Sweatshirts have long been associated with casual and easygoing style. Constructed of either cotton or something similar to wool, their soft material creates an invitingly cozy aesthetic.

Add texture to your sweatshirt by layering it with a button-down shirt, letting the collar hang over the top and cuffing its sleeves around its bottom cuff for added visual interest.


While most men consider sweatshirts to be casual clothing items, when worn correctly they can actually look quite stylish when combined with other pieces of clothing and layered together in layers. The key to doing this successfully is layering.

Wearing a sweater over a sweatshirt is the ideal way to look professional while remaining cozy. When layering, try not to layer more than three pieces; any more may lead to overheating or bulkiness. Also important when layering is selecting colors that complement one another; lighter hues like grey, white and navy make great upper layer options while darker tones make great outerwear options.

Another great sweatshirt styling trick is layering it over a button-up shirt. When choosing your shirt, select one with close fitting fabric so as to not crumple or add too much bulk when worn under a sweater. Furthermore, opt for something with softer collars like turtleneck or henley; this look works especially well when heading into the office!

Dressing Up

Personalized sweatshirts are an indispensable piece for casual wardrobes. Not only are they perfect for daily wear, but they can also add a fashionable edge that elevates an ensemble. To elevate your sweatshirt with style follow these tips for creating chic looks.

Based on the season, select cotton fabrics that breathe for warmer weather while selecting heavier woolen or flannel styles for autumn and winter. Sweatshirts featuring ribbed waistbands and cuffs provide more shape while crew neck options provide more ease. Choose styles with solid colors or minimal graphics or badging for a casual style look.

Pair a sweatshirt with slim jeans and white sneakers for an impressive casual look. Oversized sweatshirts pair perfectly with ripped denim for an appealing streetwear aesthetic, and baseball caps or fedoras add another dimension of street style appeal. Add an adjustable belt around your oversized sweatshirt for more structure and definition of waistline.


Though sweatshirts may be known for being relaxed pieces of clothing that can help you unwind quickly, there is another way of wearing them with more flair. Instead of opting for loose fits that cling too tightly or pair it with sweatpants for maximum relaxation, opt for fitted pieces that follow the curves of your body without being restrictive or restricting.

This style of sweatshirt pairs well with jeans or chinos for casual wear, or for something a bit more stylish and formal try layering it with a button down shirt underneath and protruding its collar for added professionalism in your ensemble.

Sweatshirts are an effortless addition to your look and provide a casual yet fashionable edge in almost every situation. Use these tips to transform your sweatshirt for different events and create chic ensembles!


Sweatshirts have seen an extraordinary resurgence in fashion over recent years and can now look chic when styled appropriately.

For an effortless street style look, pair a sweatshirt with slim fit jeans and sneakers for a street-inspired casual outfit. To elevate it further, add a straw hat and bag. For something more sophisticated, layer up with tee and blazer layers; or tie your sweatshirt at either front or side to create an tailored ensemble.

Branded sweatshirts can add an eye-catching finishing touch to your ensemble, whether with loud streetwear logos or subtle college affiliations. With so many statement embellishments at your disposal, branded sweatshirts become the center of attention quickly! Just be careful to match these embellishments with neutral or muted colors for optimal results or else your look could become overcrowded and disorganized.

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