During the busy holiday season your time is stretched with shopping for gifts, obligatory company parties and just unexpected twists that happen in real life.

So when you’re hosting your own holiday party and your guests are about to come over, it’s all about minimizing prep time. Because the holiday season is all about maximizing quality time with friends and family.

So we hosted our own little holiday party with a few friends over to the newly-renovated women’s boutique store, Poor Little Rich Girl on Yonge just south of Eglinton.

We decided to try one of the easy and festive gourmet batch recipes developed by notable bartender, Robin Kaufman of Toronto Temperance Society, the goal was to create quick and hassle free party prep.

So how did the holiday cocktail batch turn out? Well, while I was busy photographing the party, I had help from volunteers at the party (hey that’s what friends are for! Thanks, Cheryl and Brent!). We found the Sapphire Pom and Spice cocktail to be refreshing. In fact, I was all too happy to bite into each juicy fresh cranberry in my cocktail. The cocktail batch recipe was definitely a crowd-pleaser and it helps that it’s a fun and festive red colour to help you get in to that holiday spirit.

Here’s the recipe for the refreshing cocktail we enjoyed. Give it a try for the holidays! And please drink responsibly this holiday season.


Batch Recipe:
9.75oz Spiced Grenadine
6.5oz St. Germain
13oz Lemon Juice
6oz Water (for dilution)

Holiday Spiced Grenadine:
1 cup POM Pomegranate Juice
1 cup White Sugar
1/4 cup Cloves
4 Black Cardamom Pods Cracked

Bombay Sapphire Pom and Spice cocktail

Thanks to Sara the owner of Poor Little Rich Girl as well as Julia, Erin Davis, Natalie Deane and everyone else who celebrated the holidays early with us. Poor Little Rich Girl is located at 2094 Yonge St.

Photos by James Shay and Nick Lee

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