, confidential, and attract higher-quality candidates.

Networking is a great way to leverage your contacts and learn more about these hidden opportunities. Reach out to professionals with connections to firms you’re interested in and let your network know you’re seeking a new opportunity. This will help them remember you when they come across an executive job listing.

Rely on the Experts 

Knowing where to look and what to do to get noticed is a great start in your job hunt process, but it’s not enough. Relying on experts, such as specialized recruitment agencies, can further escalate the process and help you land your dream role.

Reach out to IQ Partners – Toronto’s leading recruitment agency, and let them guide you throughout the process. They take a disciplined approach to recruiting and placing talent, and matching executives with companies is one of their specialties. When you sign up with them, you will be added to their database, opening up many potential opportunities. This partnership will also allow you to access the hidden job market, as many firms work with leading recruitment agencies to fill a vacancy in their company instead of advertising the role publicly.

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