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Photo: Nick Lee

Last night the worldwide blockbuster attraction called Sensation made another big splash at the Rogers Centre.


So we mentioned it back in May, but the official lineup has been revealed for the blockbuster attraction where 30,000 music lovers will gather at the Rogers Centre for Bud Light Sensation, this time entitled “Into the Wild”.


Here’s a few photos from the tweets of last night’s Bud Light Sensation. With over 10 years making it’s waves across the world, Sensation finally arrived on Canadian shores on June 1st, 2013 at the Rogers Centre here in Toronto. I was lucky to snag one of the sold-out deluxe tickets but it was more fun just being on the floor with friends. It was visually spectacular with giant jellyfish hanging from the ceiling, incredible laser displays using water, jellyfish…


UPDATE: check out some of the best photos from Bud Light Sensation here: http://www.bestoftoronto.net/2013/06/bud-light-sensation-photos-from-around-the-twitterverse/ Those of you that missed the majorness that was the “#OneLastTour” of Swedish House Mafia last week or those who are just hungry for more EDM maybe you can look forward to Sensation, an EDM ocean of white on June 1st, 2013 at the Rogers Centre. Tickets for the highly anticipated Sensation will start at $125 (for a Regular ticket), and they start to go on…