There’s a lot to love about the Rudsak brand with creativity led by Evik Astoorian for the past 20 years. Luckily friends convinced me to stay around for this last show of the day in the midst of a hectic World MasterCard Fashion Week because now I love Rudsak even more.

It was a hard-rocking knockout of a show to unveil the Rudsak Fall/Winter 2014/15 men’s and women’s collection. The rock ‘n’ roll spirit was expressed in the music selection, fine tailored biker jackets, fur hats and guitar-toting male models.

Sex appeal oozed in the patterned leggings mixed with tight leather skirts and tall lace-up boots on the women.

Rudsak showcased it’s prowress with soft and supple leather, flirting with intricate designs of paisley, snake, primitive and cingulata embossed into the leather. And rebelling from the standard palette, bordeaux, green and navy hues were introduced along with a trend of bronze accents throughout the collection.

Featured celebrity model, DJ Harley Viera-Newton, ended the show in a bronze leather dress (and she was even spinning at the Rudsak after party that evening).

“Retrospectively, the last twenty years have been as much fun as challenging. Just when you start to think you know it all, you’re throwing on a different hat and trying something new”, says creative leader Evik Asatoorian. “It’s no longer about the particular pieces but the attitude that defines Rudsak that has enabled us to succeed so far. Next up is to show the rest of the world what Rudsak’s flair is all about.”

Looking forward to seeing more of that Rudsak flair.


Watch the full Rudsak Fall/Winter 2014/15 fashion show video here:

All photos by Nick Lee

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