The launch of Autostrada Forum Magazine was filled with spectacular exotic and classic cars, motorcycles and a helicopter.

On Saturday June 13th, at the Paddock Car Club in Burlington, a 30 minute drive from Toronto, a gathering of more than 200 exotic and vintage cars were on display, most driven to the event by their owners. A rare Ferrari LaFerrari and Enzo (combined value of $5 million) along with a Porche 918, Lexus LFA, Singer 911 and several others were also among the ranks. What a marvellous sight! Crowds gathered outside with wine and cocktails appreciating the beauty and power such machines. Inside the automotive venue, sat more curiosities,  both exotic and classic as well as a helicopter.

Drinks and hors d’oeuvres were the order of the night with guests mingling with fellow car enthusiasts and members of the car community in the backdrop of live band. Co-publishers of Autostrada Forum MagazineLucas Scarfone and Sean Patrick were on hand to meet and greet. Michael Lee-Chin, a philanthropist and business magnate who Canadian Business has named as one of the richest people in Canada, stopped by to offer his support to the magazine.

Michael Lee-Chin (centre)

Sean Patrick (left), Michael Lee-Chin (centre), Lucas Scarfone (right)


Samantha Tan, an up and coming young female race car driver also made an appearance. Starting at the age of 14, she competed in several race series including her current Pirelli World Challenge drive.

Samantha Tan

Samantha Tan

Lucas Scarfone and Sean Patrick were pleased with the success of their magazine launch and enthusiastic about the content that was now available for readers. The goal of this magazine is to showcase the passion, history, and journeys of local car owners and enthusiasts, offering insight into the automotive world. Sean Patrick stated “Autostrada is very unique, we focus on the local car culture. This magazine is a combination of many different people coming together to appreciate cars.” Scarfone explained that Autostrada offers a side to car ownership that hasn’t been explored before, “the human side, we focus on the people who own the cars and what drives their passion.” This new angle allows for an expansion of what it means to be a car enthusiast and owner, giving new insight into car culture.

Angelo Paletta, a car enthusiast featured in the magazine and also the owner of one of the cars on display said, “this magazine contains quality photos accompanied by down to earth personal stories,” it is a tool that has brought together the local enthusiasts in both business and pleasure, generating networking opportunities in mutual passion. Paletta stated “cars are the universal language” within this community allowing for individuals from all walks of life to share their common interest. Owner of EuroTec Canada Ltd. and helicopter aficionado, Hoss Golanbari, has already experienced expansion in his client base due to a recent feature in this magazine.  “My advertising is mostly in helicopter magazines, but since this magazine has been released it has generated interest in the helicopter business,” said Golanbari, who had one of his helicopters displayed among the various automobiles.

In one word Scarfone describes this entire process as “positive”, especially with over 600 close friends and family in attendance. The same can also be said for the future, as the attention that has already been focused on local car culture has welcomed expansion. Both publishers are not only obviously passionate but incredibly friendly and interested in including all car owners and fanatics in their journey. They have devoted all of their time and energy to the success of this magazine, and are proud of the first two issues available in a variety of locations including but not limited to Chapters & Indigo stores across Canada and Apple iTunes. There is no doubt that the publishers high hopes will be achieved as they welcome all to attend events and to immerse oneself into the local car community.

Information about Autostrada Forum Magazine can be found here:

Photos by James Shay

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