Do you turn to Google for health and medical expertise versus booking a doctor’s appointment? I often wonder why that’s the case and realize that although convenience certainly plays a role, it’s also about having a positive relationship with a doctor or a health specialist, which is tough to come by! We like Google because it’s non-judgmental, comfortable, quick, easy, and convenient. Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could establish such a friendly relationship with a health specialist?

As many young professionals place a high value on overall health, we understand that what we put in and on our bodies is important. Thus, we try to eat organic or at least eat vegetables daily, we know that natural is the way to go, and we’re also conscious of supporting local sources. Yet, the biggest barrier between ‘us’ and ‘a better us’, is a positive, ongoing, comfortable relationship with a health specialist.  If that’s the case, I feel that you’ll like Tara Miller, a holistic nutritionist and health educator who recently opened the Health Hut Boutique on 171 Harbord St., just east of Bathurst.

Tara Miller, Health Hut Boutique

Tara Miller, Health Hut Boutique

Tara offers what I, and I would guess many others, crave: a personalized, non-pressured experience, with advice and products that we look for to simplify our busy lives. We realize that the smallest changes to our daily habits could make a difference on our overall health. It’s a matter of someone explaining that to us in plain language, holding us a little accountable and making us feel welcome. After experiencing Health Hut and Tara, whose passion and drive is to provide a positive, healthy community for people like us, you may find exactly what you need to start the summer off right.

Tara offers one-on-one consultations Monday to Wednesday at the 171 Harbord St., Health Hut location. Health Hut offers chemical-free, natural and organic skin and hair care, make-up, candles, soaps and other daily care products. You can also purchase the products online.

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Natalie Korol

Nat Korol likes helping metropolitan dwellers lead a healthy, active lifestyle & especially enjoy the outdoors! She's a competing trail runner and an avid yogi. Follow Nat on Twitter + Instagram (@NatYKorol)