When there’s a legal case on the horizon and you need a good lawyer for representation, what do you do next? Good representation is critically important when you need the right defence to win any case brought against you. So, if you find yourself in some legal hot water, here’s how to choose a lawyer to represent your interests.

How Many Years Have They Been a Practicing Lawyer?

As Edelson Law Barristers will tell you, a law firm is the sum of the experience of all the lawyers at the firm. It’s not about just your preferred attorney because they count on the whole firm. So, the sum of the years of legal involvement in pursuing cases, seeking settlements, and taking cases to court adds up.

For instance, a certain lawyer may represent clients for criminal cases but still consult with other attorneys in the firm to get their take on things, double-check a legal position, and for support. They’re not flying alone, and this improves the quality of their representation.

Do They Have Technological Sophistication?

While they’re lawyers, they now rely on technology within the industry. Firstly, many legal cases involve technology and so the law firm and the lawyer must be able to grasp the specifics of it. For instance, if a case rests on the difference between one technology and another, they need to understand those subtleties. If they’ll call on technology experts to explain it, they’ll still need to digest that explanation and appreciate its relevance to the legal case.

Secondly, legal firms must use technology to perform legal-related and general research. They also need to keep client files confidential, securely use the cloud, and avoid any data protection issues. Client confidentiality is paramount, and no slip-ups are permissible.

Do They Have a Successful Track Record?

The lead attorney on a case should have a track record. Usually, if they’re just getting started, then they will be playing second fiddle to a more senior partner with decades of legal practice under their belt. What you don’t want is to be stuck with someone very new.

Following their time dealing with legal matters, is their track record successful? Have they effectively tried cases in court? Or have they gotten good settlements on previous ones? What can they show in solid outcomes that provide reassurance that you’ll be in good hands?

Do They Carry Malpractice Insurance?

It’s always good to see when a law firm or a solo lawyer carries malpractice insurance. It provides cover against unexpected issues while working on legal cases.

Included in most policies is general liability insurance that protects the lawyer from lawsuits for injuries or damage to property. Commercial property insurance also covers the practice offices.

For the client, it’s useful to know that the law firm or lawyer has this type of insurance. If another client wants to make legal trouble for their lawyer, they’ll still be able to continue to represent you. As such, any outside actions are far less likely to derail your case.

Choosing the right lawyer is critical to getting effective representation. It can help to protect your rights and achieve the best possible outcome.



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