Meta: Are you thinking about visiting Las Vegas over the next year? Find out whether we think Las Vegas is really worth the trip or not here in this article.

If you live in Toronto, you probably already know just how exciting this city is. There really is so much to do but yet, people still decide to travel to the USA and other countries around the world to see what is on offer. Yes, it can be good to experience new cultures and learn about the world but are big, expensive travel destinations like Las Vegas or London really worth the trip?

In this guide, we thought we’d look at Las Vegas in more detail and discuss what you should consider before jetting off there. Read on to hear our thoughts.

It Has A Buzz About It

As Las Vegas is one of the most popular tourist destinations around the world, you’ll find that at certain times of year, it has a certain buzz around it. You’ll find the hustle and bustle can be really exciting and this is why many people go. Imagine walking down the Vegas Strip at night, surrounded by locals and tourists from around the world.

However, it should also be noted that the buzz and atmosphere in Las Vegas can often disappear during the day. Yes, there are activities that you can do such as visiting the Grand Canyon but many tourists who have been, note that it lost its sparkle during the day.

The World’s Biggest Casino on Offer

One of the main reasons that Canadians and people from Toronto specifically tend to visit Las Vegas is due to the impressive casinos that are on offer. This city is known for its famous and grand locations that also feature hotels, bars and entertainment venues. You can easily walk from casino to casino and try out everything that there is to offer, as long as you are over 21 of course.

On the other hand, online gaming has really skyrocketed over recent years with more games available from your home in Toronto. These days, you can enjoy playing at with real equipment and dealers, without having to visit Vegas at all. This is something to consider if the gambling is your reason for going.

Mixing With The Rich and Famous

Toronto is certainly a place where celebrities like to visit, especially during the Toronto Film Festival. However, if you want to mix with the rich and famous, you’ll want to visit Las Vegas. Many celebrities not only visit Las Vegas on a regular basis but they also live there or have residencies at the top entertainment venues. You might even be able to catch your favourite musician on stage at a show when you visit.

If mixing with the rich and famous isn’t really your thing, Las Vegas might not be for you. This city is filled to the brim with people hoping to spend big on the casinos and the hospitality and so things will come at a cost. Make sure to consider this if you are thinking about heading to Las Vegas on a trip this year.

Final Summary

Las Vegas might appear to be one of the best locations that you can visit around the world but there are some drawbacks that you should be aware of. Why not spend some time in Toronto seeing the local attractions? Or you could head to South East Asia and experience an entirely new culture.

Don’t just visit Las Vegas because someone told you it would be great. Sure, you might have a good time but if you don’t enjoy the high life, it might not be the best location for you.



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