Located in the charming neighbourhood of Little Italy, YamChops (705 College Street) is a new option for those who wish to incorporate more veggie fares in their routine. Hailed as a vegetarian butcher shop (quite the intriguing oxymoron), this new eatery promotes plant-based proteins to be a staple of any kitchen or diet.


Eating healthy and nutritious foods is something I’m very conscious about these days, and eating more plant-based foods is vital to me. Whether you’re a vegan, vegetarian, flexitarian, or simply want to eat more veggie-based foods and reduce meat consumption, YamChops has some delicious choices in store for you.


Equipped with a quirky and eclectic menu of unique yet flavourful plant-based dishes, YamChops is pushing the boundary of what plant-based foods can be. Take their Carrot Lox for instance, made with organic carrots cured in Yam’s own secret marinade, and dressed with capers, red onions, dill and cashew sour cream, this intriguing dish is indeed reminiscent of a cured lox dish. My personal favourite, Tuna-less Tuna Sliders, which are described to be made from “Free Range Chick peas”, mashed into “tuna” consistency and married with vegan mayonnaise, dill pickle, red onion, and nori, actually taste like fish (thanks to the nori)! Other vegan dishes include the Raw Pad Thai Box, which consists of spiralized carrots, zucchini, and beets as the “noodles”, all of which are mixed in a luscious house-made raw Pad Thai dressing. And this didn’t taste like a salad!

Featuring vegetarian and vegan plant-based protein alternatives, prepared foods, and convenient boxed ready-to-go prepared meals, YamChops offers their selections through their storefront, as well as deliveries and catering. Their well-stocked pantries and fridges at the back of store also dish out a variety of packaged goods, from organic condiments and snacks to frozen foods. I was thrilled to find my favourite frozen faux meat line, Gardein, as well as organic, fair trade dark chocolates.

YamChops also make and sell their own line of organic, raw, and cold-pressed juices, called AuJus. Made in-house, and ranging from sweet fruit based juices to detoxifying green juices, these bottles of gems have a myriad of health benefits and will keep you fueled and re-energized. My favourites include the refreshing Pineapple Express (simply pineapple, apple, and mint) and the hearty Almond Milk (a mixture of water, almond, dates, coconut oil, and seasoning).

AuJus - YamChops' line of organic, raw, pressed juices

AuJus – YamChops’ line of organic, raw, pressed juices

The delightful modern interior of the shop offers seating at the front of the store with stand-up tables, and an outdoor patio for guests who want to enjoy their boxed lunches in the warm weather.

Michael Abramson, the chef and creator of YamChops, along with his wife, sold their advertising agency for 27 years to launch The SixCob (Six Communities of Business Inc). YamChops was launched as a community of The SixCob. He humbly remarked that the family venture has been an exciting journey, and continues to explain that YamChops is not limited to vegetarians or vegans, but caters to anyone who wishes to eat more plant-based foods. I couldn’t agree more after seeing the many choices of meat alternatives and other delectables this charming little, ma-and-pa shop has to offer.

Address: 705 College Street
Telephone: 416-645-0117
Website: www.yamchops.com
Email: TalkToUs@YamChops.com
Facebook: YamChopsTO
Twitter: @YamChopsTO
Instagram: @YamChopsTO

Hours: 11:00am – 7:00pm Daily

Order Online: www.yamchops.com/order-now

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