Las Vegas is the gambling capital of the world – and, since its inception as a city that attracts punters to casinos to experience a weekend of excitement and intensity, there looks to be no shaking its crown. The desert city in Nevada highlights the heady mix of sprawling casinos, entertainment complexes, and a reputation of delivering some of the best nights in the world. But, surely, of the 37 billion acres of land across the world, there ought to be somewhere that gives Vegas a run for its money. With a rising nightlife scene, could Toronto become the new Vegas?

Toronto Skyline

Toronto’s Bustling Wedding Scene

Toronto is already just more than an hour away from Niagara Falls, one of the most popular wedding and honeymoon spots in the entire world. Vegas built a reputation for delivering quick and easy weddings, some with Elvis Presley impersonators. By focusing on this selling point, Toronto offers a close enough base for those across Canada and the world to use it as a centre of their wedding or honeymoon, while featuring Niagara Falls as an aspect of it. The plethora of nightclubs that line the Toronto Harbourfront also provide ample room for wedding parties to indulge in the merriment of the occasion. With a variety of venues for all tastes, blushing brides and jittery grooms won’t struggle to find somewhere to enjoy the nightlife aspects of their wedding and honeymoon.

Toronto’s Thriving Casino Scene

There can’t be a mention of surpassing Las Vegas as a destination without focusing on what Vegas does best – casinos. Toronto offers a speckling of casinos throughout the city, each with a slightly different offering for those who wish to patronise them. Of course, in the digital age, there doesn’t even need to be a visit to a casino to establish somewhere as a new gambling destination. The online gaming sector in Canada, on the whole, is on the rise. This can be seen through the armada of online slots machines offered to Canadian punters with themes that would befit a Canadian. Harnessing the power that online casinos offer could help give Toronto a name for itself as the next Las Vegas.

Toronto Skyline

Toronto’s Picture Postcard Vistas

While Las Vegas is thought of predominately for its nightlife scene and ability to have Elvis throw a wedding, there are actually tourists to the city who go for the views and experience of being so close to the Nevada desert. Las Vegas has a surprising amount of photo opportunities; well, so does Toronto. From Trinity Bellwoods Park, which comes alive in the summer with the stunning array of trees that line the promenade, to the Evergreen Brickworks, a former industrial ground which has been transformed into a stunning natural beauty, Toronto doesn’t lack for unique sights. The Harbourfront Centre also provides an array of photo opportunities to capture the classic Toronto skyline.

Establishing Toronto as the new Las Vegas may take some work but it is a feat not entirely out of bounds. Already catering to weddings, providing similar casino experiences, and offering guests a plethora of picture points, Toronto already has the makings to be Las Vegas 2.0.



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