One of the most attractive and toured sites in the world is Canada. Casino lovers also see it as one of their most loved destinations. Different types of tourists from all over the world are welcomed to the country every year. Visiting land-based casinos has been on a decline over the last decade, due to people playing at new online casinos instead. With everything going on right now, playing from home is probably the better option and you can check out this site for detailed reviews and new casino guides.

Verifiable information has it that the country plays host to more than 25 million tourists each year, and the fact is that some fascinating casinos exist in the country. The gaming industry develops the casinos in the form of a club or house where gambling activities take place. 

Currently, casinos offer high standard games, and they are mostly attached to social clubs, hotels, and restaurants. The casinos have also moved to the internet where people can easily play games on them. In Canada alone, the revenue earned by casinos is more than $5000 M.

In Canada, you find the highly visited casinos in the highly visited destinations, and so a list of the 10 best is given below.

Casino Niagara, Ontario

This could be described as one of the best in the country. The land based casino was established in 1996, and in the casino hall, you will have the chance to enjoy more than 13,000 slot machines in their 30 gambling tables. Big poker players have an equipped poker room for them here. There is also a multiple purpose sports area that amazes players. Within the casino premises, there are also 4 famous restaurants where live entertainment is also offered on weekend nights.

Casino De Montreal, Quebec

This casino is among the largest in the entire world, and the largest in the country. It lies within the banks of the North Dam in the city of Montreal. It is so busy that it averages up to 18,000 visitors every day. That is because the gaming tables here are more than one hundred, and there are 4 gourmet casinos in the same premises. Here, you won’t only enjoy quality games, but quality food as well. It is unique because people that are 18 years and above can easily get in and enjoy games.

Caesars Windsor Hotel and Casino, Ontario

This is one of the best here, and it involves both a hotel and a casino. Now, you should know that for 16 years consecutively, this hotel was regarded as the biggest in Canada by the Casino Player magazine. In the poker room, there are more than 14 tables, while the lobby has a lot of gaming tables and slot machines. There is also a sports park for extra gambling activities here, especially for those who visit with their family.

Casino Rama Resort, Ontario

This is where the rich and powerful enjoy gambling in Canada. This casino and hotel has been in existence for more than 20 years, delivering remarkable services to the clients. Inside the casino, there are 25,000 machines for players to choose from. Inside the venue, 8 unique restaurants are there to serve visitors great food. The game tables are 110 in number, and this makes it easy for a tournament to be held there. Evenings at the casino are sometimes made memorable by performers like Jason Derulo and Carrie Underwood. There are always some dancers to entertain you here.

River Cree Resort and Casino, Alberta

The region of Alberta has this as its first ever casino establishment. The slot machines here are more than 1,100, and the poker tables are up to 39, making it the best in Alberta. Visitors can get a membership card that allows them to enter free of charge, and when you visit regularly, you earn more points, and this validates your card more. Some tournaments are also held here every day.

St. Eugene Golf Resort Casino, B C

This is one of the most posh in the country. Here, there are 4 tables and 240 slot machines, though it does not function 24/7. The casino also has a golf course and a gourmet restaurant. The reason why this is the most visited casino in the country is because it is a combination of a posh casino and amazing scenery. The most captivating portions here are the service lobby and the off-tracking betting room.

Niagara Fallsview Casino, Ontario

This is one stunning view that is peculiar to Canada. The cliff which looks like a horseshoe from an aerial view makes the Niagara Falls amazing to behold. The resort was masterfully constructed along with the casino, and it harbours up to 120 tables and 3000 slots. The tables you will get here include the classics and the ‘Let It Ride’ poker versions. There are 374 luxury rooms in the hotel, coupled with the full-fledged casino. This hall won the award of the best casino in Ontario recently.

River Rock Casino Resort, B C

This is located in a very strategic place, just around the Vancouver National Airport. Some of the visitors from the airport normally make a stop here. In the casino, there are more than 1000 slot machines. They also have a VIP room and engage in horse racing gambling too. One thing that this casino is very popular for includes hosting the International Championship of Poker Tournament within 24 hours. It contains many luxury suites and rooms, and has classic tables like baccarat, craps, blackjack, and roulette games.

Northlands Park Racetrack and Casino, Alberta

This casino has a reputation that is enough to prove its worth. It lies close to the horse track. Here, house betting games are among the most popular activities. There are 550 slots and 550 tables here, the latter offering roulettes, craps, baccarats, classics, and blackjack. Tournaments and competitions are hosted weekly to entertain the visitors, and the casino’s most attractive part is the horse betting and racing. This is one you must visit if you love casinos.

Medicine Hat Lodge Resort

This does not connote medications and health services by medical doctors. Here, you have a 27,000 sq. ft. top class casino that has proper accommodation for families. There are waterslide parks and spas too. There are 10 classic tables here, and family packages are delivered as an integral part of the casino. Here, you can witness everything, including adults and kids playing.  Some fixed slots also abound, and on them, players enjoy games with undefined entertainment. This is seen as one of the best brick and mortar casinos in the country.



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