Bentley vehicles are widely known for combining high performance features with exquisite handcrafted interior design. Based in Crewe, England, Bentley was established.

Bentley’s distinct logo embodies freedom and creativity – values held dear by the company. One such expression of this freedom and creativity is its decision to vary the number of feathers on its car emblem.

Bentley vehicles are considered an investment, and owning one requires considerable financial commitment. That’s why the price of Bentley servicing is an important factor to consider when selecting a Bentley model.


Although Bentley vehicles may seem costly, it’s essential to keep in mind that their brand is known for producing lavish luxury models. Maintenance expenses tend to be higher on luxury models compared to non-luxury models and it is essential to take into account how quickly depreciation occurs.

Bentley takes great pride in their engineering and craftsmanship, employing trained artisans at their Crewe facility. For instance, each Bentley Continental GT engine is hand assembled on the factory floor by experienced engineers with a plaque to show who oversaw its creation.

Bentley has taken steps to be environmentally-friendly. They have improved recycling processes and reduced waste production; many parts for production come from local sources; their production process has been simplified, and carbon neutrality by 2030 is their goal. Furthermore, Bentley is expanding into electric vehicle market through their Bentayga SUV offering V-6 hybrid variants.


Bentley cars are among the world’s most luxurious and sought-after, so it goes without saying that their reliability should not be called into question. After all, people don’t spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on unreliable automobiles!

Bentley has earned itself an unfavourable reputation when it comes to reliability. Let’s examine this in-depth and consider all of its facts and figures behind their vehicles’ dependability.

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Bentleys are incredible vehicles that combine power with excellent driving dynamics. As the owner of one in Baltimore, Philadelphia or Washington, DC area you will need to ensure it gets all the care and maintenance that it deserves; our Bentley servicing technicians are specially trained in managing this exceptional car’s unique needs.

With our wide range of tools and diagnostic equipment, we are equipped to address any issue your Bentley may present with ease. From its 650 horsepower of the latest Continental GT to the versatility of Bentayga hybrid cars – we possess all of the expertise required to ensure they operate smoothly and efficiently.

Bentley provides an accommodating software licensing model to meet diverse engineering needs. Customers may purchase perpetual licenses of Bentley Systems Microstation and AssetWise; subscribe to unlimited cloud usage with country-wide license pooling; or select an annual Software Asset Management (SAM) plan including Bentley Select.


Bentleys are among the most luxurious vehicles on the road today, boasting full-sized bodies, powerful engines, and premium materials for their interiors. Each Bentley is handcrafted by master craftspeople using only premium materials in its construction process.

Bentleys are generally reliable vehicles, yet do require regular specialized maintenance, making them expensive to keep running smoothly – with average annual costs ranging between $1,200-1,500 for scheduled services.

These cars must be maintained by an experienced team of technicians familiar with Bentleys, who know how to treat and service them with care. Bentleys are complex performance machines which must remain at peak levels of performance at all times.

Our experts specialize in replacing engine filters and perishable items promptly with genuine Bentley parts, while conducting regular fluid inspections to ensure all important areas of your Bentley remain lubricated, helping prevent unnecessary wear-and-tear on both engine and transmission components.




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