The age of having to trek to the high street to place your sports bets for the week is well and truly over. These days, placing a bet with 1xbet and other bookmakers could not be easier thanks to a host of recent technological advancements. This new tech has helped take sports betting to the next level and things are only going to get better over the next decade. Don’t believe us? Here are five examples of how technology is helping sportsbooks improve.

Mobile Technology

The invention of the smartphone has been the biggest thing to happen to the sports betting industry, perhaps ever. These days, growing number of players are placing all their bets on their phone. Companies have invested significantly in created the best sports betting apps possible with accumulators, live markets and even streaming services available.

What is more, this technology means that sports betting can now be done on the go. Regardless of whether punters are travelling on the bus, sat in a waiting area or lounging in their living room, provided they possess a reliable internet connection, access to all the best sports betting markets is always a few swipes away.


Another technological advancement that has been seized upon by sports betting providers is cryptocurrency. The idea behind these cutting-edge currencies is simple but effective. Instead of money being issued and controlled by a centralized bank, they are instead governed by decentralized bodies. Crypto does not exist in paper form, it is entirely digital, making it perfect for online sportsbook customers.

Their advantages are numerous. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies offer players unrivalled security in their transactions, as well as the ability to track how transactions are spent using blockchain technology. While others have been slow to accept cryptocurrency, sportsbooks are among the few industries to encourage its use – which has proved popular with their customers.


Virtual reality is a scary thought to some people, but that has not stopped its expansion over the past few years. The sports betting industry have been sure to capitalize on its emergence as well.

A select few bookmakers are harnessing the technology to allow punters to bet on a string of virtual, fantasy sports. These are short games of around five or six minutes which the player can experience as if they are at the stadium watching them.

Included in the package are lifelike players and fans, a half time show and live statistics. It feels very much like the real thing and it will be interested to see how the technology develops in the future.

Social Media

Although it may not seem like it, social media has also been an important technological tool for online sportsbooks. As soon as a social media platform took off, sports betting companies were quick to create an account and use it for marketing purposes.

Whether it be coordinated campaigns or simply reacting live to the biggest sporting events, companies soon attracted millions of followers, which created a captive audience for their advertisements.



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