For Canadian gamers, and many global ones, casinos and luxury go hand in hand. They are synonymous. Men stroll around the floor in tuxedos. Women dressed in elegant ballgowns survey their cards. Players are referred to as sir or madam. Well-lit rooms cause chandeliers to sparkle. Marble pillars support the lower parts of domed, chiselled ceilings. It is grand. It is luxurious. It is part of the drama of the casino experience. Land-based casinos cultivated this, and online casinos have sought to replicate it. The experience is the experience and customers don’t want to compromise because they are playing online. Therefore, online casinos have utilized techniques to develop luxury for their customers.

Website Design

Opening up an online casino’s websites should feel like rolling up to the Caesars Windsor, Ontario in a Mercedes Benz S Class. Those first impressions are everything. The website’s home page must signal luxury straight away.

Often, designers keep the website simple. It is modern, but not excessive. Button and hover animations are kept to a necessary functions, rather than a performance. Tabs are clearly described to enable customers to ease themselves to where they want to be. While explaining this simplicity, there is the suggestion that websites favour function over aesthetics. This is simply not the case. As mentioned, first impressions are key.

Aesthetics are an essential factor in determining whether a customer will trust or distrust a website. This might seem like a flippant thing to do, but it isn’t. This is normal practice and an effective way customers dismiss websites in favour of others. To instil that feeling of luxury which the customer desires, colour is key. Black – the sleek black of tuxedos and luxury cars – is often chosen for a website’s design the goal of luxury. It is a colour with a long association to luxury. There is a strength to the colour, despite its neutrality. Within designs, it is eye-catching. However, it can, also, be the base on which to use reds or greens to accent logos and call-to-action buttons (‘Join Now’, for instance), not to mention gold which another luxury colour.


A casino’s luxury can also be determined by its games. Certain games have different experiences associated with them. Slots, for instance, are less formal and less ‘exclusive.’ In general, the slot machines are set up in rows, in land-based casinos, and the designs of the games are often associated with cartoon symbols. The luxury games are poker and roulette. The casino games online from the secure provider in Canada – – offers one of the best examples of the ways in which the allure and glamour of these games translates to the digital world. Ensuring that luxury remains even when gameplay goes remote is a fine art – and one that only the best online casinos are able to manage successfully.

‘Live’ games avoid the traditional online gaming format of web-based animation games and, instead, utilise video-chat software to livestream dealing and spins. The customer are in their own homes, playing as they would in such a surrounding, but are part of a chatroom to talk to other players, and have direct interactions with the dealer, who is a living, breathing human dressed in clothes fit for the more elegant and traditionally glamorous pieces of Toronto Fashion Week. This human touch provides the luxury. They see it. Also, they are treated and interacted with in the way they would be at land-based casinos.

VIP Schemes

There is a scheme which will take this attention and exclusivity to a higher degree. Online casinos have VIP schemes. These allow loyal customers to have access to VIP-only events, have promotions and reloads tailored to them, and have higher deposit and bet limits, all while a specific account manager is assigned to them so their experience is seamless, and their experience is maximized.

The allure of casinos does not disappear through a web browser. People have experienced glamour via screens for years: the Oscars feel no less glamourous. It is just translated into a new format. The difference, now, is that this luxury can be participated in through a screen. The feelings are still the same, as long as online casinos make the effort and do a good job of it.



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