The WORKS Gourmet Burger Bistro kicks off a fun rock-n-roll themed menu for this long awaited spring. Aptly titled, Patty Like a Rockstar, we taste tested a few of the items from this new, limited time only menu.

Known for its 50 different, hand-pressed gourmet burgers, versatility without sacrificing quality is this chain’s top priority. Adding to the already abundant burger menu, crispy hand-cut fries, cool classic shakes, and ice-cold draught beers, a new selection of tongue-and-cheek appetizers, burgers and desserts hit The WORKS. The new promotion showcases the bistro’s vast choice of patty options and toppings.

We started with the best-selling appetizer, Bacon-Wrapped Wrecking Balls – a cheddar cheese filled tater snuggly wrapped in crispy bacon. The presentation of this dish was truly a spectacle. The potato balls rest happily a bed of hickory bacon sticks, while perfectly complimented by a spicy garlic aioli.
The burgers of the new menu were of course the stars of the show. We ordered the headliner burger, Man Cave – a meaty fare assembled with a 100% Canadian beef patty, and dressed with gooey cheese, caramelized onions, salty bacon, and a sweet BBQ sauce. The well-seasoned beef patty was tender and juicy, a hefty portion if you’re extra hungry. Next up was Elk on a Beech. Served with the lean domestic Elk patty was The WORKS’ signature Beechhouse sauce. Absent of any gaminess, the burger was topped off with a concoction of buttery avocado, sundried tomato, and feta cheese, turning the combination into a carefully crafted west-coast twist.

Offering 7 patty options as well as gluten-free and vegetarian combinations, The WORKS boasts having the largest selection of burger patties in the industry. The promotional menu truly reveals an astounding variation of burgers and toppings, like The Hipster (with its lean ground turkey burger with avocado and Havarti cheese) or the veggie patty option, Babewatch.

The side selection at The WORKS is also dizzying. If you can think of it, they probably have it. From a myriad of salad to poutine choices, the WORKS has options for the health-conscious to those who just want to indulge. Their traditional sides like sweet potato fries and onion rings also proved to be pretty darn tasty.

If you have a sweet tooth like we do, the Rockin’ Red Velvet Cheesecake Shake from the special features menu is the way to go. Served in a measuring cup, this decadent dessert in a glass blew our minds with its Red Velvet cheesecake bits floating in a thick creamy ice cream shake. A thick straw was a must.

The WORKS also features a wide selection of bevvies such as their 100% Canadian beers (including local craft brews), VQA wines, and refreshing cocktails. Having the St. Lawrence location downtown makes this joint the perfect stop after a long day at work, especially with their rooftop patio on sunny occasions.

Known for its urban, industrial feel, and the sounds of classic rock, The WORKS takes its love of rock to the next level by giving its guests the chance to take the rock star lifestyle home. With 2 locations in Toronto and 24 across Ontario, diners can conveniently enjoy the fresh gourmet experience from The WORKS.

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With the purchase of any item off of the Patty Like a Rockstar menu, guests can enter win a Moosehead-stocked Marshall amp mini-fridge. The contest will run throughout the limited time offer and a winner will be drawn July 20th, 2015

More photos by Nick Lee

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