It’s finally warming up in the city and I make up any excuse to hit the beach. Bikini season calls for heavy-duty maintenance on the hairy jungle that you’ve neglected all winter (hey, don’t judge!). Fortunately, the newly opened Yonge and Eglinton location of Fuzz Wax Bar came to my rescue. I tried their Brazilian, and was impressed by their speedy effort and solid quality of the treatment.

Nestled just north of Eglinton and situated among the trendy lash extension and blowout boutiques on Yonge Street, the new Fuzz Wax Bar is the fourth location in Toronto that’s part of a rapidly growing chain. This chic wax bar specializes in one thing, and one thing only – waxing. I put their motto of “waxing done really well” to the test.


I was greeted by friendly staff when I arrived at the elegant bar. Momentarily, Amy, my technician for my Brazilian, escorted me to a clean, private room inside. There, I changed and laid on the waxing table naked from the waist down. Helpless, I cursed myself for skipping the ibuprofen that would’ve dulled the pain that was to come (aspirin works just as well by the way). I always dread a Brazilian treatment, the way some people dread going to the dentist. Except, the waxing table looks far more intimidating than a dentist chair. That said, I love that clean, smooth, and low-maintenance end result, so I’m willing to make the sacrifice. No pain, no gain after all. Luckily for me, Amy was professional and more importantly, efficient.

Using a patented hard wax from Europe, which doesn’t involve the use of any strips, Amy worked quickly and carefully. Hard wax tends to only grip the hair, and not your skin, so it’s perfect for sensitive areas like your face, or in my case, the nether regions. It was also a wise choice for Amy to continuously apply baby powder to minimize the pull of my skin from the wax. A simple tip, but a lot of places either don’t do this unless if you ask or skimp on the powder! Amy gave me plenty of warning as she counted down to each pull, which was a relief for me.

I had asked for the full Brazilian, no landing strip, but as bald as a coot. After a well-organized 20 minutes, I felt truly naked. While I can’t say the session was a painless process…hell, it hurt like a mofo! I mean, you are yanking hair out of one of the most sensitive areas. Nevertheless, the hard wax definitely helped my sensitive skin afterwards. My skin usually gets angrily inflamed even a day after a Brazilian, but it seemed to have behaved this time. Remember to exfoliate, Amy instructed me the post-treatment preparation to prevent ingrown hairs as she handed me a mirror to check. I was thrilled with the result – fresh, renewed, and not a single hair to be found.

You must be wondering, why Fuzz? There are literally hundreds if not thousands of places that do wax in the city. Fuzz Wax Bar pride themselves on doing one thing very, very well. There’s really nothing that they don’t wax. For example, did you know that you can wax your nose? Well, Fuzz can. That was from the men’s menu, which by the way is quite extensive. Perhaps the most surprising quality about Fuzz is its affordable and competitive price points. My Brazilian came to $45, which is reasonable for the service I received. The chain also offers memberships for regulars who want to save more money in the long run.

There are also the technicians. They are ostensibly all are trained the same way, so there’s consistency in their methods. I’m happy to learn this because I always had a hard time booking my old aesthetician for Brazilian on weekends.

Before leaving, I learned about the most unique and unusual treatment Fuzz Wax Bar offers – the vajacial. A what? Va-ja-cial?! It’s literally how it sounds – a facial for your vagina. Well okay, it’s really a facial for the regions around your vajayjay. This treatment is a 5-step process to prep and pamper the skin in-between waxing. Using products that Fuzz retails, like the wipes from the cheeky “I Love My Muff” and Fuzz’s own brand of all natural scrub, the vajacial seems like a rare indulgence. There’s even a mask stage for this treatment! I’m curious to sign up for this treatment to complement my Brazilian.

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Nellie Chen