The Brazilian tastes at Cafune

Words and photos by Sabrina Zh


After a long day, I desperately needed a place to relax from the hustle and bustle of work. So I chose to wind down the rest of my day with some food bloggers in Cabbagetown at the intimate Brazilian restaurant called Cafuné (194A Carlton St).

Stepping inside, I instantly noticed the eclectic collection of the vintage furniture and the fireplace. Along the walls are curated paintings, arts and crafts by local artists. The combination of Brazilian jazz music and the pillows on the chairs make the restaurant feel warm, rustic, and homey.

Cafuné Blend Coffee

Cafuné Blend Coffee

The Brazilian House Coffee is Cafuné’s proud specialty. The owner, Vincent Gannam, handpicks the coffee beans from the southeast mountain of Brazil. Growing at an altitude of 3,000 to 5,000 feet, the unique natural condition of the area gives the coffee a nutty aroma, subtle acidity and a full body. The smooth texture and sweet taste of coffee are enhanced when paired with nuts and chocolate. We tried a prix-fixe menu featuring a three course dinner prepared by Chef Marcelo Ferreira.

The soup of the day was cucumber and mint. Not heavy on the cream at all and very refreshing. The little bits of basil leafs adds a powerful punch to this light starter.

This dish is a Lebanese contribution to Brazilian Cuisine. Inside the puff pastry are ground beef, onion, tomato and fresh mint. On the side is yogurt lime sauce and fresh green bean salad.

The Brazilian lime tart, more sweet than sour.  It’s too sweet for my personal taste but it would be the perfect dessert if you have a sweet tooth.


To round off the evening I had Brazil’s most popular soft drink- Guarana Antartica. Gurana is a fruit. This is a carbonated version of the juice. Unlike any fruit sodas that I tried before, Guarana Antartica tastes sweet but not overbearing. It is difficult to explain the flavour thus I urge you to try it and be your own judge.

There is something about Cafuné that makes me want to go back; maybe it is the delicious flavours, laid back jazz music, decorative arts and crafts, or the contagious smiles of the staff. It is an experience worth sharing with friends. And that is the reason I am sharing this with you. Thank you awesome Joallore(@clickflick) for introducing me to Cafuné. Like no other ethnic restaurant in Toronto, Cafuné offers authentic Brazilian food, music, and art and culture together under one roof.


For more info visit Cafune on Facebook here