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Last night it was all about the 4 amazing young ladies known as the déVah Quartet and rightfully so. Recently coming off the success of a Kickstarter campaign they hosted their EP release party at Tattoo Rock Parlour with an incredible high-energy performance.

Their talent with the electric strings is interesting and intense. Classically trained, contemporarily relevant. I’ve seen how far they’ve come in a few months since my first encounter with them at the ISES Toronto Steampunk Gala and the CSE Star Awards gala.

Even before Kickstarter and this EP release they’ve racked up accolades galore including the title of Yamaha Artists in 2011 and working with big names such as Kanye West, K-OS, Feist, Barbara Streisand, Peter Gabriel, Diana Krall, the Trans-Siberian Orchestra and many more.

Keep an eye out for deVah Quartet and when you get the opportunity to watch a performance, make sure you seize it! Check them out at www.devahquartet.com

Here’s some of my photos. Scroll down for the full gallery from the EP release party.

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Here’s a sample of their live performance last year of one of their original songs “Tell Me How You Really Feel”:

Check out the full photo gallery below from deVah Quartet’s EP Release party.

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Photos from Digital Dreams 2013 at Echo Beach

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